Breath of the Wild


THIS GAME IS NOT BETTER THAT OCARINA OF TIME. The reasons are plenty. Try to refute these FACTS (You can't). For the time that they released, let's compare the two:

Ocarina of Time:
+First 3D Zelda
+Molded the 3D action adventure genre
+It's impact was revolutionary
+It's basically ALTTP (Also better than BOTW) in 3D
+Perfect blend between openworld and linear
+Most memorable music, atmosphere, dungeons, bosses, characters, and items in the series
+Best buildup and development in the series
+Created lock on targeting
+Highest rated Zelda on Metacritic and Gamerankings, and is #1 on most top lists
+Best selling Zelda game, carried the N64
-Navi? (Even Navi is memorable, so can't think of any cons)

Breath of the Wild:
+Largest world in the series
+Voice acting
+New items the likes of which we've never seen
+Lots of time being entertained
-Does moderate number of new things for the series, but little for the genre (It's ...more

It looks fantastic, but don't vote for it until it's out! It would be stupid to call it the best of all time and then it isn't! Don't get me wrong, it could be great, and I can't wait to play it, but have a good basis to compare this game on before saying it's the best of all time!

This game has the best rendition of Hyrule ever created. You are completely free (meaning no "Hey! Look! Listen! " fairy to tell you where to go) to explore the massive open-world that is so dense with things to do that you'll never get bored. It also encourages discovery with the addictive cooking system. You just gather a bunch of ingredients and you'll have a lot of fun seeing what you can come up with! - thunderstar1124

It doesn't matter if the game just got released--it needs to move up this list ASAP. It's too damn good. It's the first time since Ocarina of Time where a Zelda game will very overtly and directly impact the rest of the video game industry and set new standards. Even Wind Waker, for how great that game is, didn't do that.

What I said is a complete understatement, this game is getting 10/10 from countless professional gaming reviewers and people are saying it's the greatest Legend Of Zelda game of all time without any hesitance. I can't wait to play it myself. - Rue

What the - why is this not at the top? Go on - give me your excuse. None of the top ten come close to this. At all. This game is amazing.

WHAT?! Hands down- I've tried tens of Zelda games in the past. I never got back to the game after a few hours of playing. This game just made me stay. It's fine if it isn't number 1, just let this be in the top 5, or TOP 10!

I wanted to hate this game for stealing Game of the Year from Persona 5 but when I started playing it I began to realize how awesome it was and how great all the other games are this game is AWESOME

One of the greatest video games you'll ever play period, the weapons, the characters, the vastness of it all, it's works so perfectly once you start playing, you'll never wanna put it down again.

Top 2 for sure. This game blows out almost any other game I've ever played. Fun, refreshing, challenging. Exploration and awesome character development! One of the best zelda games ever made.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is easily my most favorite Legend of Zelda game and it might even be my most favorite video game of all time because of how good and fun it is. - Rue

10/10 no questions asked. This NEEDS to be the top 2s. A game you must buy. The game is pretty much like minecraft or skyrim because its more of a open world (That part is like every Zelda game) that has survival with food, new swords, armor, and more. (That is different, although most Zelda games do have that.) This game is different because its like Hunger Games without players to kill. Just a big world to run around. get food, kill enemies, and go to temples. Must play game. 10/10

I saw a trailer and it will be called Breath of the Wild. - Skullkid755

I think that this is the most interesting of the Zelda series, this is the only one I actually got interested in.

Obviously the best legends of Zelda game out there. It's so fun to play and you can almost do anything. Very open gameplay.

Biggest, longest, and probably the best in the series other than Ocarina of Time. Brought me to the old days of OOT

Though I prefer Twilight Princess, I'm giving this a vote because it deserves top 5 - EddieVanHalen2001

Let's hope it lives up to Zelda fans' insatiable hype. - marmalade_skies

11? wow how is this not even in the top three. It's the best Zelda game. All you have to do is just look at it.

Not my favorite Zelda game, but I'm voting for it because it needs to be in the top 3. #11 is abysmal.

This is the only one I've played, are the other ones good cause this one reminds me of skyrim

My favorite Zelda game used to be Twilight Princess. But when I played this... I couldn't stop. - moore770

This game just came out, but I guarantee you it will be at the top of this list in no time. - Cadetickle

Have you ever heard of Jesus? Well he couldn't do as much as this game can, and he is Jesus! 10/10

Amazing. I'm going to review it, but yeah, this is not a game to miss out on. The world is gorgeous, and you can get distracted really easily and end up waaay of course. The combat is extremely hard, but it's really fun and there are a lot of ways rock approach a situation. I still prefer Majora's Mask, but this is my second favorite Zelda game. Review za comin', either tonight or tomorrow. - LarrytheFairy