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1 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Best Rapper Best Song...

Based On 100% true Life story, Still The Best I'v Ever Heard

Snap back to reality, ain't no song you can compare 2 this one

I've always thought this was the best hip hop song ever made, I'm glad I found this site to find out people agree. Maybe just just because I'm a huge Stan but it is what it is.

2 Juicy - The Notorious B.I.G.

Amazing flow. Automatically gets you in groove with the story he is saying. You feel him. Lose yourself is amazing but this is larger than life.

Tupac sucks. Biggie & Nas & Andre 3000 are the best by far. Tupac fans are usually dumb white teenage girls lol.

He is so good. I wish I could go to one of his concerts.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM! Besrt song ever made!

3 Changes - 2Pac

Man 2pac rules! He's the true pioneer of rap... Changes.. Just happens to be his best song

This top rap list song is garbage. And Tupac wrote better songs in a week than Eminem did his whole life!

For I want to say rest in peace, Tupac was taken way to soon his energy and what he brought to hip hop will always be missed my opinion there s a lot of good rappers today, but we have not yet seen another Tupac yet.

This song really just proves that Tupac is one of the best rappers of all time

4 Stan - Eminem

This song got my into hip hop. Best story telling I have ever heard and you can hear the insanity in stand voice. This song was Eminem at his best. Lose yourself is also amazing but this got me into hip hop.

Come man this should be no. 2 it's Eminem's best song besides lose yourself

Eminem is amazing... I have no words to describe how incredible he is

Don't like Eminem but this is one of the best rap songs of all time

5 One Mic - Nas
6 I Used to Love H.E.R. - Common
7 Keep Ya Head Up - 2pac

Keep ya head up is one of his best works of art

8 It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube

History of gangsta rap

Shake em up' shake em up' shake em up' shake em up'

9 Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique

How is this not number one?

10 In Da Club - 50 Cent

This is the best song ever

You find me in the club

Yo yo yo yo go shorty!

This can't be sad

The Contenders

11 Rapper's Delight - Sugarhill Gang

Best song back then and still the best today had meaning that is still revelant today

The ORIGINAL rap song

12 California Love - 2pac & Dr. Dre

Em is a legend but this song is pure hip hop

Please make this number 1 it's amazing ness put into one song

This song should be at least fifth on top ten!

13 'till I Collapse - Eminem

How is not the best song ever? Best pump up song ever. Bets rapper ever. Best chorus ever.

Amazing song, always gets me in the zone

Nate dogg nailed this

Awesome song best corous

14 Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

I love California Love,RUFF RYDER ANTHEM,Alright etc.but I prefer listening to this

15 Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy
16 Rap God - Eminem

This song is terrible. I don't know why it's ahead of much better songs. "It's fast" That is definitely not important. At all. I've seen Eminem do better, and this song is proof that Eminem should stop trying to keep up with the mainstream

I think this is the best song from Eminem ever...

This song is nothing but crap although Eminem is pretty good

Best rap song ever

17 Insane In the Brain - Cypress Hill
18 Say My Name-Xzibit Ft. Eminem & Nate Dogg
19 Hit 'em Up - Tupac

This is the best song ever in history

How is this not no 2

How is hit em at N.19. This song should beb in front.

20 Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A
21 Remember the Name - Fort Minor

Awesome Must be the first

Should be at number 1

How is this not top 5?
Top song from the most diverse musician, Mike Shinoda.

It's all about MIKE SHINODA...

22 Party Up (Up in Here) - DMX
23 You Don't Know - Eminem

Ho ho how many times do I have listen it?

24 Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre & Eminem

This is one of dr. Dre's best collaborations

"If you don't know me blow me"! "ice cubes and DOC's"
Amazing lyrics

25 The Message - Grandmaster Flash

I guarantee you that all of your favorite rappers were raised by this song. Rapper's Delight as well.

26 9MM - David Banner

Wicked Song. One Of My Favorite.

27 Who Shot Ya - Biggie Smalls
28 Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
29 John - Lil Wayne
30 What You Know - T.I.
31 Doe Boy Fresh-Three 6 Mafia
32 I'm A King-The Game Ft. T.I.
33 Where is the Love - Black Eyed Peas

I sang this at my school talent show and a lo of people said that it was one of the best performances at the show! I thought that I did a great job! Its also a beautiful song about how why there is so much poverty in the world and how everyone should be more kind. I love this song so much. - izakronalddonnelly

34 Ghetto Gospel - 2pac

Loyal to the game album is the best and this song is the icing on the cake

Just perfect what an amazing lyrics and way of looking at thinga 2pac is God of Rap

35 Real Mutha******** G's - Eazy E

Eazy E is one of the best of all time.

Eazy E was the best

Easily the best hardcore gangsta rap song of all time, so good it made Dr dre look like a punk idiot who doesn't even know what rap music is. Also should have been a future note to rappers like lil wayne whos just a pretend gangster trying tobe hardcore.

36 Young, Wild and Free - Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

This song is so awesome! - Organ

37 You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube
38 Renegade - Jay Z
39 Shoulder Lean - Young Dro
40 Crank That - Soulja Boy Tell Em'


41 Magic - B.o.B
42 The Uppercut - 2pac
43 Jump Around - House of Pain
44 Worldwide Choppers - Tech9
45 The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar
46 Mosh - Eminem
47 Whatever You Like - T.I.

Greatest song ever, Period.T.I. is amazing with making these type of songs. King of the South Foerever.

48 Purple Swag - A$AP Rocky
49 Bad Guy - Eminem

Eminen is just the best rapper...

50 Blow Your Mind - Styles P
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