Top Ten Hookah Flavors


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21 Pink Lady
22 Red Bull

Great for if you like the drinks

23 Grape

I love grape fakhar with mint cold and ice water try it. It's really good

Its smell is very awosem

Grape leaves such an awesome flavor in your mouth. and smells good

24 Fig
25 Mango

I love berry mint apple, but mango is different. Tastes really sweet, some people hate it, some people love it, I love it.

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26 Spring Water
27 Double Apple

Yummy and it doesn't have smoky flavor it's sweet but also a tad sour it's delicious

This is the best flavour liked by all hookah smokers in the world

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28 Cherry

Yes it's great and smells so addictive!

If you squirt it in your bum it taste bare nice

29 Starbuzz Blue Mist

My cousin always gets it ITS AMAZING!

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30 Plum
31 Pear

Pear is great mixed with mint. Overall pear is probably my favorite single favor that I have ever smoked. My favorite mixed flavor is rum punch and mint. I've been hookahing for 2 years now and love every minute of it.

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32 Mint Chocolate Chip

I just went to a bakery!

33 Supari

Its awesome... every time I ask for supari than else flavour

It is a good flavour it never hurt anyone

Supari with rose

My favorite n only recomend supari flavour if someone doesn't taste it...

34 Blue Berry

Smooth, soothing, you should try it.. Loss of words

35 Summer 69

One if the best ever

36 Energy Drink
37 Play Boy

Honestly it's the best I've tries next to smurfs blood and sex on the beach

It is the best flavour that I personally have ever tasted it gives the taste of alphenlibe banana flavoured candy together with mint's cooling effect it is a must try shisha...

Awesome flavor is the scnd mst flavor which I liked if you gofr hukka mst taste play boy

That almost like the best 👍

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38 Blue Melon
39 Orange Mint
40 Double Mint
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