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Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of.


GIRATINA is a awesome Pokemon that's what I felt and as for Arceus would you feel surprised if a legendary Pokemon gave birth to Arceus and if the one that gave birth to Arceus was a female Pokemon surprisingly but if the Pokemon destroying around it and Arceus then overthrowed the Pokemon and locked it away and if took help of GIRATINA, Dialga and Palkia for example and if Arceus didn't tell about the Pokemon who gave birth to him/her because it was a sensitive subject. And if like had one Pokemon represent in ways opposites even represent evil and if the Pokemon was purified and defated in battle for example the evil would been set free and if Arceus barley could even hurt his/her mother and if he/she deep down felt he couldn't kill his/her mother if that was why he /she locked his/her mother away and then created one Pokemon to represent evil as replacement would you find it surprising. But if it werent true what I said before would you find it creepy if like GIRATINA mated with ...more

Arceus thinks Giratina is aggressive and locks him up. That's so wrong! Arceus thought Giratina being agressive towards other Pokemon makes other Pokemon think Giratina is evil and useless. That was double wrong! I have proof! In Giratina and the Sky Warrior, Giratina fainted on the shore. All the Pokemon of the forest came because they're worried about Giratina. Even Ash said, "Hey, Giratina, Shaymin saved you! Look, everyone is worried about you! " WHAT IS ARCEUS THINKING?! THE ANTIMATTER GOD IS NOT A THING TO MESS WITH

What why is giratina not number one?!?! Sure I love Mewtwo as much as the next guy but giratina is the most violent, evil looking legendary out there! Screw arceus, giratina's so bad ass arceus had to banish him

Giratina is always in my team as his moves and typing cover a large portion of my needs. He also has what I think is the best theme ever in the entire series and a cry that sounds as sinister as he looks!
Long story short, Giratina is my favourite legendary and 4th favourite Pokemon.

Let's face it. Giratina is better than Arceus in my opinion. It's HP and Defensive stats make it the best spinblocker in the entire game, especially when it has Leftovers. My Giratina has 450 HP. Not as good as Blissey's HP stat total, but still a lot of HP.

Why The heck is Giratina 6? He Can Kick Rayquaza's Ass.Rayquaza Can't Even TOUCH Giratina If He Uses Shadow Force.Giratina Can also Defeat Mewtwo,Arceus and Lugia Easily! Should Be number 1!

When I first heard of Giratina when I was a kid, I thought it was extremely frightening. It's not only good in looks, but it can learn a variety of moves to combats enemies. And it can change form, not a very common legend feature.

You realize giratina completely dwarfs dialga, Lugia, and mew, right? His stats are far better. If one of them defeated him then it was either an unfair match due to levels, a wild giratina using random moves of its, or had an incompetent trainer.

Giratina was my first ever legendary Pokemon, and I remember him (or her) as the best of the best. With it's signature move, Shadow Force, it can break through even the moves detect and protect. It also looks so cool!

Giritina is awesome, I agree with a person on the Mewtwo comments, the 2nd to top comment, but on this one: He Is A Killer. Had Its Own Movie. Made Ash Cry. Can't Beat That.

Giratina is great with stats moves and he look like a badass. Not to mention he has two forms which both can be very good. But I think Giratina deserves to stay where he is because he's good but all above him are better. Still Giratina is great and is my favorite legendary

Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Shadow Force, Draco Meteor and Outrage.
Make it learn any four from five of those moves and it is unstoppable.
Giratina is the best out of the Creation Trio and the best dragon/ghost type there is. It has control over antimatter and the Distortion World. It's even powerful enough to take on Arceus as seen in the anime versions. It's the best Legendary Pokemon ever.

Giratina was my first legendary pokemon caught without a master ball. I got him and leveled him to level 100 and traded him to black and white. He is amazing. HE SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!

When I first played through platinum it got me through the elite four and the champion. This is a very powerful to begin with so Pokemon decided to give it levitate in its origin form. This will stomp on every thing in its path!

Giratina is the only duel ghost and dragon type, and because of its ghost typing, it can't even take ice attacks, and fairy doesn't do much either. It may not be that's strong, but can take down tanks like Mewtwo and others like that.

The only Ghost - Dragon type ever, it has two forms, the origin form being a snake like creature, and altered form, being a six - legged dragon with wings.

Why isn't this pokemon number 1. Oh I know why it's because no one knows giratina is the DEVIL OF ALL POKEMON! He was banished to the underworld same thing as god banishing the devil to hell.

I think Giratina is very cute. She's also super powerful! Shadow Force is also fun to watch... AND SHE CAN LEARN AURA SPHERE?! I am so happy to see a ghost type learning Aura Sphere!

Garatina can kill any thing in the real world because he can just pop the bubbles in his world or create a unstoppable glacier run down a mountain with ease he beat the crap out of dialga who can control time how is he not third you may ask.

Because platinum needs a remake and everyone just thinks that rayquaza because of the new game..

Although it was supposed to be stronger than Dialga but Dialga's got the Roar Of Time move

Awesome. Can disappear with shadow force, attack through protect with shadow force, and is unstoppable. I have shadow force, dark pulse, dragon pulse, and iron tail.

GIRATINA's shadow force is a powerful attack which brokes protect and detect. Also, GIRATINA is ghost type which means that you can't do fight, normal and psychc attacks because these attacks are not effective to ghost type pokemons! GIRATINA ROCKS!

It is a ghost dragon pokemon with shadow force which vanishes and the foe's attack misses and it can learn dragon moves like dragon rush and draco meteor which make it a killer

Giratina is the best of all of I know and its huge than bigger than huger than ever Pokemon them seen you all crazy people

Best by far. Also notice how Giratina, Dialga and Palkia are all gen 4 Pokemon and are the closest to the top of the list in terms of a complete set/trio. Best gen, best legends