Twilight Princess


An underrated game (Wind Waker can't be better). It has best soundtrack of the franchise thanks to Twilight Symphony. Midna is the best character in the franchise even with Link. Best dungeons with Ocarina of time. The best story because of it's depth and complexity (little plot holes are inevitable), the best overworld for it's time (not as empty as other games), combat and puzzles until Breath of The Wild. Twilight Princess is really an adventure, initially started slow and it took speed (a little rushed moment's are forgivable, too much preasure in development as Majora's Mask but the efforts were payoff). Finally, Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are the most emotional games. So hard to choose between that 2

I played first Link to the past, after: Ocarina of time (every Zelda game after is better), Twilight princess, Wind Waker (This game aged well in graphics but not very in Gameplay, storytelling). Currently playing Majora's Mask and Skyward sword get's too much hate ...more

One of the greatest games of all time. Not quite as good as Ocarina of time, but definitely had the same sorta "sandbox" feel to it. Not to mention 30 hours, Amazingly memorable characters. And a touching story.

I think this game (the original developed version for the Gamecube), Majora's Mask, Ocarina of time and breath of the wild are the best games of the series because of their quality and long time of development (except MM, but that game is a Masterpiece because it was made in ONE YEAR!).

Twilight Princess (TP): the pinnacle of the classic Zelda formula (after this game, the formula was getting old and pale). Best Dungeons (maybe tied with Ocarina) and best developed character in the franchise (Midna). The reception of Breath of the Wild showed that Skyward Sword did a step back for the franchise (lack of a Open World and unresponsive control).

Majora's Mask (MM): tries a very different story, and also the best in the franchise, the plot allowed equally developed characters that had depth (other Zelda games failed in that). People may say that Witcher 3 is game better at side quests than a Zelda game but they don't know that MM did that in the year 2000.

Ocarina of ...more

My favorite Legend of Zelda game. In my opinion, this is better then Ocarina of Time. Don't get me wrong, Ocarina of Time was phenomenal but this was a tiny bit better. I mean the dungeons are much longer then Ocarina, the bosses are more awesome, the game is longer (it will give you about 60-70 hours of gameplay), although I will admit that Ocarinas soundtrack is better. But the point is, I think that Twilight Princess is better than Ocarina. - mtndew37

This game has really good graphics along with a good story line. This is one of the first Zelda games where you actually see what Link looks like kind of as a person. Besides the fact he is left handed and they changed it for the Wii game, it is still awesome.

This is the best game ever nevermind just the best Zelda game. It's not my favourite ever that's super Mario 64 but this is the best game ever made it is sheer art and you can see the hours Nintendo must of poured into this. They must of come up with everything they could possibly coming up to. A lot of people slate this game. People were moaning for a more dark realistic Zelda game Nintendo give it us and people still moan? Yes it is like ocarina of time but how is that bad? It expands on it it's the ultimate Zelda game. Nintendo was lucky however that they did not dry it out because it clocks up to 30 hours + just to complete the game. But the story told is epic only problem id say is ganandorf not coming into it a bit sooner as zant seems the main bad guy then all of a sudden it's ganandorf. But still best game ever made pure art and delicate care by the masters Nintendo!

I might be slightly biased, as this was the first Legend of Zelda game I played and nostalgia and such, but this game is a work of art. In my opinion, it has the best art, music, and story. The game itself was challenging, but not impossible. It is a very atmoshperic game and I think that they really emphasized the free-world mechanics in this game especially. The side-quests were all very unique and all tied into the story somehow and some made the game easier. I have played this game well over ten times and somehow I never get bored of it. Just writing this review is making me want to go play it again. Twilight Princess was the Zelda game which I got most immersed into the story and characters.

Good to see that Twilight Princess is well received on this list! To be honest, this Zelda game felt like I was exploring a side of Zelda (game series, not character) I never knew. The graphics were phenomenal, the gameplay incredible, the puzzles original, the enemies & bosses creative, and the storyline truly a masterpiece! It's sad to see how some people criticize this game. Is it a darker version of Ocarina of Time? I suppose. Is that a bad thing? Not in the least! If anything, it was just as good!

This unique and iconic Zelda game is one of the best in its franchise. Filled with dark, gloomy settings to describe the hard adventures before Link, the amazing protagonists (Midna, prepare to be in the center of the spotlight), and the fun story that ties with the game makes it all more fun. Not only is Twilight Princess an open world (seriously, walking would take forever! ) but you always get that bolt on your spine saying, "I'm scared of what is coming. Do I have to? " Yeah, playing the game is oh so incredible. Twilight Princess HD is coming March 4, 2016 and I'lol be the type waiting in line for a year, just to get one copy (or more! ) of that game. It is the #1 game ever created!

This game did everything right, it looks amazing, the characters are amazing, the combat it the best it has ever been, it was probably the coolest twist on the "classic" Zelda story adding in the twilight, zant, and midna who is the best companion in any Zelda hands down. The dungeons were a good fun challenge, and the overworld was big and great looking and the music was amazing too. I really don't see any big complaint anyone could have about this game other than irrelevant small things

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is one of the greatest Zelda games ever. Its darker and cooler than all the others, with way better graphics. The story and sound is amazing. Unlike usual, Zelda is not a princess in distress. Midna is one of the most amazing characters ever. The fact that you can change into a wolf whenever you want is AMAZING! The other two greatest games of Zelda are Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time.

It is the ultimate Zelda game, it improves upon the ocarina of time formula in every way, while still offering its own unique mechanic (wolf-link). It had perhaps the best companion of the series in the face of midna. Subsequent Zelda games just relied on the tried and true Zelda formula, while twilight princess perfected it. There's still no Zelda game that surpassed it. The new Zelda for Wii you has a lot to prove.

Twilight Princess is an amazing zelda game with its breath taking graphics to its touching and epic storyline. The dungeons are great and some of the best in the zelda series. The boss fights are epic and entertaining in the way you have to beat them. The story is amazing with some the best moments in the zelda series. Overall Twilight Princess is an amazing zelda game and is one of the best in the series.

Even though I have played nearly all 3D Zelda's, there is no other entry in the series I like as much as this one (except maybe the Wind Waker). When you ask me, 'what's new about this Zelda? ', I will answer: Nothing much. It is darker (hurray! ), it has a more in depth story, but overall, it is quite like other Zelda games in a way. This is, however, not a bad thing. What Twilight Princess does well is to have great dungeons, a great art style, and a sense of epicness that you can only get by riding Epona through a field as vast as Twilight Princess' Hyrule Field. Add in some good side characters, some nice side quests, and a wolf you get a pretty solid entry in the series. Not new, but solid, and above all fun nonetheless.

A great game and story if you want to make a good impression of this game try this particular one also has the best graphics of them all and since your remote is in your hand you feel like your link it's epic. To pass it's the first time it takes about 50-70 hours if you've played its about 30-40 hours my quickest is 31:23 hours. I recommend this to you if you like good story line, action, and quest.

This game entranced me from the beginning. As I played through it I realised how beautiful and vast hyrule was. It was one of few video games that have really affected me emotionally, and the final battle against ganondorf sword against sword is amazing. I prefer this game even to the legendary ocarina of time, and that's saying something.

I have played all zelda games chronologically, excluding the NES ones and the portable games after Link's Awakening. And if anyone says this one is not the best than you're not being objective. Skyward is close second followed. Lots of people claim Ocarina is the best but they are just being nostalgic. Make no mistake Twilight is as good as it gets... So far.

So amazing. I'm left absolutely speechless. The music was fantastic. Personally I loved Midna. I'm normally quite critical about games but in this one no negative comments. Wow, is all I can say. If you're thinking of getting a legend of zelda game or any game in fact buy this one. It should be number one, I'm astounded it isn't.

I loved Twilight princess. Great dungeons, Epic boss fights. The cave of ordeals was very difficult (the second time). I didn't like playing as the wolf, It got better as the game went on. I think 2nd place seems fitting. Also I like to say the art animation in this game suited my gaming taste. Plus the massive inventory you gain throughout the game.

This should be number 1. Though I agree that Ocarina of Time is revolutionary and amazing, I find it rather overrated. Before everyone starts running at me with pitchforks, please just think about it first. Twilight Princess, however, has amazing graphics, a great story, and some cool (but some annoying) characters.

One of my first memories that I remember is walking downstairs to my dad shooting keese with his bow in Twilight Princess. I grew up with this game and it is just such a great storyline not to mention the great characters. I am mainly talking about Midna here by the way. I love Twilight Princess and I like it better then all the other Zelda games I have played combined. I have played many popular zelda games. I have played Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, Triforce Hero's (though Triforce Hero's stinks I hate it), and of course Twilight Princess. So don't you guys think I am not a Zelda fan because I am! I have played every game I could get my hands on that were for the game systems I have which are the ds, Wii, and Switch. I am a huge legend of Zelda fan and I honestly like Twilight Princess the best. Sorry if you think they tried too hard to be scary or whatever you annoying haters think but to be honest this game sent shivers down my spine at several ...more

Best game ever! I love it! If you ever happen to go. Totes tore and see this game I would buy it. I have ten hearts and just beat the snow dungeon. A pro a bout this game is the bosses some of them are easy enough for a six year old to beat. This game is great for kids and adults. In my opinion it should be number one! #Love It!

This is Legend of Zelda for adults... This game was dark, it had amazing graphics, smooth controls, an amazing story, and great action... Plus it had an amazing concept ( needing to transform into a wolf for certain parts of the game)... The only other legend of game quite like it are Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time.

Twilight Princess is an amazing game due to many reasons. The challenges, gameplay, puzzles, and last but not least characters (I am looking at you Midna) is very delightful to the game. Though, I gotta to say, this game appeals to the more mature audience though it is still unforgettable.

Personally, this was my first Legend of Zelda game and has remained my favorite after all these years. It has some of the best graphics in the series and has a well thought out story line. With the Twilight realm and turning into a wolf, the game has many different dimensions.