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61 Empty Handed
62 Tip of My Tongue

So good I dare you to not be able to keep listening to it. Amazing song on the deluxe edition from all I ever wanted.

63 Chivas

How could you not like this song? It's stripped and personal... We all been here, drunk in the bar, trying to get over an ex... I love everything about it... I became a true fan after I heard this song...

64 Low
65 Standing in Front of You
66 You Can’t Win

The lyrics of this song are amazing!

67 Tie It Up
68 Dance With Me
69 Nostalgic

Love the throw back in the beginning. "We will never ever be the same"

70 What's Up Lonely
71 Love Goes On
72 Make You Feel My Love
73 Why Don't You Try
74 The Trouble with Love Is
75 Second Wind

I absolutely love this song! It's about standing up to the haters and not letting the comments get to you!

76 Price by Piece
77 War Paint
78 Take You High
79 Let Your Tears Fall

Why this song is stuck @ such a beautiful this song kelly is saying whatever your going through come to me and share with me,i promise I will not judge you..u can cry! such a great, inspiring made me cry even.please give it a try..check these song..I love kelly!

80 Someone
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