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41 Break You

This position?

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42 Delusion Pandemic

Awesome riffs and sick vocals! Gets me pumped up in the gym!

43 For Your Malice

Hard to choose a "bad" log song. I chose For your Malice because even though the lyrics and guitar riffs are brutal as hell there is a sort of tone of sadness throughout the entire thing, you really feel like this vengeance is something that matters, and you can really feel randy's pain

44 Another Nail for Your Coffin

The ending riff is a beast! - Olive855

Heavenly guitar work... Should be a lot up on list!

45 Nippon
46 Foot to the Throat

Sorry but why is this so low? THIS SONG ROCKS!

Log are the most underrated metal bands ever - gemcloben

I love this song so much

Get this to the top 20 - EzzyEsbourne

47 Guilty

Sorry but there is no way this should be 39! "Bound by the chain of lies that you've wrapped around you" is perfection, followed by the chuggy, intense "Waiting for the ghost to bite" section, this should be in at-least the top 20

48 Dead Seeds

Sick (if not a bit repetitive) bends get me jamming harder than any of their other work. Maybe not the most complex in terms of riffing but by god it's hype song for sure.

When I need to share with friends that I'm feeling awesome, I just say I'm feeling like track 8.

Holy crap why is this so low! THIS SONG ROCKS!

In My Opinion this is one of their best songs - Great Voacals, Guitars, Epic Bass and Of Course The Incredible Drumming From The Mighty Chris Adler.

"And You May Tremble Before Hells Gates, You may watch as the Heavens Fall"
Excellent Stuff, LOG is my Drug!

Simply aweseome so mutch power...!

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49 One Gun

Great breakdown in this song, it deserves to be higher.

This is my favorite doom

Very powerful lyrics. the deliverance scream is arguably one of randy's best screams.

50 512

One of the darkest songs ever! My hands are painted red, my future's painted black, I can't recognize myself, I've become someone else..."

I've only just started listening to lamb of god but this was the song that made me wanna keep listening to them

Possibly one of the best songs by Lamb of god...this song shows that those guys are still capable of good stuff

How the hell this song is 37th? easily top 5!

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51 As the Palaces Burn

"Rejoice! The age of the fall has begun." That's all you should really need to put this in the top 10. This should be a heavy metal anthem, nay it should be THE heavy metal anthem.

This is the first song that I heard from lamb of god, and this song is awesome, good music video and good riffs!

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52 Remorse Is for the Dead

Number 40?! No. I think the long, slow intro may hurt this song, but it is an incredible track, and contains one of the, if NOT the, best riffs and breakdowns during the whole ending sequence. It may not be my favorite LoG song and I'm only voting for it because of the lack of respect it has gotten on this list. This is a top-10 or top-5 LoG track, and yes I've listened to all of them!

Number 41? I think it is the best LoG song

Very very underrated. This song is amazing! - heavymetalrocker777

This is a top-5 LoG track I think...

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53 Nightmare Seeker (The Little Red House)
54 Fake Messiah

This is probably their Best song because of the drum and guitar. The lyrics is also very high quality and makes a lot of sense. Yeah! My favorite lamb of god song ever. Deserves a place on the top 10 best lamb of god songs

Men this is one of the best songs of log this should at the top 20 at least great vocals great drums great lyrics its underrated dude

Duude how can this song be so low! It's one of the best log songs ever! Along with Terminally Unique, Laid to Rest and Hourglass definitely one of my favorites!

55 Hit the Wall

Awesome song! Chris adler kills it! - nooreldeen

56 To the End

The Best Track In Their Recent Album. Great Tune, A Different material from Lamb of God. I would Suggest to try this song.
... LOG.

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57 The Undertow

Amazing piece of work, and really one of the most under appreciated LoG songs. I feel like songs like Redneck get way too much credit, when there are gems like this with astounding guitar riffs and powerful vocals that a lot of people glaze over. Definitely my favorite song by this band.

Clearly being underappreciated here at #43...

58 Terminally Unique

This song is cut from the same vein as "Walk with me in Hell" as far as feeling. The intro riff is my second favorite riff next to the incredibly nasty riff in "Hourglass"... You know the one laugh out loud.

Definitely the best they've made since Laid to Rest!

59 Embers

The collaboration with the Deftones is perfect. Nothing bad about this song.

The riffs

60 The Duke
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