Majora's Mask


Majora's Mask... By far the most complex, detailed Legend of Zelda, which helps it go a long way for me. Chills... I mean, seriously, CHILLS! Everything from the music to the story to the little details that are hard to notice and then the gameplay and the difficulty... The best game in the best series. Hard pick, but I think this deserves number one.

You are searching for your fairy partner from the last game Ocarina of Time when a possessed skull kid and his two fairys knock you out and steal your ocarina. You follow him to his lair and he turns you into a Deku Scrub when Tatl the fairy apologizes for what she did and she becomes your partner. You escape his lair and meet the happy mask salesman who owns Majoras Mask, and the skull kid stole it from him. He asks you to get it back and you say yes, but he only has three days left in Termina. You then find yourself in Clock Town, where you see that the moon will fall and crush everyone and it is up to you to stop it from falling. This game just kicks ass! It is by far my favourite Zelda game ever to be made. First of all, The music. I really liked this games music. Like the music for the Woodfall temple and the music for Clock Town are really fitting and the boss fight songs are very catchy. The dungeons, just great. They have great minibosses, amazing puzzles, and awesome bosses. ...more

This was a great game that went against quite a few classic tropes. While Link was on a quest to save the world, it always felt like you could not save everyone. You were on a time limit, the doomsday clock, which meant that you could not create a happy ending for everyone, just take what you need, reverse time and stop Majora. It really gave a foreboding and ominous feeling to the series that had been mostly unexplored. And on the subject of time, this was finally the game which had the villain actually enact his plan. Gone are the times where you could save the world later because you got to fish now. And while you can reverse time, it does it quite well, letting you only keep important items. And after you reversed time, all the good you did is undone, leaving you to shrug your shoulders and carry on without saving them.

This game had me obsessed way more than Ocarina of Time ever did. The dungeons are long for the right reasons (Ocarina of Time had too many floors in dungeons with bare puzzle solving. Majora's Mask has great puzzles), Termina had an interesting overworld to explore (Ocarina of Time felt bland and boring), the characters are very interesting (every character in Ocarina of Time felt forgettable), and there are plenty of side quests that were great (Ocarina of Time had very little side quests, most of which are bland and boring). I'm sorry, but I don't see how Ocarina is better. More revolutionary yes, but this game is better in nearly every single aspect ( the one exception probably being the main story. Ocarina definitely had the more active main quest, but this game's main quest plot was great to) (yes, even the soundtrack is better. I know there are some tunes reused from Ocarina, but most of these tunes are actually original)

To be honest this is one of the few (Very few) Zelda games I don't like. Too little dungeons (4), only one of those dungeons actually being good. The thing that killed it most for me was the Time limit. The idea of Zelda in the first place was to have an adventure, to explore. Not simply follow through a simple story, always having the same adventure having a set path, that crap's boring. It would pretty much be if in Pokemon you started off with 6 Pokemon, those are the only Pokemon you can have your entire run and you only get those Pokemon every single time you play through the game. No replay value, just a straight set path. It seems most people who actually think it's the best one are hipsters. Also I'm not saying it's the worst (Four swords and Phantom hourglass are the worst), but it's just not as good as people say it is. But that's just my unpopular opinion.

This game sucks! I have played lots of zelda games and this one deserves no spot on the list. You start out looking for the lost friend, who by the way is navi from ocarina of time who flies away mysteriously in the end, and they never say where she is. It can be fun but it is just an add on game. There are only about 4 dungeons and at least 100 mini quests. The graphics are worse than its predecessor ocarina of time and this game is newer. There should have been more temples and more challenge. Plus the happy mask salesman is looking for the most evil mask ever! Whats with that? Its evil. They should have made him a villain. Now for those of you who think I got stuck on the first temple and quit, I beat the game.

Majoras mask is by far my favorite zelda game. The greatest part about this game is that your not just saving a princess this time, your saving the world, from the moon. What's more awesome than that. Another great thing was the sidequests. They were the best of the whole series. This time you actually care about the minor characters, unlike some other predecessors, hint hint. It's not just do something for them and your done. You want to help these people. You want to save them from their demise. That's something that very few games have done. Another great thing is that the main antonigist isn't ganon for once. I don't want to reveal the final boss so I won't say anymore on that subject. I'll just say that it's someone that I think is even more evil than ganon. That says a lot. Moving on I'll talk about the moon. Yes, the moon. Did I mention that it would destroy the earth in 3 days. Maybe I did, maybe not, but it's going to happen. Many people don't like the 3 day timer, but I ...more

It's hardly a Zelda game. It's something better. It's a story about death and acceptance, but also about faith and love. The feelings the characters have when the third day is at its end are very realistic, and make you too want to sit in an angle and accept your fate, but... you're back. Even after the three days are over, you end back in the Clock Tower. Then you realize you can survive. You can change things. With the Song of Time and your skills at your hand, you can make things good and defeat the emotionless mask Majora. In the end, in the Moon, you start to wonder what Majora thinks and why is the inside of the Moon like that, but you're determinated to do it. It's an experience. Nobody can dislike it.

This is the best Zelda game, even better than OoT. I like how dark this game is. The villain wasn't an evil trying to conquer the world. It was a lone child who felt abandoned. The characters were better in my opinion than it previous games, and the mask collecting made it more diverse than your average Zelda game. I also like how it gives you 3 days to save the world, making it harder than other Zelda games. Majora's Mask just takes it all.

I could have easily chosen Minish Cap as my favorite, being that it was the first Zelda game I've played, but Majora's Mask does something that I really don't feel is games outside of the Zelda franchise. I felt like I mattered if I did every side quest there was, there was a huge reason to do everything you did. and Majora's Mask did that, and more. by adding the theme of death, you felt like you needed to do these things in this game

No other games matches the incredible idea of Majora's Mask. There is a moon going to kill everyone, you get masks to enhance your abilities, amazing side-quests and so on. My only minor complaint is that you only have 3 days to save the Earth. If Majora's Mask didn't have the 3 day mechanic, then I would love Majora's Mask even MORE. This game is far too superior. My favourite Zelda game of all time and my favourite game of all time.

This should definitely be in the top 3 and without a doubt higher than wind waker and twilight princess in my opinion. Although it was very frustrating at times, the story was great and the overall incorporation of time made players care about saving the characters in it. The soundtrack was amazing and the temples were great. Overall, an exceptional game and definitively a top 2 Zelda game for me - athletes21

Originally, this game was created because one of the producers didn't want a remake of Ocarina of Time. He was given a year to make a new Zelda for the N64, and its story line is surprisingly deep and haunting. And it's just so... Sad. While it's very short and lots of elements from Ocarina of Time are recycled there, the side-quests and plot nearly blows it out of the water.

Such a different game. No other Legend of Zelda game feels like this one and that's why it's my favorite. Similar to Ocarina of Time but such a more deep story and the whole mask system is an either love or hate thing but they're very fun to try and get them all. So much exploration. Extremely underrated and was and still is overshadowed by Ocarina of Time unfortunately.

The moon with a face will crush termina with in 3 days. But to stop it you have to help some creepy guy that snaps between emotions can make a organ appear out of thin air play a creepy songs that turns you into a human gives you a mask that turns you into a tree, a fish, a rock guy, a badass version of link, a giant and of course a stone once all masks collected get another creepy mask from some kid that has a pumpkin head and you win the game. Oh yea and the greatest love story ever is in it. AND THAT IS FUN TO ME SOMEHOW

I rarely call anything great, let alone perfect, but that's what this game is. This game has so many things to do that apply to all gamers. Emotional side quests, a gorgeous over world, challenging dungeons, and the mask system. Oh my Mew, the mask system. You're going to spend a long time before you get all twenty side masks, and once you do, the reward is well worth it. I recommend this game EVERYONE ahead of any other Zelda game. Sorry, fanboys.

majora's mask is my favorite. it a very good plot and one the best out of them all besides ocarina of time
- lucario411

This game is great, creative and... Dark. The moons face, the mask itself and the tension of the final hours. These factors make the game outstanding and it should be number 2. Some people hate the 3 day cycle but I love it. It builds up the tension and that dark feeling of a doomed land even more!

How do lots of people think that Ocarina of Time is better? I mean it's an awesome game but Majora's Mask is more superior (I don't mean objectively). Majora's Mask can basically do things Ocarina of Time can and more! The main game may be short, but you can keep playing the side quests!

It's in my top 5 games of all time so I definitely believe it deserves the #1 spot. Just a once in a life time experience Majora Mask is a epic and masterpiece. - Heatnix23

Definitely the best Zelda. Everyone says that OoT pioneered the way, and it did. But OoT didn't have the character quality, story line, and graphics that Majora's Mask had. Definitely an under appreciated Zelda game, but the best in my eyes.

Oot is really overrated, sure, majora's mask is basically oot with a new story, but it does the whole dark atmosphere so great! It's such a sad, dark story that it makes you care about the characters of Termina. The song of healing is a new addition to the songs you can play on the ocarina, and it's ominous and depressing. This game is simply amazing, if you haven't played this game, you must.

Some might hate this game because it is different but that is NOT bad this is what I have to say about this game. This game is one of the best in the series. Well I first played this off the Wii shop channel when it was still up and I got it for 1000 Wii points and when I played it I was like "Inf Newt az goods as Oakarina Off Tim" (I know proper English...). I didn't like this game for awhile But one day I just went back I would have called myself a noob at the game. I would turn back in to human link at the beginning of the game and then said "What do I do" But One Day I went back. I explored and had a good time I thought to myself "Ocarina of time is good but Marjora's Mask is a AMAZING game! " I got 1/4 of the masks until I got the N64 Holo graphic cart It is cool! I soon got all the masks and beat the game 100% on Christmas break. The masks are AWESOME (most of them...) they give link cool powers he can become a Deku scrub,Goron,Zoro and that's it... ...more

The story behind this game makes it the best in the series alone. Not only does it hide so many subliminal messages, it teaches the player an incredible amount about death and grief. This game, for me anyway, is the best game ever created.

This game is so better than Twilight Princess. Unlike Twilight Princess, which tried way too hard to be dark, this didn't really try that hard, and one of the darkest games I have ever played.