Bad Romance


Fantastic song my favourite one. Perhaps even my favourite song ever I would suggest that you listen to it. I have even been known to sing this song at random moments at parties etc as I love it so much! I highly recommend that you listen to it now. As I have said it is usually the first and only song I request at parties! It really gets you in a good mood!

This is her best song in my opinion it is really strong! I disagree with people who say that it is similair to Judas. Don't get me wrong Judas is really good and strong too but Judas is dark whereas Bad Romance still contains the funky pop like vibes which are also portrayed in most songs in the fame era like just dance poker face and telephone.My favourite is Bad Romance but I did think about choosing Judas but Bad Romance has that extra bit of class.However if Applause was on this list then I would have gone for that as to me its the best

Best GaGa song, hands down! If you hear it once it doesn't leave u! First time I saw the video, I couldn't stop replaying it, I knew this would easily become one of her biggest hits right after hearing it the first time. Then after seeing the video, it was only confirmed even more! Nothing else sounds like this, that's why it is so great. And really best music video of all time!

Seriously, Poker Face is not that great a song. I'm not normally a Lady Gaga fan, but I do love listening to this song. Why? I think she does a great job of portraying the loneliness of always looking for love in the wrong places and getting your heart broken. I can hear it so strongly in this song. It's incredible.

This song shows who lady gaga is she a is a queen a queen of pop for the 2000's. She does the best at what she does this song is awesome. This song is perfect when it comes to pop this song deserves to be at the top of the list. It shows what true pop is. Great rhythm, a great beat, and it dominates all in its path.

Very very tough decision because every one of her songs are amazing. I don't think I've come across one that I don't like. but if I had to choose, it would have to be this one. its an amazing dance song and you can really feel her emotions when you listen to her sing this.

This song has intrigued me, and means so much. This song has a lot of meaning, and I love it. I watched the video multiple times, and have rewatched it so many times. It is definitely the best VIDEO EVER! It is so great, the last time I heard it was behind me, booming from the speaker at my school's talent show.

This song scared me when I first saw the music video. I do like the song though. I am not afraid of it anymore. This song is awesome. Who ever agrees with me comment below and say I agree with talent. Because Lady Haggai has talent. Go Lady Gaga!

This is the first and only song I heard from gaga for now, and it made me a fan. I searched for gaga's best songs and ended up here. Ironically I'm a little disappointed because if this is her best song then I can't waste my time for other singles..

Well, I am supposed to vote for Poker Face because that's the song I have listened more than Bad Romance. However comparing with Bad Romance poker face is just another song but Bad Romance is the treasure of earth.

This song was the best, is the best and will be the best! This song made me one of the craziest Gaga fans in South Asia (the craziest in Bangladesh)! And to my opinion this song is not too satanic as her other songs! Deserves to be first!

Man oh man now were in bad romance with her! Oh god the son is not at all good its great! Lady gaga is leo boss of pop... Queen of pop lady gaga... Her comparison is no less but with Michael JACKSON... From poker face to born this way its great


I really love this song. Just Dance was the first wong I heard from her back in 2008 together with Poker face a couple of months later. I've been a Little Monster even since and this song just made obsessed with Gaga.

I always suffer last song syndrome when I hear this, really. Bad romance is contagious, some people may not understand the lyrics but it's the beat that they always remember.

Music, attitude n stylizing just awesome. It is like craze to watch gaga's songs. New concept and story base... I its pleasure 2 watch a stunning young women with so much of thought. Love your bad romance...

Bad romance is her best song. This is my second best song (after fireflies). The music is outstanding and I think that this song deserve to be the best song of hers. She is the pop sensation

I'm kind of obsessed with this song. It really proves that Gaga can be crowned as the Pop Queen. The music has something magic within it that drives me towards it. A bad romancer. Paws up!

Shows her at her vocal best... it's not overly pop but still catchy enough to appeal to her of her old fans and caught my attention and made a new fan out of me and many others I'm sure.

So far, this is Lady Gaga's most important contribution to pop music. She goes beyond typical genre constrictions to create a song capable of transcending traditional pop.

This song is so awesome! None of the others can compete with it. It's also catchy and dark. It has a nice beat to it and I never grow tired of it!

When we are having a party, we always use this song because it is very, very, very cool! Oh Yeah! The Best Song Ever! ;P

Hwaa I really really happy when I see this song have a good rank in this top ten list. This song always makes me remember one of my ex. This song has a special place in my heart and my life. The video is really really good too, really different from others. Keep this song to be first, guys!

I started to really get more into Lady Gaga when this song came out, and I think it's 214 million viewers on YouTube would agree that it deserves a spot in the top 5.

I love her songs! She bigs out the songs meaning and everything. but I like truly love this song! One word... awesome! Must be number one!