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1 Logan

HARDCORE. Best performance by Jackman.

Loved it especially the heartbreaking ending

Super ending

Amazing ending, Jackmans greatest performance yet

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2 X-Men

One of the first movies I ever saw Hugh Jackman in and he also introduced Marvel character Wolverine to me, since then Hugh Jackman has become a favourite actor of mine and Wolverine a favourite Marvel character

This movie introduced me to Hugh Jackman... And ever since, this actor has become one of my favourite of all time..

I love the X-Men movies I am sad he will retire : (

3 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It got a lot of stick for being too cheesy and compromised, but in all honesty this is a cracking film with a pretty decent plot too

It's a kick ass movie what more could you say the rest of the series is good but this one answers all of your questions

To The Top with :

The Best and Most Epic Movie Ever - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

Awesome movies of all time

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4 Prisoners

His passion to find his child, was second to none. Great movie.

I'm sorry but Xmen origins wolverine at number 2. Really?
This was one of the best films of 2013

5 Real Steel

Hugh Jackmen is my favorite actor so basically every movie he's in is awesome especially this one then all the wolverine movies and then Prisoners but I just like this one because of all the action and of course robots, who doesn't like robots.

Amazing movie! He is so good in this film and this of course might be next to X-Men but I
Like it more cause it is awesome and full of action and entertainment and just about anything
Good about a movie.

Just watched this movie... plot line was kind of predictable but jackman still did a good job in my opinion. - Revrad

Saw the Eminem music video for dis, this ones on my watch list

6 Van Helsing

Really it's a great movie I've ever seen

7 X2 - X-Men United

This movie should easily be in the top five. - BKAllmighty

8 The Prestige

Why is this so low! This is by far his best movie

This is one of my favorite movies!

This is my second favorite movie of all the time
After "i am legend"

Jackmans most underrated performance. He was magical in this movie. Hope he reunites with Christpher Nolan for another movie in the future.

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9 The Greatest Showman

I'm not going to say anything bad about this film - I can't, I fell asleep... - Britgirl

This is the best movie of all time

Awesome acting...age doesn't matter... tremendous expressions... memorizing eyes... contrasting story line from the prestige

10 X-Men: Days of Future Past

Why this movie is in 19 position it movie Hugh

Fitness Guy

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11 Les Misérables

I love this movie

Oscar worthy

As awkward and rushed as his character's aging was, I loved him as Jean Valjean, even though he tended to warble a bit.

The film is definitely a strange one.

I love this movie//// jarman re Nepal bata

12 Kate & Leopold

It's an amazing story where hugh jackman is just awesome as duke of Albany

13 The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman's best portrayal of Wolverine, an intense and stunning performance. The movie is absolutely terrific. Great direction, acting, dialogue and expertly made set-pieces. Everything is handled really well. Super entertaining from start to finish.

The fact that they adapted the Silver Samurai arc was awesome! This really takes Wolverine's character to a whole new level. He really does have the heart of a beast and the soul of a samurai. - Daviddv0601

14 Australia

Alone for that shower scene

15 Someone Like You
16 Flushed Away

This movie introduced me to Hugh Jackman, and while I'm not terribly fond of it, I'm sure there are people who are.

17 Eddie the Eagle

One of the best movie to get motivated

18 X-Men - The Last Stand
19 Rise of the Guardians
20 X-Men: Apocalypse

Nice movie from him Awesome!

21 The Fountain
22 Deception
23 Chappie
24 Swordfish
25 Paperback Hero
26 Scoop
27 Pan
28 Movie 43
29 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

He had like a 10 second cameo in this I think - Revrad

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