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Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.


Slipknot is best without a doubt because more people can relate to them and their songs more than any other bands. And some bands that say they are heavy metal really aren't. As an example system of a down isn't heavy metal at all most of their songs and videos don't make sense but then they do at the same time, but I will admit that I like them. While, Slipknots music is mostly about real life things like how they based.5:The Gray Chapter on Paul's death. Also I have seen Judas Priest live and I have seen Slipknot live, but at the Judas Priest concert I was really bored because I expected more, then at the Slipknot concert I was so happy and excited because they went well over the bar that I had set for them. And finally we miss you R.I. P Paul Gray, the best bassist ever. Maggot until I die.

Most unique and interesting songs I've ever heard came from this band. All the other bands tend to find a formula that works for their music and repeat, repeat, repeat. For example Metallica (amazing band, don't get me wrong here) usually has a long intro at the beginning of every song (including the new album) and then they sing and have a cool solo sometimes in between but the tunes sound similar. Slipknot makes every song sound like it's made by a different band every time.

Come on are you all kidding. Slipknot behind Slayer and Avenged Sevenfold. The thrash metal specialist. Though missing Joey a lot. He was the best drummer. And with having Corey in vocals why can't the band be higher in the list. Though the music style have changed from darker to thrash. But then also their experiments are the best, like in Snuff. Come on lets vote them to where they belong. Hail Maggots. Worthy to listen Wait and bleed, psychosocial, sic and the list follows.

Best band I have ever listened to, I've listened to these guys for 16 years and I still listen to them every single day. I have also seen them live and it was the best experience I have ever had, the instruments, the singing, and crowd was amazing, I would definitely see them live again, but this is the best Metal Band ever...

Slipknot has an extremely unique style. I don't think I've seen any other band come close to mirroring their style. they have awesome sound, and it's so easy to get into their music. I find myself head banging or playing air guitar. Maggot till I die ('-')/

I grew up listening to Slipknot. Their music has always had a way to touch the real you. Their heavy vocals show for the hatred and disaster side of man. The softer shows the more compassionate side. They should definitely been in the top 5. Long Live the Maggots. RIP Paul.

Slipknot is awesome, I especially like their more recent albums, they are more mature, and they move away from the aggressive nu metal sound they were known for. Now they use a blend of all genres that is melodic and intense at the same time.

Slipknot is definitely an awesome band, they have great songs like Before I forget, and sic but I don't think they should have been given the rank they got, just because they have some good songs, all of the new music they made is garbage.

They're 40 year-old-men wearing masks like Kiss. I own Slipknot's excellent 'Subliminal Verses' and 'All Hope is Gone' albums, and they're intelligent and heavy as hell, but I can't watch them live. It's too much like a circus to take seriously.

I love them so after the first song I heared of them about 8 years ago I was 21 years old and they are all incredible and awesome band I've ever seen after metallica. Joey and corey you're amazing, just keep moving

Slipknot is fantastic. You need only listen to their well orchestrated songs and great lyrics to know that. That is, they were fantastic until "all hope is gone" came out and soiled their reputation.

Slipknot deserved to be the top, they brought the heaviest music among others band, hear the voices, music, etc.. Over the top. Vote this. They deserved at least three. Metallica and iron maiden is still great for me.

Slipknot is a band that can make you cheer, hate, cry, go berserk, and angry. They are so emotional. They are also very eerie. I think Mick Thomson's mask inspired the 2012 horror movie sinister.

Maggot $-ever dUde.. Slipknot should be at the top five list man.. There so awesome and they Rock dude.. There music so eXpressive.. Long live Slipknot and moRe power..

No one can't even describe in words, because Slipknot is totally dope band I've ever seen, with most amazing guitarist, no one can beat Mick Thomson, Joey Jordison is so good in his works.. And if it comes to vocals Corey Taylor is right their, because he is totally amazing in vocals, just chk out his flow and way to express lyrics..

They got a Brutal Drummer!
2 Sacred Guitarist!
2 Psycho Percussionist!
2 Headbangers DJ Sampler!
Killer Bassist
And Absolutely Kicksas* frontman!
Here's Come The Pain man Stay SIC!

Love them! There guitar and bass are so good :)
Thrashy and really heavy, well worth the listen, best song would probably be purity (personally) best album would be slipknot self titled, favourite band member would either be corey Taylor (vocals) or chris fehn (percussion) there were 9 members of slipknot until paul grey died of an over dose in I think 2009

Slipknot is really a great and best band. The lyrics are really deep more than an ordinary individual can comprehend about reality in life and its meaning. Maggots forever and long live.

Seriously amazing band! So many great song! Slipknot always produce great albums and quality songs. Corey Taylor has some serious vocal talent! MAGGOT FOR LIVE!

This band is my favourite! Is the first and the best metal band which at any time I listened. I know many bands who's really good but always I'm coming back to them.

I like this band just like everyone else. We always waiting for their new song, which is gonna make the whole media blow up and getting crazy for their song.

Slipknot's music helped me a lot back in first year of highschool when they bullied me a lot, slipknot's music helped me to stay strong thank you slipknot

SLIPKNOT is the best heavy metal that I've used to listen unlike any other bands this band describes the genre of HEAVY METAL!

Slipknot is just the best. Nothing else is to be said. Long live the 8, RIP Paul, and we miss you Joey

They have the most simpleton and quite frankly moronic songwriter. They're one direction wearing dark make up and masks etc. All gimmicks and no technicalities.
Slipknot is not a metal band. It's post progressive pop at best. Some might argue that it's nu metal, but that's a false genre.