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Lady Gaga is an awesome artist!! This is a list of how I would rank her songs.

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21 Monster

This song is one of the absolute best songs I've ever heard. The electronic tone is so cool sounding it's almost creepy. GAGA ROCKS!

Love this song! really thought this song should've been a single. Too bad it had explicit content.

My favorite gaga song. And I don't quite know why- it just has an eerie tone about it. This song is electric, dark, and quite musical. While not nearly as famous as bad romance, it still stands strong as an excellent piece of gaga work.


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22 Gypsy

The lyrics make me feel that I'm exploring the world too bad there's no Philippines but it can be related in the lyrics: "Someday in jakarta" because both neighboring countries protested but she didn't gave up and made a concert in manila but still no concerts of lady gaga in jakarta. I think it means someday she will be accepted not only in jakarta but the world.

Amazing! The lyrics, the tune, everything is perfect in this song, it deserves to have a higher place in the list, one of her best by far, "I'm a man without a home, but I think with you I could spend my life, And you'll be my little gypsy princess, Pack your bags and we can chase the sunset, Bust the rear view and fire up the jets cause it's you and me"

I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm a gypsy gypsy gypsy. Love this song like crazy. Best gaga song ever. Should be highly ranked.Amazing song. Sang it in class and everywhere I go.

Oh come on. Gypsy needs to be higher than TWENTY THIRD! This is the only gaga song I can actually play on repeat and not get tired of

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23 So Happy I Could Die

I don't understand why this AWESOME song is so down below without any comments! It's so awesome and the music is so ULTRA AMAZING!

The song is beautiful! I thought It should've been released as a single! It's my favourite song ever and has the most plays on my itunes library. Its cathy but meaningful! GAGA FOREVER!

Hey, wake up guys, this song is just awesome! Vote for it to get higher. All Lady Gaga songs are amazing as she is very talented but this song breaks the records! Laugh out loud, I mean, it is way better than paparazzi for example. The beat the rhythm, the voice, Gaga herself, all are perfect... As well as the background music. I adore this song, so fellows just vote, vote, vote, oh mh God, it deserves to be higher!

I've been debating my favourite Gaga song for ages but at the moment it has to be 'So Happy I Could Die'. This song is so amazing in so many ways I just wish it was in the top 10!

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24 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)

This song is the best lady gaga has done please wright another song what is exactly the tune as this but just different words! I love this song because it is so beautiful and slow and slow songs are just me type of thing.

Lady Gaga is the BEST singer in the entire world!

Normal but beautiful and the lyrics is so natural and it kinda like speechless, and gaga act is perfect

So catchy. every time I listen to this song I get up and sing along


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25 Million Reasons

Get this to number 1! It's beautiful, meaningful, stripped down, and emotional. I'm getting tired of seeing Bad Romance on top. I still love the song but I think it's time we move on to a new direction and walk the way Gaga supported us in.

Such a beautiful, iconic hit that proved her vocal and songwriting abilities and expanded her audience to a wider demographic. This should at least be in the top 10.

One of her simplest songs is also one of her best and most sincere

A lovely and strong song. U can hear gaga since the hell out of her like she always does. underrated

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26 Venus

ROCKET #9 TAKE OFF TO THE PLANET, TO THE PLANET, VENUS! APHRODITE LADY, SEASHELL BIKINI, GARDEN PANTY, VENUS. Love this song so much, very upbeat, retro 80's style and it proves that Lady Gaga can sing just about anything without disappointing us. Her music is growing on me and VENUS is one of the reasons why.

This song is completely Gaga its the best song by her by far the best bit is where it goes when you touch me I die just a little inside I wonder if this could be love this could be love because your out of this world galaxy space and time I wonder if this could be love this could be love it shows her diversity as a music artist

This song is so different, not only from all her other work but within itself. The beat changes constantly and keeps the listener going. It's like a roller coaster, a never stopping thrill, always turning into new directions and making us "want" more

Worship to the land
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Rocket #9 take off
To the planet, to the planet


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27 G.U.Y.

This song is my anthem. Before the album came out, Lady Gaga was teasing fans with the names of songs from ARTPOP and when she talked about G.U.Y. I just knew I was gonna love it and I wasn't wrong. As soon as the album came out I think this was the first song I clicked on to listen to and I was immediately hooked. "Lay back and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions". If that line doesn't catch anyone's attention then I don't know what will. I love how this song has the strong message that "I don't need to be on top to know I'm worth it because I'm strong enough to know the truth". I haven't had a boyfriend yet but when I do, I want to be the girl under him.

Extremely excellent song. Lyrics, voice, music, everything at the peak. I would have liked artpop album more if Gaga had not involved sex in every song

Best song from ARTPOP. Period.

I love this song so much!

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28 Perfect Illusion

Gaga provides a very strong vocals in this one. It's amazing, powerful and catchy, but it's too short... - Bayano1

Fresh, nice vocals, nice lyrics, 90s vibe, and just real quality. 5/5 - ProPanda

One of the best...Vocals are amazing...Deserves to be in top 20 at least

The start of a new dawn for Lady Gaga... New sound, new aura, new person. It's
"perfect" in its own right.

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29 Electric Chapel

I love this song, it's so catchy. There's song thing about it that just gets you so hooked to it. It has that great rock star kind of beat and feel to it, this song is way underrated, it should be listed in the top 10. I can't wait for this to be a single. Gaga never fails to please us. Paws Up!

In this song Gaga wanted to express themselves on the part of "rock" for my it succeeded, but the instrumental part of the song at all to anything. I do not think that this song will be single! - teleroy

Gaga wants to steal our heart away

This song makes Born This Way for me. I find it baffling that a song in which the bridge consists of Lady Gaga's voice doing battle with an electric guitar to make the most noise can sound almost... subtle.

30 The Fame

the fame rocks, should be in the top ten list, and nice beat

Her best song, very original, nice use of guitar too. If only Lady GaGa had stayed like this, this is her best song, should be in the top 5 at least, really good.

I'm just really mad because all the songs that are in the top ten are very well known, BUT THEY ARE NOT THE BEST ONES. All lady gaga songs are great of course, but the reaally good ones are somewhere in the tens and twentys. The only near perfect ones that are in the top ten are: Judas, born this way, and bad romance. ScheiBe is a GREAT SONG I like the start

It's my favorite song specialty the end of it.

31 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Why is this all the way down here? Should be in the top 15 at least! Great rhythm, very unique song and great lyrics too! Very catchy. Vote this song now!

"I love it! it's such a cool song with a good message! I love its catchy beat and it should be a number one single! "

Absoulutely great! Catchy but not too much love it especially cause the instruments sounds old (piano) and modern at the same time!

Heard this song too many times...
The music and lyrics of the song are tremendous...
Very nice song...
Hats off...

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Number 106? I'm so disappointed in the critique world. Almost every album review has called this song something along the lines of "nothing special". You kidding? This song is the best from the album, perhaps best she's ever done. How can anything rank higher?

Such a great song. "We could, we could, belong together, ARTPOP! " It has great production, vocal, and lyrical values. I actually hated lady gaga before applause, and this song along with applause are the best on the new album by a longshot.

This song puts me into a trance-like state whenever I listen to it. It should be higher then 35. FREE MY MIND ARTPOP, YOU MAKE MY HEART STOP. Spine tingling stuff. the beat is awesome. Listen to it. I dare you to disagree.

This song should be higher l, it's one of the best things gaga has ever done

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33 Starstruck

I adore this song "groove slam work it back space cowboy just play that track gaga in the room" it's awesome

Godly and the best song with the best tune on earth! It has the tune that makes you jumpy, dancy, and just everything!

It has such a catchy beat and most people don't know about it! This song makes me STARSTRUCK just by listening to it! I love Lady Gaga's work on all her songs, but this is my favorite!

Catchy - 906389

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34 Til It Happens to You

Her newest song, but its just so beautiful, and its meaning, with all natural instrument sound just I died at her high power notes

It is such a beautiful song with a beautiful meaning!

It is her best music

Her most beautiful song I ever listen. - BeaM456

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35 Donatella

Really? 69? Come on people. The beats are so memorable, and the lyrics are fantastic. One of the best songs ever and the best on ARTPOP by far.

This song isa a killer! My favorite for sure!

Why is it on the 98?!?! This is a very good song
It should be in the top 10! Please vote it up

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36 Aura

This blows EVERYTHING ANYONE has ever done OUT OF THE WATER. Of course, I've only heard the demo but oh my god this is the best song ever. It is different, it is not typical pop, it is Gaga and all of her originality. The beats are catchy, the vocals are orgasmic, and the song tells a story, and it doesn't stick to one tune to too long. It evolves in a way which I never get bored of.

The demo was so god! I will wonder why she changed her vocals still the day I die... A theatrical clever insane rollercoaster-like song!

This song is just so unique... I love it

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37 Video Phone

This is Beyoncé featuring Lady GaGa - JaysTop10List

38 Boys, Boys, Boys

The lyrics aren't about how she falls in love with boys, it's what she does while she's in love with boys! It also gives boys a hint of what girls like in a guy.

An unforgettable Gaga chorus! While the inbetween isn't so great at times, you can't help but dance and sing along to the chorus

I bit to much about boys...

39 Americano

I love the Spanish vibe of this song! It's so unusual but also so catchy! It makes you want to snap your fingers or do some Spanish tap dance or something like that

I love the song americano! I think that Lady Gaga is the best singer in the entire world. I don't think she should ever stop singing! because she is completely awesome!

This songs chorus is fun to yell when you're home alone

I'm living on the edge of the law-law-law-law! - MontyPython

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40 Brown Eyes

They say she can't do ballads. She really can. This is very brilliant. It can put you to sleep in its niceties. - Yetaxa

So cute it so much love in this song please make this the top song she made this song so powerful

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