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121 Last Heaven - The Gazette
122 Inside Beast - The Gazette
123 Egoist - Royz

Its face paced in the beginning

124 Venoms - Mejibray
125 Oboreru Sakana - Dadaroma

This is such a good song by an incredible band! The music is dark, heavy, and chaotic while perfectly complimenting Yoshiatsu's diverse vocal styles and ranges. And the drums slay! The lyrics are deep and haunting and when paired with the music video are frightening. Truly great song!

126 Guren - DOES
127 Red - Creature Creature
128 Melodies - Die In Cries
129 Burn Fumetsu No Face - B'z
130 Darlin' - D'erlanger
131 Zakuro - D'erlanger
132 Dummy Blue - D'erlanger

heavy song from album LAZZARO - ronluna

133 Lullaby - D'erlanger
134 Gekkou - D'erlanger
135 Shiro no Jumon - DOA
136 Dear Secret Lover - D'erlanger
137 Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki

This song was actually part of the Full Metal Alchemist OST and was featured in certain episodes of the anime as background music.

138 Souls - 44MAGNUM
139 Sleepwalker - Alice Nine

This is a beautiful song!
Shou's voice enchants you while the rest of the band blends the melody in.
The title says it all. Sleepwalker really does sound like sleep!
This is one of Alice Nine's best songs!

140 Zetsubou Billy - Maximum The Hormone

More hypnotizing than Filth In The Beauty in my opinion, Zetsubou Billy mixes everything to make it perfect!

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