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61 A-YO

This is reminiscent Avril Lavigne's "The Beat Damn Thing" and Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off", except for the fact that it's country-pop! I really love how she's managed to squeeze some country into her new album! - Katanaceilingfan

62 Come to Mama

I love this gaga song! It's so catchy and so different but its amazing!

63 Disco Heaven

Amazing love it so much and you are the best person ever GAG we love you so so much you are the best. GO GAGA xx

Another fun song to dance to like Just Dance, but a little more disco-ey.

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64 Fever
65 Vanity
66 Retro, Dance, Freak
67 Fashion of His Love

What happen? This should be at least in the top ten. Best gaga song for me, ever. !

This song is awesome! It should be higher! I love love it!

68 Retro Physical
69 Greatest

It surely is the greatest Lady Gaga song ever...!

70 Hey Girl

I literally love this so much! why does everyone only like her old songs? The new ones are so beautiful!

It's a really beautiful song.
The music is really good and original.
Gaga's voice with Welch's voice is coming really good!
Great song! #I❤️JOANNEALBUM

71 No Way

I love this song! Not being released on albums, I stumbled onto it by chance. I'm so happy I did. Listen to it, just the right amount of pop in a midtempo manner.

72 Brooklyn Nights

I hope this song makes ARTPOP act 2

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73 I Want Your Love
74 Blueberry Kisses
75 I Wanna Be With You

Come on, people! This song is amazing! You can't deny it. IT's Lady Gaga at her stripped down best!

This is by far the most beautiful song I've ever heard from her. The emotions, the meaning, EVERYTHING! Makes me cry every time. Best song.

76 Just Another Day
77 Changing Skies
78 Oh Well
79 Second Time Around

This song is easily my favorite. It has a really catchy chorus, and its not a conventional Gaga song, which I also love about it.

80 Cake Like Lady Gaga

Who knew gaga could rap?

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