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61 Visitation

This deserves to be higher on the list. I absolutely love the chorus. Evokes so many emotions..

Underrated just like the album it's associated with.

This song is so epic... Why is it so underrated?

62 Erase This
63 Straight for the Sun V 1 Comment
64 We Die Alone

Can't believe this one's so below the list! Amazing build-up and lead. Needless to say, CHRIS ADLER kills it!

65 Everything to Nothing

Amazing breakdown love it should be a lot higher

66 Torches

This song is amazing how was it not on the list?! - heavymetalrocker777

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67 Bloodletting
68 More Time to Kill
69 Digital Sands

This bonus-track from Resolution is incredible, lyrics and music are the best, can't wonder why it's only a bonus track... Don't miss it!

70 Confessional
71 Set to Fail

Epic song! Specially the intro, fast and satisfies my need for aggressiveness, the lyrics and the vocals are awesome, I'm proud to listen to such a band

God I love this song. The syncopated brutality that pours forth in the beginning is like a finely aged, 12 year old, scotch. Plus it has some of my favorite sounding Mark Morton solo work. Glad to see this song in the top 20.

Not no. 1, but definitely above a lot of others, if you can't bang your head to this, you might as well go start your time in hell now.

Defintely my favorite.

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72 The Number Six

This song is absolutely perfect, epic screams combined with lower voices from randy, has the best riff ever played by lamb of god, more than laid to rest or walk with me in hell! This should be top 3: 1-The Number Six, 2-Laid to Rest, and 3-Walk With me in Hell.

You be high on cocaine, this song should Be in the top 5!

Such an underrated thrasher from an equally underrated album...


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73 Goatfish
74 Cheated
75 Boot Scraper

People shouldn't forget about this amazing track. The lyrics are among the most memorable of the album.
"Compromise leads to self loathing. "

Every song from as the palaces burn need to been on the top 10... BUT NO, ONLY RUIN IS IN THE TOP 10

76 The Black Dahlia
77 Shoulder of Your God

This song is so underrated that lot of die hard log fans have never even heard of it. It has amazing lyrics, awesome vocals and guitar riffs that are so POWERFUL. Definitely one of their best songs ever.

78 Half-Lid (A Warning)
79 Dimera

An awesome song from the album burn the priest one of my favourites

80 512

One of the darkest songs ever! My hands are painted red, my future's painted black, I can't recognize myself, I've become someone else..."

I've only just started listening to lamb of god but this was the song that made me wanna keep listening to them

Possibly one of the best songs by Lamb of god...this song shows that those guys are still capable of good stuff

How the hell this song is 37th? easily top 5!

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