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61 Eccentric Shop Teacher
62 Eight-Bit Wonder
63 Pink Sparkle Time Fedora

Its really expensive, if I was rich I could have bought.

This is a classic. I own one. I get hundreds of requests

64 Troll Top Hat

This top hat is just amazing. My favorite top hat by far. Goes good with many hats since its plain and a easter gift. - Moblitz

65 Dominus Praefectus

Its one of the newer dominus that look cool! - MrMobs

66 Shaggy

Shaggy is one of my favorite hat in roblox - Sparkleguy

Shaggy Is Original,

Ew shaggy should be last on this list

So classic

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67 Ancalagon
68 Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

Goes very well with the bandit hat and brunette hair. That's if you're a girl! Also, a lot of faces suit it. I highly recommend it!

Its for beautiful peapole like Tams178pcoursemarked

This hair is supposed to be OD'er. - LapisBob

This is not an ODer hat, LapisBob!

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69 Anburn Scene Hair

It's a very good hat, it has a great quality to it and is quickly going to rise up the list due to it's great vast opportunities it proposes.

Actually, pretty cool thing.

Looks cool very spiky but a little bit expensive

70 Teal Sparkle Time Fedora

It is a very cool collectors item and it is awesome to have.


71 Ninja master: Dojo of doom
72 Green Mohawk

Guys it's a green Mohawk

It's a green mohawk

73 Fedora
74 Space Helmet
75 Crimsonwrath, Lord of the Magma

I have it. It look beast

76 Bat O' Lantern

My favorite. it's a really cool black pumpkin with orange bat wings.

77 Donald P. Sullivan
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