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141 Sleepwalker - Alice Nine

This is a beautiful song!
Shou's voice enchants you while the rest of the band blends the melody in.
The title says it all. Sleepwalker really does sound like sleep!
This is one of Alice Nine's best songs!

142 Zetsubou Billy - Maximum The Hormone

More hypnotizing than Filth In The Beauty in my opinion, Zetsubou Billy mixes everything to make it perfect!

143 Velvet Eden - Tsukigumo Nocturn
144 Alice Is Dead - Velvet Eden
145 Re Vive - LIX.
146 Destinies of World - Megaromania Aurora

I love them because they kinda reminds me of Versailles. Their costumes are so beautiful and elegant. The guy singer looks like a girl and so cute, also his singing is really good and light! If you like Versailles then check this band out, I highly recommend it and you won't be disappointed.

147 Quintessence Voyage - Megaromania

The theme for this song is, pirates. The music gives a sort of excitement with a slight heavy rock music. One of my favorites from the band.

148 Across - Luzmelt

The music sounded futuristic and exciting. This song gets stuck in my head since it gives some sort of an impression to it. The singer really knows how to make a song, sound special and cool.

149 Are You Ready to Love - Miyavi
150 Pink Spider - Hide With Spread Beaver
151 Season's Call - Hyde
152 Rakuen e - Creature Creature
153 Kohaku - D'espairsRay
154 Medicine - D'espairsRay
155 Yami ni furu kiseki - D'espairsRay
156 Glass Skin - Dir En Grey
157 Gimme Gimme - Sug
158 Rainbows - Alice Nine
159 Spell Magic - Acid Black Cherry
160 Silent Eve - Sadie
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