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41 I Had a Dream
42 Honestly

What a song this should be in the top 5 at least

Easily the most underrated Kelly song. She hits a G6 in this song, LIKE HER VOICE SPANS 3 octaves in this song and she hits a note twice in whistle register. come on, that's enough

I love this song - YOUnique253

43 Breaking Your Own Heart

More than great, the voice is moving and so is the meaning
I think it's about mistakes we make and they influence our life and behavior, this time we are making the mistake and get hurt ; this should not be n-33!

This is my favorite Kelly song and very possibly my favorite song in general.

44 I Forgive You

I forgive you I forgive me now when can I start to live again.

45 After The Love
46 Where is Your Heart

This is my favorite Kelly Clarkson song. I can't believe no one else loves this song.

47 Maybe

Most dynamic, intense, emotional song in Kelly's catalog.

48 The Sun Will Rise

Inspirational anthem, mashing beauty and power into one. This is the reason for buying stronger deluxe edition

49 Underneath the Tree

It's one of her latest songs and it's so catchy! It's a really nice mix of Christmas and pop. Listen to her live performance on YouTube. Her vocals are great and her voice barely pops! AND she shifts from really low to really high! What's not to love?!

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50 Be Still
51 Hear Me


52 One Minute
53 Ready

I love this song, so underrated!

54 Go
55 Cleopatra
56 Impossible

Can't believe how low this is!

57 If I Can't Have You
58 Whyyawannabringmedown
59 Empty Handed
60 Tip of My Tongue

So good I dare you to not be able to keep listening to it. Amazing song on the deluxe edition from all I ever wanted.

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