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Forget all those people who only give a crap about rayquaza and arceus, lugia is better. First has greater achievements. Ok which is better... One flap of your wings to make a 40 day storm AND stopping 3 legendary birds that if continued fighting would destroy the world or a scream to stop 2 legendarys one of which created the seas. Rayquaza is a frikin idiot. They could have made the world bigger. And arceus being the ancestor of all pokemon is a LIE! Mew is the true one. This was no contest, besides rayquaza could get WAXED kyreum just like how arceus is the definition of the word cheap and still can't take more than 3 aura spheres from mew or mewtwo. Long story short arceus and rayquaza are just mad overrated

I have played through Pokemon Soulsilver over eight times, trying out as many different team combinations as I could. Each time I encountered Lugia, I wash it with a rush of nostalgia. I remembered "Pokemon 2000" so vividly, and would think about one of the series's best pieces, "Lugia's Song." And it's not like all it has was the amazing movie and theme going for it, but it also is amazing on the battlefield. Being very bulky and having access to recover, it truly isn't anything to be taken lightly.

I have four moves on lugia... Aeroblast, hydro pump, fly, and recovery. He has such high defense that it takes multiple hits to kill him. Once lugia gets close to fainting I just use recover and it restores about 80% of his hp. I keep repeating this cycle and it makes my lugia almost impossible to take down. Using lugia is almost unfair. Whenever I play with friends I have to limit what moves I use just to make it even. This is even when my friends have a full party of level 100's. Lugia is virtually unstoppable and is the best pokemon. Period!

COME ON LUGIA IS THE BEST POKEMON EVER! It's an epically powerful Psychic and flying type, AND it's the RULER OF THE SEA! So he can learn the BEST water type moves too! It has to live underwater to control it's POWER! AND IT SAVED THE WORLD! LUGIA for the win!

This list was accurate because arceus and mewtwo are the first strongest but lugia is the third. His stats prove so. Tied with ho oh but because of his move pool is better. I mean if there would be third type he would be water. Cause he has some great moves. He also has the third best stats... EVER. I wish you could learn 5 or 6 moves cause I always need hydro pump, sky attack and psychic. If I had a few more choices aeroblast, future sight, and dragon rush would make him so powerful

The first time I saw Lugia from Alpha Sapphire on Serebi.Net, I thought he looked cool and was sad that since I owned Omega Ruby only at the time, that I can only get Ho-Oh and not Lugia. Lugia became my favorite legendary and favorite pokemon in the longshot when I got Alpha Sapphire and captured him at Sea Mauville in the underwater engine room. Lugia is no doubt, awesome. He may of done some bad stuff, but after all that, he hid himself underwater so he could not harm any more pokemon/humans. Lugia could beat Ho-Oh by using any high power water move like Hydro Pump. Besides, Lugia has a better and cuter design then Ho-Oh. If you don't believe me, go look up the little Lugia from the show/anime called Silver. In fact I am ordering a rare tall Lugia plush soon

Beautiful, mysterious, and a song that touches the soul, no other legendary matches the pure strength and grace that is Lugia.

The only legendary I used through Soul Silver after obtained it. I also obtained all the other legendaries, but Lugia is the one I like the most. I like Articuno, Moltres, and Mewtwo too, but Lugia is really cool, beautiful and strong.

Lugia is the result of graphic designers actually getting it right! An awesome looking pokemon with great capabilities and an awesome movie to it's name.
Now tell me how Lugia isn't number 1?

He is the guardian of the Ocean. He can flood the world if he wanted by not taming "the beast of the sea" can stand up to 3 legendary birds, can recover in seconds, can form an impenetrable barrier, can fight in the air, on the land or in the ocean showing incredible versatility, has great psychic prowess as it's ableton community through thoughts, can literally make a water tornado in a matter of seconds.

Lucia is AMAZING. He can cause hurricanes, floods and is a pretty powerful Pokemon. I have a level 100 Lugia named Silver, and the would be the same without her. It's almost like a great companion that can cause massive destruction.

My all time favorite Pokemon Lugia it looks so awesome I have Pokemon Soulsilver and I have Lugia LV 100 it beat the elite four Lugia owns everybody its stronger than Chuck Norris Lugia can beat the crap out of Mewtwo it's so cool I'm glad Gamefreak made Lugia the mascot of Pokemon Soulsilver yeah Lugia it's so strong.

Lugia has the same ability mew two does using a psychic Sheild to block attacks and it's wings are so powerful it creates storms that can last 40 days. It's so powerful it can't go above the ocean. It took on 3 other legendary pokemon and won. Plus it is easily the most loved. The entire pokemon world came to its aid traveling thousands of miles to give it help. If lugia went toe to toe with rayquaza lugia would win simply on power and cunning alone lugia would simply block rayquazas attacks using his psychic shield.

Lugia is the star of generation two, the gen with the most compelling story and greatest designs in my opinion. Most Pokemon from older gens either get forgotten or revamped to keep up, but Lugia's solid defenses have kept it relevant throughout the ages. Plus, come on, how awesome was Pokemon the Movie 2000?

A VERY impressive Pokemon on all fronts, ESPECIALLY his strength. Though I thought Magikarp would be in the Top 5 (at least), I am not surprised this Pokemon is up there too. He/she/whichever it is at the time is IMPRESSIVE through it's strength, power, and background.

Lugia stopped war between 3 legendary birds and is ranked 5? What kind of logic is that? LUGIA IS THE RULER OF THE OCEAN, BRINGER OF STORMS AND LIKES SINGING. I mean what's not to like? Not to mentions its baby is so cute!

Lugia is epic its wings looks like big arms it can punch you and fly with them at the same time. definitely the coolest legendary Pokemon of all time. But I guess I gets a little of my love for him from Pokemon silver, being my first Pokemon game and making me love the series ever since

One of the biggest arguments in pokemon is who do you like more Lugia or Ho-oh? Lugia hands down! I never got the chance to use a Lugia but just by looking at it, I know that its an awesome pokemon!

This Pokemon can kick any others ass! Keep voting on him and make him number one! He could kill Mewtwo if he wanted to! Believe it!

It's The greatest Legend I've ever seen, its entry is like a tornado of water which can speed up to the velocity of 200 miles per hour. Isn't that awesome entry at 200 m/ph! Besides it is the gaurdian of the Ocean - The largest body on Earth.

Many reasons-
- Powerful yet docile.. Despite his amazing power Lugia comes across as a very timid Pokemon. I like that.. He shows his power no doubt put he is not in your face with it like some. I would argue he is the strongest Pokemon... His Aeroblast attack is nothing to scoff at and would give the likes of Mewtwo a run for the money.
- Design is amazing... Not OTT it's simple yet amazing. It's a mix of a dragon, bird and a plesiosaur.. Turned out pretty well!
- Intelligence is probably second to none, Shown in the movie 'The Power Of One' his ability to talk to humans same way Mewtwo can quickly shows his intelligence and how noble he is. I mean in the face of catastrophe Lugia understands if Ash does not wan't to help him try and save the world and gives him the option (Despite the fact only Ash can save the world). If you haven't seen the movie go watch it...NOW!
- Theme music... Holy crap I can listen to 'Lugia's song' for days on end without hesitation it is ...more

One flap of its wings, and a forty day storm! Then WHAT IF IT IS FLYING? It needs to flap its wings for at least 100 times before sinking into the ocean. That means a 40,000 day storm. If his wings are THAT powerful, then a Wing Attack of Lugia will...

Lugia is one of if not THE coolest most epic Pokemon EVER I mean, REALLY, he comes out when the world is in danger. That's epic!

lugia is the bestlegendary pokemon there is - lucario411

Why Lugia is so Powerful because his power is so Powerful that he can even make a big sea Waves, Hurricanes and Storms what makes him so awesome is because of his alias "The Guardian of The Sea"