Top Ten Kiddie Sounding Names

These are all names that sound little kiddish. These are names that people have to have their whole life even when they are grown up!

The Top Ten

1 Lily

I don't get how Lily is a childish name. My best friend is named lily and she is pretty mature - BlackDeathCode

Yes, the most childish kid I know has this name

My godmather name is Lily pretty name by the way

2 Benji

Dude, I'm serious! This isn't just a nick name; google it! - dylan

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3 Dylan

I know some one with this name and they act just like a little kid!

Unfortunantly, my name Dylan. I hate it! - dylan

4 Jenny
5 Jesse
6 Timmy
7 Kristi
8 Ronnie

My really close friend has this name and he mostly goes by Ron but even that sounds kiddish. - dylan

Its a very kiddie name

But Ronnie James Dio...

9 Devin

This poor little kid has this name and he is wild as anything! - dylan

10 Bobby

The Contenders

11 Nicki
12 Patty

Should you really continue to be called "Patty" when you are over 40? Give it a rest. Maybe your family but Patricia is a much more regal sounding name. -

13 Erica
14 Davie

Cute little kid had this name, but then he grew up to be a spoiled brat. Character in 'Running Upstream", very kiddish sounding to me.

15 Max
16 Poppy
17 Braylee
18 Johnny
19 Nia
20 Kara
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