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1 Laid to Rest

Very very powerful song
the starting is really awesome!

All instrument played in this song are in equilibrium specially drum

Unbelievable song. "failure" scream at the end was crazy.

Surely no. 1

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2 Walk With Me In Hell

Musically and lyrically their greatest work

The song that got me to like them

So incredible! The reason I fell in love with LoG!

To me this song is just kick ass. Randy screaming "breathe breathe" just makes you feel like something big is coming... Then what follows is simply the work of masters and true devotee to their respective instruments. Chris, what do you have in those legs?

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3 Redneck

I loved it and when I saw the music video I knew for sure this was the most awesome song

this is the best lamb of god song, it rocks live. you have to hear this, it got me into log, its heavy fast, mean lyrics. epic

Oh my god, is this song great, especially when you see the video - NightmareCinema

One of the best song ever I've heared... Love you lamb of god

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4 Black Label

This song should be in the top 3... Their growling is just awesome...

This song has the most brutal bass drums I've ever heard in my life. Even for LOG

Definately the coolest singing

Man, this is definitely the hardest hitting, heaviest lamb of god song. it is completely mental

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5 Blacken the Cursed Sun

Perfect song

what the heck. This should definitely be in top 5. My top 5 would be Laid to Rest, Blacken the Cursed Sun, Walk with me in Hell, Now You've Got Something to Die for, Black Label( Best mosh song in the world)

this is my favorite song ever. I'm going to show my child this when he asks what I used to listen to

This thing should be on the top
This is one of the most awesome songs of lamb of god
What a work!
The guitars take you to a new world
This is much more awesome than laid to rest... Guys help this song to reach the top

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6 Grace

TUNE - loving the intro the speed and drive of this song is awesome. when they played this live it was just amazing - the solo they put at the beginning of the song made me actually jizz my pants

Mind - blowing intro! Awesome lyrics! And soul stirring music to go with! What else could you ask for! M/

Lamb of gods best song lyrics are amazing as well as the music beautiful intro and solos

When I listen to this song, it make me feel mind blowing...

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7 Ruin

Probably the best song of them along with Black Label. This should be higher. The breakdown is insane and amazing lyrics too! Powerful!

Should be top 2... EASY.

The music video has the best abrupt intro ever. "The Death to Evolution! "

Most artistic piece of lamb of god... Perfect solos perfect lyrics perfect growling... The lyrics are very meaningful and tell us a lot

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8 Omerta

Words can be broken, so can bones...

one of the best LOG songs! m/ should be way up the list!
get a rush everytime I hear it...
damn I spontaneously start HEAD BANGING!

Just epic

Little different and better than other LOG songs... And lyrically the best! "a slip of the tongue, a slit of the throat "!

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9 Hourglass

"You finally made it home,
Draped in the flag that you fell for." is so EPIC!

Awesome song. It should be at least in the top 5, because I can't decide between a lot of their songs. "An ill wind blows this way, the edge of the envelope burns. "

I think guitars and drum in this song are greatly synchronized and lyrics are solid enough to make people go crazy

You finally made it home,
Draped in the flag that you fell for. " is so EPIC!

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10 Now You've Got Something to Die For

Such an intense piece of artistic beauty, really. As a song writer and musician, the lyrics of this song are eye to eye with my perception on the matter. The guitar and drums radiate of nothing but greatness. Truely a masterpiece!

I won't ne like those normal people that say "this is the best song ever" or "this should be in the top 5." What I am going to say is once you enter the wall of death, there is no turning back.

The Breakdown is really amazing and awesomly catchy! If you don't like it, you don't like real metal!

Man amazing song it really touches the soul its very energetic awesome song log fans vote for it

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The Contenders

11 Ghost Walking

Best song after Laid To Rest, and just an absolutely amazing song from their latest album Resolution! Happy to see such quality nowadays, in 2012.

Ohh the acoustic beginning and then the heavy metal part sinks in.. Superb

This song is the the one that got me into groove metal, I guess this album is the best LOG effort this song is a must must must hear song

The transition from the acoustic intro to the metal riff is BIBLICAL

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12 Vigil

This song gave birth to my metalness. if I wouldn't have heard this song I wouldve probably commit suicide. this is the most amazing song ever!

It's lowly rated... To me it's their best song... Awesome intro... And amazing guitar playing...

LMAO must be an Agnews group voting if Vigil is 14 and the top song from their best album. Guess y'all into slow dancing

It has a classic "Black-Sabbath" sound to it, especially that slow and heavy riff in the bridge halfway in the song.

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13 King Me

Easily the best song from Resolution. Resolution have some promising tracks like ghost walking, terminally unique and to the end but king me is truly unique. There's no other song by them that sounds like this one. A beautiful final track from the album.

The song according to me is their best compilation up till now. Truly mesmerizing. No words. Especially the guitar part is so cool. This song deserves top spot. King me..!

Nice intro, beautiful guitar work, crazy chorus

This deserves to be withing top 3! Amazing song! King mee is killing me!

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14 Broken Hands

Wrath is their best album, and this is their best track off wrath.

The riffs, the chorus, the double bass timing, this track is absolutely their best song, making it one if the best modern metal tracks ever

Great track, wrath is for sure their finest work

One of the best metal chorus' EVER

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15 The Faded Line

Iconic LOG song. Defines them

The drum fills made by Chris Adler at the beginning of in this song deserve to be in the top ten

I love you lamb of god. For making a lot of beautiful songs. I can't choose which one is the greatest. So I listen all of them

Exemplifies all of the necessary aspects of a Lamb of God song.

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16 Choke Sermon

Oh come on! This is one of my favorite LOG song and this is number 44! I can't argue because all of LOG's songs are great but this one doesn't deserve the 44 spot.

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17 Overlord

A rare type of LoG song because Randy Blythe shows his clean vocal style which isn't heard much. But this song starts pretty slow paced and it just builds into what could be one of the best fast paced parts in any Lamb of God song. A definite mosh pit starter!

This song is so good. I hope it will be in the top ten soon because this song is just insanely good. - heavymetalrocker777

This song is amazing. BEST BUILD UP EVER!

Really.. It should be in top
10,... The song starts with a slow, clean voice and ends up with greatest death metal

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18 11th Hour

This should be no lower then number 1 - Sabbath

Easily one of the greatest songs by Lamb of God! This deserves to be within top five... Head bangs automatically when you hear this song and its awesome riffs! I'm proud and can now die happily because I've heard this song and banged my head to its beats!

If I have to say something about this song, then I would say it is a master piece. The lyrics are really powerful and they mean very strong things. Music as well is very strong and powerful.
Its been 5 years since it has been released and still I find it enjoyable and good every time I listen it.

I'm still wondering how this is not in top ten... It got powerful riffs.. And awesome lyrics and awesome Guitar lines... It should be in top 10 at least.. But all the top ten songs are amazing - nooreldeen

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19 Still Echoes

One of their heaviest, darkest and most brutal songs. The chorus is just plain unreal. And how about the drumming? God, this is a masterpiece and definitely a soon-to-be fan favorite.

very good

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20 Insurrection

When I first heard the intro to this song every hair on my body went straight up and my heart pounded so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Absolutely amazing song. Resolution is their best album yet!

This song deserves to be right up there among the top 5! The intro riff is bloody epic.. Gives me chills every time I listen to it

How in the hell is this number 25? It should at least be in the top 10

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21 Descending

I've just recently started listening to LoG a few days ago. So I'm far from a SEASONED expert on their music, however, Descending is THUS FAR, BY FAR, their BEST SONG. And I've listened to the majority of the songs in the top 10 on here.

This is really great song of LoG. When I first started listening to LoG this was the one song that got me totally hooked, so much energy to it and Chris Adler is as amazing as ever in this song!

Why the hell is this not in their top 10 greatest songs ever? I personally think this is their best song... vocals and music both are awesome.

17! This is way better than stuff like Redneck and Ghost Walking! I'd put this Number 2 after Laid to Rest!

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22 In Your Words

The fact that this song isn't even in the top 10 makes this poll complete garbage.

The Faded line, in your words and honestly does nobody like the undertow? I get resolution sucked (comparatively to the other albums) but the Undertow is easily tied at #1, also how about 512?

What happened? Has anyone even heard this song? Well it's my #1 and it blows away all those in the current top 5... You shouldn't be able to vote if you haven't heard all the good ones!

Man, everything about this song is MINDBLOWING! But specially those face melting vocals! Randy just roars the whole song. This got me into Lamb of God!

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23 Desolation

What!? This song is not in top 10? Yes.. Probably not their best song.. Listen to this one.
The powerful riffs just blow other songs out of your a#@

This song should be top 5 for sure. This song is so brutal I want to snap my grandmas neck whenever it blasts out of my speakers.

This is song must be the third or second of the top, cause the music make me lost my brain, so awesome speed of metal.

Brilliant song. First LOG song I've heard and it's been my favourite ever since.

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24 Beating On Death's Door UListen to Sample
25 What I've Become

What this not even on top 10! This song should definitely be in the top 5. Great screaming by Randy Blythe and sick guitar playing makes this song one of their best to date

Underrated song. If you weren’t before, you’ll definitely be headbanging once you hit 1:20.

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26 Bury Me Under the Sun

This son is sick and I love it

27 Reclamation

Easily the best LOG song. Wish they played this live... :/

Absolutely epic! The ending is awesome. The screams are loaded with emotion, the guitars are perfect and the drums aren't over the top. Easy top 5.

When gods are mad, they listen this song and gather their strength to make humans pay for their stupidity.

This one is the best song of LOG m/

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28 512

Great song!

First song I listen from them, it hooked me with the nasty riff at the chorus, oh and the video also very good nonetheless. And it also nominated at Grammy, why this song even far down the list, I can't understand.


One of the darkest songs ever! My hands are painted red, my future's painted black, I can't recognize myself, I've become someone else..."

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29 Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard

Way better song then Laid to rest.. Musical Arrangements are gretheque

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30 In the Absence of the Sacred UListen to Sample
31 O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.

Come on now. This song is so underrated. I am listening to it right now and I just LOVE IT!

Most underrated LOG song ever. - heavymetalrocker777

This song is so good

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32 Pathetic

this is one of the sickest lamb of god songs! should be in top ten, come on thats pathetic! - iwantsomewaffles

After hearing the title, I thought it was about dubstep - gemcloben

No way this can be so low, the intro riff grabs you, and the drums and vocals throughout the rest of the song scream metal.

Lamb of God at their finest. Godsend guitar and drum work. Also has one of their best guitar solos to date.

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33 Forgotten (Lost Angels) UListen to Sample
34 Pariah

This is the most intense, epic, brutal and heavy song I've heard from LoG. The entire Gospel album is just so intense. Newer fans need to go back and absorb this album.

This is such a great song. - heavymetalrocker777

Favorite song from LOG

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35 Torches

Its one of the best metal songs moves you even if you're not a metalhead.I have to say I am surprised when I noticed that its not number 1

This song is amazing how was it not on the list?! - heavymetalrocker777

Fkn amazing, how is this not higher?

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36 The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion

Great song underrated!

Why is this not #1?

That Intro... MY GOD!

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37 A Devil in God's Country

The lyrics to "A Devil In God's Country" are possibly some of the most psychologically dominatin and brutal Lamb Of God lyrics ever.

The guitar riff at the end...hypnotizing.

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38 Blood of the Scribe

Awesome, make the hairs on my neck stand up when I listen to it.

Brutality 101

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39 Contractor

This song is way better than it's current position. Even though it's about like blackwater it still reminds me of my Iraq days

love the intro and the lryics are amazing - LYmetal

34 the best lamb of god song

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40 Nippon UListen to Sample
41 Again We Rise

40! this on should be at least top 20

This one is awesome... Just love the riff mark morton plays in the middle and the way randy whispers...

Why this and For Your Malice are all the way at the back of the list is beyond me. Some of there best work to date!

Why is this here!
Come on guys this is one of their best.
"Again we rise"

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42 Engage the Fear Machine

How is this song this low?

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43 Foot to the Throat

Sorry but why is this so low? THIS SONG ROCKS!

Get this to the top 20 - EzzyEsbourne

Log are the most underrated metal bands ever - gemcloben

I love this song so much

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44 Break You

This position?

The best, why they did't go on this line?

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45 Guilty

Sorry but there is no way this should be 39! "Bound by the chain of lies that you've wrapped around you" is perfection, followed by the chuggy, intense "Waiting for the ghost to bite" section, this should be in at-least the top 20

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46 Delusion Pandemic

Awesome riffs and sick vocals! Gets me pumped up in the gym!

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47 For Your Malice

Hard to choose a "bad" log song. I chose For your Malice because even though the lyrics and guitar riffs are brutal as hell there is a sort of tone of sadness throughout the entire thing, you really feel like this vengeance is something that matters, and you can really feel randy's pain

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48 As the Palaces Burn

"Rejoice! The age of the fall has begun." That's all you should really need to put this in the top 10. This should be a heavy metal anthem, nay it should be THE heavy metal anthem.

This is the first song that I heard from lamb of god, and this song is awesome, good music video and good riffs!

2x yeh

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49 Another Nail for Your Coffin

The ending riff is a beast! - Olive855

Heavenly guitar work... Should be a lot up on list!

50 Remorse is for the Dead

Number 40?! No. I think the long, slow intro may hurt this song, but it is an incredible track, and contains one of the, if NOT the, best riffs and breakdowns during the whole ending sequence. It may not be my favorite LoG song and I'm only voting for it because of the lack of respect it has gotten on this list. This is a top-10 or top-5 LoG track, and yes I've listened to all of them!

Number 41? I think it is the best LoG song

Very very underrated. This song is amazing! - heavymetalrocker777

This is the best..

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