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Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Megadeth was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums to date, and have gone through many lineup changes, with Dave more.


After DM was fired from Metallica he formed Megadeth as a revenge against Metallica. It fulfils the spirit of heavy metal as a HATE ban!

They are the best Metal (Heavy metal, if you want to call it that. They're specifically Thrash) band out there. Their music is amazing. Even their newer albums are amazing. Endgame was a good refreshment of what we love them for. Super Collider was a good change-up further exploring their other genre tastes. I think it was also an amazing album. I am not one of those Rust an Peace replay guys. I enjoy their metal-pop, and all of it. So, I can say, without a doubt Megadeth is my favorite and the BEST heavy metal band there is

Seriously unlike Metallica which is a very great band Megadeth stayed true and loyal to their genre Metallica ruled with their first four albums but they gradually went down. Metallica is a greater and more popular band but Megadeth is a better band. Megadeth has a better guitarists and bassists they lose out to Metallica only on drums and vocals plus Megadeths songs are better. Megadeth should be at least number three or four on this list and seriously how does slipknot and a7x get above this.

Megadeth is obviously better than A7X Slipknot and Judas Priest. Megadeth has the best guitarist in heavy metal. Megadeth is as good as metallica however yes metallica is obviously the heavier band. Megadeth should be number four not avenged sevenfold. This list should go like this
1)Iron Maiden
3)Black Sabbath

This band should be easily in the top 4 because unlike metallica they stayed metal throughout their career their solos their vocals the lyrics are totally awesome it sucks to know that avenged sevenfold and slipknot and metallica are higher than Megadeth the top 5 list should be
1) iron maiden
2) black sabbath
3) megadeth
4) metallica
5) disturbed

I feel Megadeth should be in the top 3 Metallica sure as hell doesn't deserve it and nor does a7x and slipknot. Metallica did not stay metal whereas Megadeth did so the list should be 1)Black Sabbath 2)Iron Maiden 3)Megadeth and seriously the people who voted for a7x and slipknot are bitches

Megadeth's first 5 albums, like Maiden's, Metallica's, Priest's etc. Are all excellent, and when he got kicked from Metallica I received the great 'Killing is my Business...', 'Peace Sells...', plus 3 more great thrash albums as a result. Both Metallica and Megadeth are filthy rich, so neither party has anything to complain about. Pioneers of metal's best movement, thrash metal.

The combination of his playing, his writing of both the music and the lyrics, his Nostradamus like crocking of the lead vocals and by the way possibly originating the "Thrash Metal" sound of 80's American metal make him all around the Mozart of American Heavy Metal for the last three generations. Thank god Metallica kicked him out!

Just listen to Rust in Peace or Peace Sells... But Who's Buying... Best albums ever from the best band ever... It has to be better than Metallica... Megadeth always made good albums while Metallica only made five good albums then became a bunch of sellouts...

I love both megadeth and iron maiden. It won't matter whether iron maiden is first or megadeth. I just don't understand why some dumb kids vote Metallica over maiden or megadeth. When they haven't heard anything. Just please listen holy wars... The punishment due form megadeth and hallowed be thy name from iron maiden

Megadeth's compositions (well Mustaine's) are unparalleled in the metal genre. Now don't get me wrong, I Love Maiden and many others, but I have to go with Megadeth as far as complexity and consistency. Live? Perfect.. Mix is always perfect, never too loud, set lists are great, musicianship is, as expected, incredible.

Easily the most skilled band of the genre, rust in piece a contender for best guitar album ever made, Holy Wars, Hangar 18, just amazing. Most of the bands in this top 10 (however influential they are) could not hold a candle to these guys in terms of musicianship. Awesome.

I think megadeth is far better than Avenged Sevenfold and slipknot n that it should be far above in the list... N to other megadeth fans like me... No doubt mustaine's better than hammett n hetfield but as a band I don't think megadeth is better than Metallica

Best guitarist, Metallica doesn't deserve being at the top, Megadeth should go all the way. They have a constant flow of good music, while Metallica has stopped making good albums. Kirk sucks, he made Metallica so soft. Megadeth has to be number 2.

Even though I'm not very educated when it comes to metal, I personally think they should be #1... The Conjuring, Five Magics, Holy Wars, In My Darkest Hour... They have amazing songs...

Listen to their songs and you will see how they should be in the top 3. They kept metal alive through the 80's and 90's and still going strong in 2013. Dave is a thrash metal mastermind. Too bad Metallica got more popularity.

So your saying A7X is really better than Megadeth... Also bands like Slayer and Pantera... Really? Honestly think about it. I don't see how they can be one of the best. But Megadeth rules over. Mustaine is KING

Megadeth 6th? What? Definitely needs to be higher than Metallica. Dave made this band as revenge to metallica for firing him and I can say that he DEFINITELY succeeded.

What is wrong with you people? Number 5? Megadeth has no comparison. Mustaine is the greatest guitarist ever lived and definitely has to be at number 1.

Artistically superior to Metallica, it's an insult to have them under Metallica, also I believe Metallica should be in a lower position. Totally agree with Iron Maiden's position.

Not only do they have a singer that doesn't just scream, but they also have the guitar skills like no one else, well maybe dragonforce but that's speed metal

Why is metallic ahead of megadeth. Most of the songs from kill em all dave wrote

After Maiden I think Megadeth comes in the list... Megadeth is speed... Megadeth is melody... Megadeth is insane... Megadeth is metal...

Maiden sabbath Metallica megadeth... All of them legendary bands just voted for megadeth cause I can't stand avenged sevenfold being higher

How is avenged sevenfold higher up than Megadeth? Megadeth have done a lot more good albums than avenged and they are just a lot more better.