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21 The Beginning - One Ok Rock

This music has such a deep meaning that anyone who will listen to it immediately falls in love with One Ok Rock. This is such an amazing song that and Taka's voice is so surreal.

I love this song so much, I listen to it (as well as many others of theirs) every day. So much meaning and Taka has an amazing voice. Pure perfection

The best song of this group! I cannot stop hearing this song!

This song should be number one! This song is what made me love ONE OK ROCK! It's the song that made them famous world wide!

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22 Nothing You Lose - Nightmare

I love everything about this song! Like, all the parts seem to fit perfectly :) Guitar solo, the bass, the drumming, and also yomi's voice just sounds amazing all together! Come on people vote vote vote!

This song is full of bass! Yomi's voice is wonderful! With beautiful lyric too!

This song is great I always sing it even if no-one knows what I'm saying and it's music was written by Ni~Ya (BASS) and he did a great job!

23 Mizerable - Gackt

Love him, and his music! He is just individual as his music. He is the best singer ever! Mizerable is a very beautiful song with the violin play - just listen and enjoy!

His songs always have meaning to something in our lives, Mizerable is one of them like the other songs written by him. My favourite forever is Tsuki no Uta, an beautiful song

even though it was his first solo single I think its the best. - TD17

It's simply full of emotion and his voice it's so majestic

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24 Love Phantom - B'Z

One of song from b'z I love, when I see the video clip I feel strange people, nice song from koshi inaba and tak matsumotto. Recommended this

25 Tsumetai Kaze - Penicillin
26 Cassis - The Gazette

One of the best songs I've ever heard, it has one hell of a melody plus ruki's voice is great especially in this song

Epic music, slow in early and awesome guitar sound at end by aoi, I like it.

GAZETTE the best band for me.

Best song ever!
I've never heard such a beautiful song like cassis

27 Viva Rock - Orange Range
28 The Final - Dir En Grey
29 Destiny - The Lovers - Versailles

Amazing voice from Kamijo, Great lyrics, and great collaboration from Hime Masaya and Prince Teru *laugh out loud, Masashi Bass always cool. and Yuki, I love your drum! Great! ^^

30 Decision - One Ok Rock

This songs tells about the youth

I like this song.


31 XXX For You - D'erlanger

we need new songs like this, you go argue with me that this is popular, but there are very annoying people who pm me, lectured me but I heard these songs in japanese rock forums a lot and you can find lots of d'erlanger in japan and here because I want these bands to be popular as well - ronluna

kurenai is old and everyone who knows j-rock esp x knows it try something new and don't stick to one band, xxx for you is one of the main reasons why I love d'erlanger and that song introduced me to the band - ronluna

hard rock song from the visual-kei pioneer band D'ERLANGER. the songs on the list is softer than this - ronluna

just ask the new fans since 2007, they love this song - ronluna

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32 Sign - Flow

Never heard anything like this... Best ever song, I've heard so far. Whenever I listen to it, it starts controlling my mind and give me the perfect pleasure which a one can expect from a music track. Thumbs up to FLOW!

Definitely my favourite song by Flow of all time. I don't know about it being the BEST ever, since I haven't heard many of the other contenders at all, but this is my personal favourite for being simple pure rock music.

this is the best! naruto shippuden's 6th op - charis0926

This introduced me to japanese rock songs, better than almost all mainstream rock songs!

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33 Rewrite - Asian Kung Fu Generation

Name a better song than this, I DARE YOU

This song is awesome! The voice of Masafumi just suits with the song! Guys just give this song a listen! It will just make your day!

34 Oasis - Janne Da Arc
35 Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer - One Ok Rock

Each and every song is awesome. Try it.
Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer always gets the crowd moving into the beat. M/ never get tired of it.
One ok rock songs always have meanings and inspiring realizations. They're one of a kind

These are the kind of lyrics that encourage and do not tell you what to do. Also crowd favourite so it's a lot of fun live.

This song makes me want to dance and scream!

The song make me wanna reach my dream! and be stronger in every day to fulfill my dream

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36 I for You - Luna Sea

Great song sad and but with a uplifting guitar riff. - TD17

37 Mighty Long Fall - One Ok Rock

This goes very well with Kyoto Inferno, but mostly it's an excellent track on its own! I'm addicted

This song has reached the world's ears! This deserves to be on the list

I like this song

Mighty long fall is so different. an awesome song ever!

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38 Ketsuraku Automation - One Ok Rock

Manteeep broo


This song is very cool of Toru's guitar,Ryota's bass,Tomoya's drum and Taka's voice. It's perfect song

Up lagi broo

39 Dozing Green - Dir En Grey

this is my favorite song of dir en grey, the sound and the lyrics always reminds me my childhood, its a masterpiece mixed with music.

40 Let's Take It Someday - One Ok Rock

I like this song when Taka said everyone jumped in his concert

So what's your treasure? Pleasure?
You know what you are?
You simply irreplaceable
Hands clasped in those
Let's take it someday
Feel like every day in captivity


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