I find this song catchy. I just can't stop listening to it! The sound of it makes my body move. It sounds a lot more different than her other songs, though, but it still sounds really pretty!

Such a well written song. The modulation in the verses to the chorus is inspired, the lyrics in the second verse are intelligent and thoughtful, and the production is relevant and not at all intrusive. Not only is it one of Gaga's best pop songs, but also one of the best pop songs of the millennia so far.

And lets not forget the lore behind this song guys, she starts at her top in the beginning with The Fame, Fame Monster and Born This Way, but as her boyfriend pushes her off the balcony, that's the affect that ARTPOP had on her success, but then she slowly rises back to the top wight the jazz album Cheek to Cheek.

Paparazzi is not only the best song of Gaga, but also the best pop song ever by a female artist, and I just completely loose myself and my identity while listening the song! Her vocal abilities have no height and the chorus of this song makes me mad!

Another AWESOME song..
What a rhythm!
I felt so many emotions while hearing this song.. Beautiful creation.. Epic art! Gaga you're pure perfection.

Amazing song! Cool beat and the use of the warm synth sounds really make this song have a great artistic feeling. The lyrics are outstanding and the whole image of the song really shows of her pop art quality, best song so far!

When she performed this at the 2009 MTV VMA's, it couldn't have been more perfect! It made me fall in love with this song! Paparazzi is definitely among the best songs she has ever written and performed! Especially when she sings the acoustic versions!

It's great! Catchy yet it has this underlying dark feel to it which makes it even better. It has many layers which I think is one of the most important factors in well anything... And yes I'm also a lasagna fan...

My #1 song out of every song ever written. On the surface it's a beautifully crafted love song. On the inside... well you just need to figure that out yourself. Love you Gaga.

This is my favorite Gaga song of all time!

It's just so beautiful and the instrumental is so twisted and kinda dark. It sounds to me so theatrical, I don't know why. Simply the best song from The Fame

This song has beat, a rhythm which I just can't get out of my head, I wasn't really a fan of Lady Gaga but since I heard this song I became a fan of her!

This song has an infectious melody and unique vocals and 100 other things every other songs do not have. This definitely should be number one

This so g never gets old. It's my favorite song, ever! The background music is amazing and her lyrics go so well with the song. Love it!

So catchy. I absolutely love this song. Lady Gaga, I will love you for eternity. Mamma Monster. Your voice is so fantastic.

One of her precious pop diamonds with distorted pop music and an addictive chorus that make it her second best song

BEST SONG EVER very catchy and snappy

This is really like my story! When I hear this song for the first time it's really touched me!
When you really love someone though you know you can't get his heart it's like you were chasing an idol
And you'll never get tired to admire him..! Thumbs up for Lady Gaga!

This was the best song on the Monster Ball tour. There was a giant monster onstage and everything!

This song has a unique rhythm that makes your emotions dances wildly

This song still sounds as fresh and new as when I first heard it! That's the sign of a good song!

Every thing in song is perfect..
It's the best song by gaga ever!
Every time I hear it, it take my breath away...
Lady gaga rocks...

Amazing lyrics, and the acoustic version is amazing. The piano part is unbelievable.

Not really one of her best, but I find it so relatable. I love it.

I love everything about this song, the beat, the music the lyrics EVERYTHING - Celestius