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21 I Do Not Hook Up I Do Not Hook Up

I can't BELIEVE THIS SONG IS SO BEHIND! I lOvE this song! Oh No! I do not hook up up I fall deep, so if you wan't me I don't come cheap... Keep your head on my hand

Oh no I do not hook up, up
I go slow
So if you want me
I don't come cheap
Keep your hand in my hand
And your heart on your sleeve
Oh no I do not hook up, up
I fall deep
'Cause the more that you try
The harder I'll fight
To say... Goodnight

I love this song with very cool lyrics!

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22 Addicted Addicted V 1 Comment
23 Walk Away Walk Away

Love this song I just don't know that nobody wrote a comment to this song
i like it Because it has a pitch that I think so nobody can catch it
reasons I love her is because she is beautiful OK let's talk about her music she has the best vocal voice seen so far that is the main reason I love her

24 Tightrope Tightrope
25 Cry Cry

This song killed me when Rachel sang it on Glee last week. Such a heartfelt song, and anyone who's been through a breakup and really cried their heart out will completely relate to this. Listen to it if you absolutely need to "cry" it out!

Just filled to the tip with raw emotion... I heard it for the first time on Glee last week, and went straight to downloading the original. The lyrics combined with Clarkson's voice is just...

This song is incredible. I don't get why this song is so behind. It should at least be in top 8

My favorite Kelly Clarkson song and am her BIGGEST FAN

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26 Don't Let Me Stop You Don't Let Me Stop You

This song is awesome! Kelly Clarkson rocks Don't Let Me Stop You with her awesome voice and beat. The lyrics are also so honest and awesome. They can recover anyone who's in a bad relationship. Don't Let Me Stop You from bringing this song to #1.

This Is a Very Good Song it's very Underrated Mainly Because Every Song Kelly Sings is a Hit!

Nut Don't Let Me stop You is Silver Song is in top 5 No but It's Damn Good! - Curti2594

Pop rock for the win! Kelly Clarkson has amazing singing!

27 Heartbeat Song Heartbeat Song

. This song should be at top 10. Not at 33. What r u guys doing. This is such a nice song. Vote it. Its nicer than 'What doesn't kill u'(stronger).

This is my 2nd favorite Kelly Clarkson song my first favorite is stronger what doesn't kill you

Kelly's back and better than ever! - BunnyC

This is my heartbeat song and I'm gonna vote it

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28 You Love Me You Love Me
29 Don't You Wanna Stay Don't You Wanna Stay

This is a superb song! Kelly and Jason Aldean are a nice duo! - Curti2594

Kelly and Jason Aldean were great in this song! - Curti2594

30 Don't Waste Your Time Don't Waste Your Time

This is a great song! She keeps it real with the emotions in this song and even though it's older doesn't mean it isn't just as good if not better than her new pop crap! No offense, I love her.

31 Hear Me Hear Me
32 Nostalgic Nostalgic

Love the throw back in the beginning. "We will never ever be the same"

33 Einstein Einstein

... Can a person fall in love with a song because I clearly have fell in love with this song.
It's an awesome song.
Kelly knows the feeling of a girl.
Dumb Dumb equals You.
Kelly Clarkson.
It will definitely be in my top 20 songs of Kelly Clarkson

34 Maybe Maybe
35 Don't Be a Girl About It Don't Be a Girl About It V 1 Comment
36 Gone Gone
37 Alone Alone

Very beautiful track - one of my favorite ones from Kelly. She should've made it a single. Stronger (album) deserved much more singles - Irina2932

This song should be between the top ten songs. It is really great...

38 Beautiful Disaster Beautiful Disaster
39 Long Shot Long Shot

This is a really unique song... It's not one of her really popular songs, obviously (it's in fifty-ninth place! ), but I think it's really catchy.

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40 Let Me Down Let Me Down

Love this song, I don't understand why its all the way here at 26, it should totally be in the top 20 the very least. Love kelly clarkson' songs from her her new album stronger, some of her very best

The ultimate song written by kelly clarkson. Possibly the best track on her album stronger

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