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41 Rose of Pain - X Japan
42 The Last Song - X Japan
43 Lost and Found - One Ok Rock


44 Rock, Scissor, Paper - One Ok Rock

I love this song ><

45 Dozing Green - Dir En Grey

this is my favorite song of dir en grey, the sound and the lyrics always reminds me my childhood, its a masterpiece mixed with music.

46 Bel Air - Malice Mizer

This song is amazing! One of my favorites from my very favorite band! It deserves to be up much higher on the list than this.

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47 Bluebird - Ikimono Gakari

theme song of naruto shippuuden with a very good pv - ronluna

Nice opening anime naruto shippuden

Ohh I like this one very much... !

48 Daybreak's Bell - L'arc~en~ciel

Intro and refrain are just gorgeous, Hyde's voice reaches a heart-swelling falsetto. Apart from that, it's the opening of Gundam 00 and contains a meaning of critic against war and fight.

the intro is one of the best hard rock riffs

49 The Fourth Avenue Cafe - L'arc~en~ciel

Accompanied by the majestic orchestral band, this song injects a certain noir sentiment that reminds you of some tragic, moving, rush of love. Plus, the bass is of top-notch quality, too. Listening to this will sweep you away for a tribute to great, yet tragic life, all in just 5 minutes of your time.

Cool song. very like the drum beat and fill in. guitar melody also sounds great.

50 Blurry Eyes - L'arc~en~ciel

Love this song! The melody and lyrics are pretty good, also Hyde voice is sexy as always

Underrated song

Nice ear cathchy song

51 Kagerou - Buck Tick

Dream, dream, dream! This songs sticks in my head.

52 Vinushka - Dir En Grey

This song should in top ten list

53 1/3 Junjou Na Kanjou - Siam Shade
54 Lost November - Diaura

I really like this song too. I have ALL their songs on my ipod. It's a shame so little people have even heard of them. If you are reading this then go check Diaura out!

Lost November is a very energizing song that always makes me want to dance. Yo-ka's voice harmonizes well with the upbeat tempo of the song. Also my little cousin adores this song, she's four by the way. Definitely in my top 10!

Diaura sounds great... Until you see their lives lol. Listen to Lost November live... Wait, don't, your ears will bleed!

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55 Gensou Kyoku Eternal Silence - Phantasmagoria

Great visual kei song sad and a great guitar riff and solo. Awesome vocals. - TD17

56 Vanilla - Gackt

This was my favorite song... Until I looked up the lyrics :p It's still a great song though. Give it a listen

Gackt's voice is so beautiful! ^^

57 Diver - Nico Touches the Walls

It's maybe the only song I've ever feel on my skin... Music and words and his voice... Simply the best! Really it must be more higher in chart! And more other songs of the group are great!

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58 Jesus - Luna Sea

A true japanese rock song. - TD17

59 Kasou - L'Arc~en~Ciel
60 First Love - Utada Hikaru

It's a great song!

Woah.. Why why why.. Iits big song... Very very nice song... I think this song must in top 10... I fans larc en ciel but I now this song very great... Rank 52... Think back

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