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1 Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)

BEST. SONG. EVER. There is no comparison, this should be number one! This song makes me feel like a queen every time I listen to it. If you guys haven't heard it, go now!

This song has true meaning to me because it says to me just because problems may arise in your life doesn't mean you have to be left brocken down and sad truly 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

This is a song that makes you feel better, stronger, it's one of the best lyrics and themelody is really sticky! This is the kelly clarkson I Love!

Nice song

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2 Because of You Because of You

I love how this song's about her parents' divorce. I can completely relate to this and it makes me cry every time, especially the video.

I love this song, can relate to so many things. It's so powerful and the video is amazing, I sing it all the time.

I love this song so much it was my boyfriends and my song when we were together but then he left me for someone other girl so every time I hear this song it makes me cry

This song really make me remember to someone I really love but he's is go, ok but I'II really love this song and the best for you kelly •^-^•

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3 My Life Would Suck Without You

Love it! The lyrics just make me want to sing it out loud all the time! Very unique... Kelly clarkson rocks!

Loving this song it's the best song and she is a great recording artist I wish I could sing like her every time I hear the song I sing along with the words its great get voting now come on

I love ths song. It really touches me in a different way. It is AMAZING! The lyrics really do want to make me sing outloud.

Should be at number 1..

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4 Breakaway Breakaway

This song is completely beautiful! It explains feelings so well and it's definitely full of emotion. Some of her other songs sound all the same, but this one is unique and especially different.

Most beautiful Kelly Clarkson song!

Obviously the coolest Kelly song that anyone will ever hear. Why the hell are songs like Mr know it all even in this list? I can't stop listening because it is simply way too awesome, this is an angel song.

This is kellys best song by far... Should be number one
Great vocals, inspirational lyrics, a great pick me up song and has lots of emotion along with it... Plus she first wrote this song at my age...13! Wow she is amazing... Keep voting for this to be number one33

It's the best Kelly Clarkson song there is. Amazing lyrics. I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky... I gotta make a wish, take a chance, make a change and break away. I so love it. I've never gotten over this song.

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5 Since U Been Gone Since U Been Gone

Such an energetic song that makes me wanna sing to it

This song makes me so sad cause of when I broke up with my ex I drove an hour and half home listening to this song... So every time I hear this song I cry so hard

I think I'm in love with kelly clarkson, and this song bought me to her

come on

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6 Behind These Hazel Eyes Behind These Hazel Eyes

I love this song... It's so inspiering and very strong. I love all of her songs. She is a great role model and has written some of the most beautiful songs of a lifetime. She has a simple style. But a great one.

This is My Favourite Song! & My Life Would Suck Without You! Thank You Kelly Clarkson!

I love this song! The video is so perfect. My favorite part is during the bridge where she hits that high note on "anymore." It took me forever to master. Also, I love Kelly's style of being independent, but this was the first mournful song of hers I heard and I LOVE IT!

It is an amazing song.. I can relate to it..

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7 Already Gone Already Gone

This song is perfect. The music and her voice, combined, just melted my heart. I heart KC.

This sng speaks to me a lot as a person who suffered from depression for part of his life.

I just love this song! I don't know why its number 5! She's always been an amazing singer. I love all the songs she's ever done. Keep it up Kelly! We love you! I hope she come up wi

Is this referring to her slim figure

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8 Mr. Know It All Mr. Know It All

I just don't understand I think it should be at least in top ten its a very beautiful song and I just keep singing it all the time. Please VOTE

Hey this the best song by her. You are idiots, fools(for people who didn't vote for her! You don't have sense of music.

Superb song and when she sigs it live-Stunning. Watched her in UK T.V. Show and was amazed by her.

This is an in your face fool song. Love how empowering it is turn up loud and cruising down the road!

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9 Dark Side Dark Side

To me the song is about someone sufferring with a personality disorder. They show the person they love a mask, believing that is what you want to love.

Instead borderlines have such insecurities, they feel they aren't worthy of love, so 'they try to push you out' to see if you love them.

They feel if they drop their mask, you won't like what you see.

The stupidity of the situation is that if they didn't act in the way they did, you'd stay with them forever.

It is so hard for them to face their problems, probably 20 times harder than stopping smoking, they don't show people 'the place they know' because they believe 'it's not pretty there' and no-one can therefore help.

Daft thing is, it's probably the opposite. Unless you've been in a relationship with a borderline, you've no idea of the problems and if they'd only be themselves!

Any one feeling they relate to these lyrics, please get help, whether you are the borderline or their partner. Too ...more

Beautifully written lyrics and melody. It really speaks to me on so many levels, and I just love singing along with it!

Wonderful song, her voice sounds incredible in this song. Should be in the top three at least. And it's true every bodies got a dark side and nobodies picture perfect but we're worth it.

I love this song so much!

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10 Catch My Breath Catch My Breath

This is such an amazing song! The lyrics are so inpirational! Her voice sounds so nice in it too! This song is definitely one of her best songs!

I love this song it makes me very happy and it is always in my mind

Catch My Breath is so awesome and it gets stuck in my head every day.

This is my favorite Kelly song. Her songs are beautiful just like her. People say nobody's perfect that's not true Kelly Clarkson is so perfect don't know how she does it

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? Love Goes On Love Goes On
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11 Never Again Never Again

One of her first songs... But one of the best she's ever made... Great song with terrific music and catchy tune...

I just love this song, the music video is amazing and it just really speaks to me. I is a good song to rock out and dance to but also to listen to the lyrics. I just really love the song and I want to spread the good word to everyone and anyone I can! so tell your friends and just listen to it. <3 ~liz

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12 Sober Sober

Oh man! The way she sings this songs I feel like the best song in the world ever sung

Simply the best yet. This song has such a deep meaning about getting over something in your life and anybody can connect with this song and I simply love the melody!

Can't describe how this song makes me feel! Pure, raw emotion! Love her!

The way this song builds to that last chorus... I always have chills when she starts belting out the high parts.

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13 Piece by Piece Piece by Piece

This is the best song ever by Kelly Clarkson. The vocals are impressive and the words are relatable. Great song!

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14 Irvine Irvine

So raw and personal, and great stripped down and intimate production, I seriously love this song, it's my personal favorite kelly clarkson song

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15 Invincible Invincible

Her voice sounds amazing in this song

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16 People Like Us People Like Us

I love this song! It makes me feel like I'm never left out. How do you not vote for this?!?! My favourite line is: "they can't do nothing to u, they can't do nothing to me, this is the live that we live, this is the live that we plead, so throw your fists in the air, come out come out if you dare, tonight we're gonna change forever! "

The latest & the best song of Kelly Clarkson. It should be in the top ten. Come on guys, you must listen this song. It's her best song at least for me. It's video is even better. Just listen to it & I surely can say that you would definitely be addicted to this song.

This song cheers me up and let's me know that other people have it much worse than I do. It is inspiring and Kelly has a wonderful voice. Also she is not like other singers who are blinded by fame. I mean, she won a talent competition. How much more can you get than that?

Who doesn't want to vote for this song. Kelly has a beautiful voice, her songs are all over me. Today I was listening to since u been gone. I really really love this song especially in the video because it adds so much drama in it. You guys have to vote for this song.

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17 A Moment Like This A Moment Like This

I love her here! She's really talented and I love the meaning of the song, For a moment like this, Some people wait a lifetime, So I think this deserves to be the first but I think all of her songs were great also! But for me this is the real number 1!

It is really cool. It inspire to sing and join contests. I hope I win for this contest. :)))))

This is literally her crowning moment and is the epitome of what a winning song and song should be. This needs to be higher on the list for its significance for American Idol emergence of future pop sensations.

This should be first in the list! The best song kelly clarkson. Along with because of you, breakaway, cry, behind these hazel eyes and anytime

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18 Miss Independent Miss Independent

This song is amazing! How is this not in the top 10? "What happened to Miss Independent?! "

How is this song not in the top five?

I <3 this song! I especially like the chorus. My other favorite's are "i do not hook up" and "my life would suck without you"

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19 It's Quiet Uptown It's Quiet Uptown

This is proof that there is more to Kelly Clarkson than just American Idol. Her powerhouse vocals truly shine here. I also really love that somber production. This cover is especially impressive when considering that Kelly was pregnant while recording this. A song like this can be challenging to sing, but Kelly nailed it! 10/10! - NiktheWiz

20 Run Run Run Run Run Run
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