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Black Sabbath were a Heavy Metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1968 by guitarist and songwriter Tony Iommi, Singer Ozzy Osbourne, Bassist and Main Lyricist Geezer Butler and Drummer Bill Ward. The band got into mainstream after improving after their debut album got negative feedback. In 1978, more.


Sorry, but if there was no Black Sabbath the Heavy Metal movement doesn't happen. Maiden and Metallica are fair choices to put ahead of them, but neither of them would have created such tunes without Sabbath laying the groundwork. Sabbath was so far ahead of their time it's ridiculous to believe they're still influencing bands 50 years later. Not to mention how much they influenced every single band on this list. Seriously, any list without Sabbath as #1 is a disgrace to Heavy Metal. Every musician and heavy metal artist would tell you the same thing.

Both Metallica and Iron Maiden are overrated Sabbath CREATED heavy metal, their first 4 albums are some of the best metal out there, and no band should match them. Tony and Geezer created the metal sound and Ozzy and Bill also made the typical metal lyrics: real, truthful, and yes, a bit satanic, a theme that would be common in metal in later years. Metallica created thrash, but actually Venom did much more important job, Iron Maiden just brought melody, metal=heavy melody=not heavy. All bow to the masters, Black Sabbath

Well I didn't expect Iron Maiden to be number one. That surprised me. Iron Maiden is good, but they don't measure up to Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, and nobody has remastered it to the same effect as them, nor will anyone in the future. Why do I prefer them over every other band? Because they are metal. They don't make metal, they are metal. Consider this, you define metal by saying Black Sabbath, you show metal by playing Black Sabbath, and you feel metal by hearing Black Sabbath.

Slipknot? Avenged Sevenfold? Is this a joke? Sabbath created metal, Tony's riffs, Geezer's basslines, William's drumming, Ozzy's voice! When these modern "hardcore bands " were not even born. And because Metallica is more famous that doesn't mean they are better. The only one who can rival them is Iron Maiden but still...

Black Sabbath should be number 1! No other band had more influence on heavy metal than these guys. Still to this day nobody can duplicate tony iommi's guitar sound it is so unique. Ozzy Osborne is not the best heavy metal vocalist but he brought so much energy and charisma and suited Black Sabbath.

Why are Black Sabbath not #1? Black Sabbath played a huge part in forming heavy metal! Ozzy Osbourne was (And still is) One of the greatest front men to ever live... Iron Maiden and Metallica are very well put together, great bands, But Black Sabbath are the kings of heavy metal. (I love war pigs, great song)

They invented metal. Tony Iommi's powerful riffs, Geezer Butler's distorted bass and horror-themed lyrics, Ozzy Osbourne's terrifying vocals and Bill Ward's sense of rhythm and tasteful fills, Black Sabbath created heavy as we know it and should be #1. Regardless of individual musical tastes.

Black Sabbath made metal. I'm not saying the others are bad, I love Metallica, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, but Black Sabbath is the original and the best don't believe me listen to God is Dead or Heaven and Hell. Literally just listen to any of their songs

Ozzy Osbourne, the Wizard of Metal, showed us the true power of the singer, with Geezer Butlers lyrics and bass to back it up, and Tony Iommi, though his hands extremely mangled by an accident at the factory he then worked at, he continued down the beaten path and became a guitar legend.

This List is for HEAVY METAL. These Metallica and megadeth fans seem to outnumber the traditional metal fans. They neglect Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, who CREATED HEAVY METAL.

So let me get this straight. Black Sabbath creates an entire genre of music and is number 3? The only band on this list that I could tolerate being above these guys is Led Zeppelin and they're not even heavy metal!

Reiteration time. The Scorpions were the inventors of metal, not Sabbath. Sabbath also swiftly removed its best aspect - its vocalist - in no time, and Dio aside, never managed to recover. That's why they're not the best. Sabbath without Ozzy is like Metallica without Hetfield.

They invented Metal and Heavy Metal. Why aren't they #1. I am SO tired of Metallica they're tops on almost every list. It gets really annoying. - UFasten8Me

Who invented heavy metal? Black Sabbath! Tony's awesome riffs, Ozzy's unbelieveable voice, Geezer's heavy and doomy lyrics, and Bill's excellent drums. You say you don't like Ozzy? There's Dio, Gillan, Martin, R. Gillen. Tony is not the best guitarist ever? Dude, he has two fingers made of plastic! This isn't still enough? You'll probably need help... ROCK ON!

Judas Priest is my favorite Metal Band of all time. But I grew up with Ozzy. He is God. They were the first no doubt. No matter what anyone says. When I was 14 nobody else could have done Rat Salad / Hand of Doom. Gods I say. Gods.

The songs are so full of true meaning full lyrics I adore black Sabbath think they are the best heavy metal band to walk this earth with there unique sound of ozzy's voice however not a fan of the dino years

The band that started it all...Black Sabbath is a wonder. Should be at the top. Best lyrics, best vocals, best drums, best riffs, best solos...Sorry, Metallica, sorry Megadeth, and REALLY sorry Maiden...Sabbath wins.

Black Sabbath is awesome, they basically created heavy metal Metallica and iron maiden are good but do not compare to Black Sabbath doom and gloom sound there is a reason why ozzy is godfather of heavy metal!

Soon I will have seen 3 of the top 4 bands on this list soon I will see the greatest band ever Black Sabbath and then comes Metallica but my god this is the best a7x will be the best though.

This list would have been better if slipknot and ax7 were a lil low on this list because it doesn't get in my mind that these bands are above Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is the best band but why? 1. THEY INVENTED METAL! 2. They have good songs of any kind
Good Lyrics and Intro? War Pigs
Trippy Song? Solitude, Planet Caravan
Epic Hard Rock? Paranoid
Heavy Metal? Into The Void, Children Of The Grave, Under The Sun and over problly 1, 000 more...

They created metal sabbath is my favorite band iron maiden and Metallica are good and I have respect for them but with out black sabbath they would not be here

#1 without a doubt. To have Iron Maiden and Metallica ahead of Black Sabbath is blasphemy. They defined heavy metal. Most of the bands on this list wouldn't be here if not for Black Sabbath.

What? Sabbath shout be on the 1st place, they started heavy metal, they made a music revolution. They are definitely better than Metallica and Iron Maiden. And by the way, singer of Metallica was listening to Black Sabbath when he was young, they were his idols. And now you idiots put them on 3rd place.

BLACK SABBATH are the parents of heavy metal.

The first three bands are Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Metallica? Little babies in the heavy metal's history!