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41 Orange Mint
42 Red Dragon

Makes everything intense, not for a solo flavor, but my favorite for combinations!
Red Dragon - Strawberry - Cherry - Gum
Red Dragon - Kiwi - Melon - Mint
Are some good combinations

43 Rose Berry
44 Sweet 16


Darling chease he kuch aasi hai

45 Pirates Cave

One of the best flavors that starbuzz made.. So juicy and just amazing taste, you can't resist it.. I always smoked watermelon with mint, but since I tasted the pirates cave, it became my favorite, the best one by far.. I'm a middle eastern, take it from a middle eastern, Shisha is out daily habit guys, PIRATES CAVE number one!

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46 Dragon's Breath

Absolutely incredible just tastes and feels fresh

47 Pan Masala Strawberry
48 Blue Rays
49 Convicted Melon V 1 Comment
50 White Gummi Bear

Popular near me

51 Vanilla

I like vanilla because it is very tasty
The cup vanilla makes me amazing in the world of vanilla.
70% people like vanilla

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52 Rose

Light but strong; very interesting flavor. It's a great flavor to alternate with a strong one (fruity or minty flavors).

53 Smoke On the Beach
54 Delhi Belly
55 Bombey Pan Masala

There ain't any flavor beta than this. I've been smoking hookah for 7 years its just awesome

56 Lemon Mint Al Waha
57 Citrus Mist

Best favor mix with a mint favor

58 Party Animal
59 Gulfam

What a great its english

60 Teen Pan
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