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81 Make You Feel My Love
82 You Found Me

My like definitely changed when I found this song. It helps me to relate to how I found my perfect partner for life even with all my bad qualities... He still accepted me. Thank 4 singing this completely awesome song

My favorite is "You Found Me", but all of them is awesome :D I love Kelly Clarkson's songs, she's very talented :) But everyone knows that :P

I absolutely love a lot of her songs but I picked this one. First off it deserves way higher than 60 in my opinion. Secondly it's a beautiful song with a heartfelt message.

Really 75th, are u kidding me!

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83 Why Don't You Try
84 The Trouble with Love Is
85 Second Wind

I absolutely love this song! It's about standing up to the haters and not letting the comments get to you!

86 War Paint
87 Take You High
88 Let Your Tears Fall

Why this song is stuck @ such a beautiful this song kelly is saying whatever your going through come to me and share with me,i promise I will not judge you..u can cry! such a great, inspiring made me cry even.please give it a try..check these song..I love kelly!

89 Someone
90 Bad Reputation

Why are all the good songs at the end

91 Just Missed the Train
92 Good Goes the Bye
93 In the Blue
94 The Day We Fell Apart
95 Save You
96 Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)
97 If No One Will Listen
98 Blue Christmas
99 Judas
100 Slow Dance
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