Skyward Sword


Skyward Sword is definitely the best legend of Zelda game for so many different reasons. It was one of the first and pretty much the last game to use the wii motion plus successfully and brilliantly, which unlocked a tonne of new innovative puzzles and fighting styles that you don't find in any other Zelda game. Second of all, they added the stamina bar into it, which not only unlocked new puzzles that you can't find in other Zeldas, but it just sped the process of getting from place to place up, and it allowed you to climb higher things, get away from fights if you needed to, and you didn't have to roll around to speed up anymore. Also the art style is awesome, mixing the cell shaded light style from windwaker with the adult-realistic style of twilight princess was the perfect combination, although others may disagree. Additionally the flying through the air went brilliantly with the motion controls. The storyline was also just spectacular, it was one of the first legend of Zelda ...more

This is my least favorite Zelda game with Breath of the Wild second least favorite, though BOTW was actually good, SS just sucks. It's not a Zelda game, I don't know who at Nintendo thought to crank out this type of story and slap Zelda's name on it, but this is not Zelda. Zelda has never been this emotional of a series. It had way more crying scenes than any Zelda game has ever had, it had too much focus on lovey-dovey romance than a Zelda game even had with its cast.

I mean, why make a Zelda game so emotional to even make the protagonist cry a bit? Why make Zelda cry tears of joy at the end? I don't understand why people cry tears of joy of all tears. Why are people insulting Link and pushing him off cliffs in this game? Link is my favorite character and in this game, he's a butt-monkey, insulted by Scrapper, insulted by Impa, insulted by Groose etc.. and they made Link a bit too mean in this game. I don't think Zelda has that many characters insulting each other.

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Way too underrated. People blame the motion controls for being unresponsive and flawed, but I personally had no problem with it. It enhanced the game, making it a whole lot more immersive. The dungeons were all just fabulously designed. And oh, the story gave a satisfying backstory to the Zelda timeline and was just masterfully crafted. Upgrades were a great addition, along with the extensive collectible items. Unlike Twilight Princess, bug catching was actually really fun! The over world wasn't too sparse and condensed a lot of content into all the areas. And it was just so much fun riding about in the sky, into the thunderhead, exploring. The goddess cubes were such a good idea, connecting up the surface and the sky (in my opinion better than wind waker sea charts). Skyward Sword is just a game made very well, even though it had flaws. But then again, all games have flawed LIKE OCARINA OF TIME AS WELL!

By far the best Zelda out there. The others are all great, of course, but the way this one is presented is just unbelievable. The highlight of the game for me so far (I'm at the part where you have to obtain the third sacred flame) was getting the second sacred flame. That part alone was like an entire lesser game unto itself. The puzzles were amazing, it derived from the standard "Zelda formula" and it was just really innovative. Skyward sword destroys ocarina of time

This game is a great Zelda game because it can be hard but not too hard and it shows more of Link and Zelda and how they are linked. There are new and inventive enemies which I wish were brought back in more Zelda games but not just in Hyrule Warriors, in a game that they won't just be a minor character. Also, the title is one of the most inventive and this game has some of the most heart touching moments, or at least to me they were.

I'm updating the last message saying the game is now out and I'm about 1 fourth of the way through and it is just truly amazing. This game should be up there with Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. And if you ever get to play the game you'll see what I mean.

Absolutely incredible. Not only the single greatest Zelda game, but one of the greatest games overall. The story is amazing, the gameplay is perfect, and the whole game is the best possible prequel to the rest of the series. Why in the world is this only at #4? How is Twilight Princess better than this game? This game deserves much more than that!

This was the first one I ever played and I absolutely LOVED it. When I finished it I instantly wanted more of the Zelda series. I know it might not be the best because I haven't played any others yet, but still, it's pretty awesome. The puzzles are great and not like any other wii game I've played, and I thought the way you fought enemies was very clever. You have to figure out the openings and attack them there.

When I got a Wii, I got Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess for free as an offer. As I didn't know this series before, I tried to avoid playing it, but soon I took Skyward Sword and hours laters, I was hooked on it. The story is awesome, the controls are usually smooth, with occasional hiccups here and there, but the main thing that made me love this franchise, what was simply perfect, the SOUNDTRACK. Holy, after I stopped playing I went on YouTube and was listening to the Ballad of the Goddess for HOURS!

I like skywards sword, considering this game is the prequel of the Zelda series timeline, which it explain how the master sword is created and show link and Zelda reincarnated over the other generation of the Zelda series and it shows ganondorf's birth origins (due to ganondorf was created in hatred by demise)

A game that forces you to get involved with the Zelda universe. You just feel like you are in it, instead of just playing it. The motion controls were my favorite: I could feel the action. They enhanced my experience.The character development was just great! You could really get to know Link, Zelda and even Ghirahim. Also the puzzles were a great challenge, which made them very appealing to me.

Skyward Sword was just a very well done game, with a touching story. My personal favorite.

Skyward Sword is the best not even the best loz game but the best game of all time in general in this game I actually cared about Zelda as a npc and Fi was actually helpful this deserves the place for #1 Link isn't some kid who just follows orders you do what ever you want + The dungeons are almost impossible without guides:) the graphics are beast and they skyward strike smites all in its path I would definitely keep playing over and over again this is my all time favorite even over Ocarina Of Time. Play this game and your world will stop and reverse just to play again.

Incorrect! It has now came out and I would like to say I have beat this Zelda game and it will be very memorable because for the first time it has you feel like you are link slashing your sword. Because of the Wii motion plus, this Zelda game will be one that you can't forget.

When I was a kid, and I first played Ocarina of Time, it was such a great experience, that I thought no other game could beat it. Then in 2011, Skyward Sword came out and I fell in love. I liked this game even more than Ocarina of Time. This is a truly amazing game. Every Zelda fan should play it.

I think this is the most epic Zelda because you can fight in a really awesome world with some cool characters, such as the princess Zelda. It is also the first on the timeline which is awesome. Bombs and the bow are just as awesome as the other ones.

This is my 3rd favorite game of ALL TIME! And for a pretty good damn reason. I love Legend of Zelda so much, and this is my favorite game for the series, I only finished it 6 weeks ago, and I miss it so much! And at the end of this masterpiece knew I would miss it, so just before beating Demise to the pulp, ran round Skyloft one more time, revisited the three dragons (What happened to Din? ) while of course prancing through the 3 worlds, as well as flying through the Thunder Head once more (Never has riding Levias been so enchanting and awesome) and never has stabbing a Final Boss been so satisfying. This beautiful game deserves to be in the Top 3 - 5! This game needs so much more love than Twilight Princess or A Link To The Past. But I respect your decision either way. I LOVE THIS GAME TO BITZ! Me 12 years old and already making his top 10 fave video games!

This game is plain awful. There's too many side quests and it takes time from the fighting, dungeons, etc. I HATE the graphics of the game, OOT is way better then that and it was released like 13 years earlier. Fi is plain out annoying and she'll explain things that were already explained just a scone earlier! The story line is annoying, the only part I like about this game that it fits the timeline of some Zelda games. This game is the WORST Zelda game EVER!

Most people hate on this because hating on it is "the cool thing to do." It is actually a near perfect, if not perfect game. I mean come one, you are telling me that all 30+ reviewers that gave it a 10/10 at release were high or something? Just no. I'm fine with people hating on this game if they have a good argument but no one really does. "It is linear." Just like every other 3d Zelda. "Fi is annoying." Yet she has more character development than Navi. No one is going around saying Ocarina of Time has Navi 0/10. But people are doing that for Skyward Sword. But I guess that it is just the Zelda Cycle.

I love some things about this game, and hate others, but I must say it's really grown on me. I loved the idea of upgrading, and flying was lots of fun. Ghirahim was a great villain. I also loved the ancient cistern, and the sandship. The music was nice, and the graphics were fine.

The game is so good I regret trading in my Wii sometimes. Most Emotional Zelda game to date, the quest to find Zelda is better than the rest since in this one Zelda is an actually well developed character, plus it's the star of all Zelda. Greatest Zelda Game Hands Down!

This is the best of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess combined! Great colorful characters, vibrant vast locations, the most engaging story in a Zelda game since Majora's mask, decent yet new combat system that was engaging, and overall my favorite Zelda game

If I were to describe this game in one word, it would be fun. This game is pure fun to play. Vote for Skyward Sword.

This game is really amazing. The story is fantastic and you get a powerful bond with the characters. You really feel like you're the hero and that you have a mission to complete. I don't understand why this game gets so much hate, skyward sword is amazing.

My personal favorite Zelda game! It has my favorite incarnation of link, Ghirahim is just fabulous, the music is great, and I love the graphics for this game, it really makes the colors pop. Really just all around an awesome game.

I think this game is not the best but really guys this game needs to be in the top three it is really good and Zelda is in the game more than I expected I think it is one of the best Zelda games besides ocarina I think it is better than some of those games