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61 Ancalagon
62 Teal Sparkle Time Fedora

It is a very cool collectors item and it is awesome to have.


63 Ninja master: Dojo of doom
64 Bluesteel Domino Crown

This is the key to the clock right behind Domino Crown, Because Red Domino Crown is to evil and not on the royal crowns side. Bluesteel is valuable material, Rare to get. This Domino Crown is the Golden Domino Crowns sidekick, secretary, Buddy!

Another nice domino crown. Just you know, pure steel edition.

Looks nice, and it's a lot cheaper than the Domino Crown.

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65 Green Mohawk

Guys it's a green Mohawk

66 Fedora
67 Whipped Cream Hat

It's goes great with the cinnamon hair!

68 Space Helmet
69 Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma

I have it. It look beast

70 Bat O' Lantern V 1 Comment
71 Donald P. Sullivan
72 Eccentric Shop Teacher
73 Eight-Bit Wonder
74 Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

Goes very well with the bandit hat and brunette hair. That's if you're a girl! Also, a lot of faces suit it. I highly recommend it!

Its for beautiful peapole like Tams178pcoursemarked

This hair is supposed to be OD'er. - LapisBob


75 Shaggy

Shaggy is one of my favorite hat in roblox - Sparkleguy

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76 Anburn Scene Hair

It's a very good hat, it has a great quality to it and is quickly going to rise up the list due to it's great vast opportunities it proposes.

Actually, pretty cool thing.

Looks cool very spiky but a little bit expensive

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