Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.


Up the Irons! From Nepal. Iron Maiden has released 15 studio albums altogether. Metallica just 9. And seriously, "st. Anger"? The songs make the listeners think that Metallica has changed their genre to grunge metal or rap metal. Listen to 'St. Anger' song and you'll know how stupid rhythm they've got. I've all the albums of both the band and still I vote Maidens. Metallica are just making money by making stupid songs. They don't have any new things to think so they make songs like "of wolf and man", "ain't my bitch", etc. But they are not bad either. I like them but, (((! UP THE IRONS!

Iron maiden are simply the best live performers in any genre of music. As for their studio albums they have this unique way of drawing you on board the more you listen. I recently converted two good friends both over the age of 50. Simply told them maiden is coming to town. Trust me they are worth a look! Both agreed the best concert they've seen bar none. At the age when they should be lower the singer's volume to hide his failing higher range. Or packing their set list with timeless oldies to ensure their faithful followers stay aboard as they grind out their last few tours. Surprisingly these guys take huge artist risks. Thankfully show us what this new material is about with all the band and Dickinson can muster. Don't believe me go to every extent to catch their show. They truly are second to none! God bless you beautiful bastards! !

Iron Maiden is the definition of what heavy metal is. And is probably the most influential band on the genre after Black Sabbath... Remember that when Lars (From Metallica) was looking for a guitar player to form a band, he made it clear that was looking for someone who liked New wave of british heavy metal, specially Iron Maiden. So, being Metallica on number one, they were influenced by I'm. I think Metallica ruled the world from 1982 until 1991 (The black album is a good Hard Rock album, not a good heavy metal album). Instead, Iron Maiden have ruled since their debur Iron Maiden til... Today... More than 30 years ruling. Up the irons! (I love metallica, but seriously they should be after Iron Maiden)

I admire Iron Maiden for all and every single parameters of witch a song should have but mostly and I mean mostly because of their thoughtful lyrics
There are so many of their songs witch is a poem itself and for that we should all hail Mr. Harris, I know his not the only one writing but he's the main guy.
If we are to talk about skills of playing then who dares not to admire each and every band member and specially Steve with his amazing skill of playing a bass guitar.
Now what can we say over 30 years of great musical work, yet still kicking ass.

How can Iron Maiden lose to Metallica? People blindly vote for Metallica... those who understand music will tell you that Iron Maiden is far better than Metallica! This is the best heavy metal band ever, hands down!

Iron Maiden is without a doubt the best. Metallica itself was inspired by Iron Maiden. They are the fathers of Metal. But I also want to say: I understand Metallica and Black Sabbath's placement due to their influence on other bands, but how did Avenged Sevenfold get their sorry asses at 4th place? Really A7X is better than LOG, Disturbed, Pantera, Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine? Wake up people! Regardless at least the masters got their rightful spot at #1. UP THE IRONS!

For once this list ranks by quality, not popularity! Anyone who listens to the music regularly can clearly see that they far exceed the capabilities of any other band. Their lyrics, riffs, the way the rhythm leads and the lead keeps the rhythm, the complexity of their music in general. Easily the greatest band, period. Up the Irons!

I have listened to Iron Maiden for the past 30 years, and they have never ceasesd to amaze me. Everyone in the band is amazing, the solos are flawless, and the bass is phenomenal. That was the greatest moment of my life when Steve Harris signed my bass. The newer metal stuff just can't compete with a musical powerhouse such as Iron Maiden. The pop music brain washing the youth is disgusting, and has no talent. Even as old as they are, the band is still kicking ass, and having a good time doing it!

Iron Maiden : Epic... You listen to it and want to do crazy things

Metallica : Beautiful music, you lay down in your bed and listen to it.

Two different bands, two different kind of metal. Metallica is pretty good, but Iron is clearly the best.

UP THE IRONS FROM Romania! As my Indian co-fan said, before you vote for Mettalica, you might want to sit and think a bit.. And maybe listen to some great songs: Fear of the Dark, Dance of Death, The Trooper, Paschendale, No More Lies, Hollowed Be Thy Name, Run To The Hills, Wasted Years, Aces High, Rainmaker and anythings by this awesome band! Once again, Up The Irons!

Here we are, on a heavy metal thread, devoted metal brothers, yet no-one agrees with anyone but their own kind. This is the reason mankind cannot survive Global Warming, because unless ALL of you accept common sense and accept that Master of Puppets is the greatest metal record of all time, all your Maiden and Priest vinyl will be reduced to a swimming aid. I enjoy a stimulating debate, but not at the expense of the Planet! All Hail Hetfield or perish.

Iron Maiden are sheer class! I do not really like heavy metal as I think they are a bunch of screaming idiots & degenerates disguised as musicians. But Iron Maiden are very much different. Their songs are very original and complex -- almost opera-esque; otherwise, they do not make 'Steve's' cut. I'll repeat it again, they are sheer class!
Another thing I love about Iron Maiden are the fans -- like they exclusively love them to death. Also, I really notice from one 'No. 1 fan' to another (myself included), a top 10 songs list will incredibly variate. My top 10 is quite unique from the next expert's. Anyway, they are the best by far, and I believe Great Britain must acknowledge gratitude to them for being very patriot in their world tours!

I vote for Maiden. Maiden has shaped my music taste and was the band that got me into metal. I worship them, they love their fans, they always put up with unforgettable shows and they are one hell of a band. Up the Irons and may metal live forever.

In my humble opinion, there isn't even a contest, Maiden is head and shoulders above each and every other band. Their latest albums, although not masterpieces, are still example of innovative, raw and power sound. Unlike other bands of their generation, I'm can still produce near perfect music.

It is nice to see that traditional heavy metal fans voted and commented in this list. The first place in this list should be held by any one of the following bands only! Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest. These bands will remain synonymous with heavy metal always. Iron Maiden is GREAT!

Iron Maiden is simply the best metal band I've ever seen and I've seen them all... They have no equal. They are better now than ever before. The 4 times that I've seen them perform I was amazed of how well done their music and shows are produced... Up the irons.

With their new album - The Book of Souls, my soul is satisfied for having Iron Maiden being the first rock concert I have ever attended. Because even after 35 years, they still sound so good with the vocals, their sound and also haven't lost their originality a bit. Composing geniuses, Live show extravaganzas...Vintage Heavy Metal Band - Up the irons!

Just a brilliant band that lead me into Heavy Metal. Sure, Black Sabbath is the Godfather of Metal, formed well before I was born, but Maiden adds that flair to the guitars and brings old tunes with modern riffs.

This list is really, really bad I mean Avenged Sevenfold? Slipknot? They may be good but they can't top legends like Judas Priest or Black Sabbath. My personal favourite is Megadeth but I think we can all agree that Iron Maiden is the best and the most influential metal band, it got big without the media's help which is quite an accomplishment. They may have overrated stuff but it doesn't mean their work is bad, because it is great. Awesome vocals (all vocalists are excelent to me), screaming twin guitars, powerful and complex bass and groovy drums (Clive)/ agresive drums (Nicko. All in all metal at its best.

Is there even a question about which band is the best? Maiden is by far the best metal band of all time. Bruce Dickinson has the best voice of any of these bands. Judas Priest should be second followed by Sabbath. Some of these bands don't even belong anywhere near the top ten.

Consistent excellence! Maiden has not disappointed fans; releasing high-quality new music and provides a larger-than-life stage show. Bruce's voice continues to defy time. They are so clean and tight at every position. There is no pure metal band that can match them.

Fantastic legendary heavy metal band. Started before and outlasted many other so called bands. They have excellent lyrics, drummer, guitarists and vocals. When they are writing this list in 100 years time, Iron Maiden will still be top of the heap. IRONS FOREVER

What! Iron maiden in second place! What! What about hallowed be thy name and mother russia and all those legendary songs. I am so very disappointed. Please guys vote it and make it the best metal band.

Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath are the true Heavy Metal bands, and why Metallica is first place because its Trash Metal so as Slipknot...

Up the Irons, best HM band

They are the prophecy of my life. Their texts are deeper than the ocean the ancient mariner sails in, while listening to their solos you can fly even higher than eagles dare, their riffs conquered the world faster than Alexander the great did... Hallowed be thy name, Iron Maiden!