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Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.


Come on people really? Arceus over mewtwo? 1st reason- arceus level 100 would absolutely be crushed at the feet of mewtwo 2nd reason- any REAL pokemon expert would know mewtwo was the original legendary. Ever seen the first pokemon movie? I've seen both arceus's and mewtwo's movie and by far mewtwo wins. He is so strong did you see how he was kicking butt and taking names? Arceus had to be rescued by ash -_- really? You'll pick a useless legendary that had to be rescued over THE ONE AND ONLY MEWTWO who kicked butt and did NOT have to be rescued. He is the most intelligent pokemon as well. He was the first to talk.

The people who voted arceus just think he's oh so great because the creators have to keep pokemon going so they make the story a little bit more interesting. They will believe anything about arceus when he story is pretty much just a ramble when as you can see in the movie, they took time to make mewtwo's story. They just threw arceus's out there and hoped people ...more

Mewtwo is the original strongest pokemon. Hold arceus bad, he is a newly made up pokemon. Mewtwo owns. Mewto is badass. A clone made by an evil organization that broke free and even killed that scientists that created him, blew up the whole lab and killed everyone inside. It has a truly high intellect, no emotions and if it has any we humans would probably deem them evil since mewtwo is too intelligent for us to comprehend. Made to be the strongest pokemon, created from human and pokemon genes together, its psychic powers are unmatched. He can make your head explode in an instant, you wouldn't even realize. Well maybe you would, when Mewtwo banishes your mind into an eternal hell universe where you suffer for infinity. That would give you more than enough time to over-think your dumb and reckless actions if you stand against mewtwo. He can destroy the earth with animated hurricanes by psychic energy. Mewtwo is just plain evil.

Mewtwo may be able to beat any Pokemon, but that being said, any Pokemon can beat any Pokemon. Mewtwo can recover because it is still suffering from how humans treated it, so it shut off the rest of the world. The silver water renders arceus useless, because if the god doesn't have something to counteract it then game freak has a serious problem. Yes, we don't know who would win, but they are equal because they were evenly matched the whole time. For all you know, arceus can make a hurricane. Arceus can learn a vast array of moves, plus it can be a physical attacker. Blissey totally walls mewtwo, while arceus can swords dance past. Arceus can probably transport a whole lake and mountain with no difficulty. Arceus can probably destroy the island and team rocket's hq with barely any of its power. He couldn't destroy the temple? Have you noticed that as Pokemon movies go on, each Pokemon's power gets smaller and smaller? Mewtwo's too. look at regigigas, who is so slow while moving ...more

Arceus might have created some really cool Pokemon, and Mewtwo can't do that. But he has his own movie, and it can make a hurricane to destroy the planet. Mewtwo is far by the best Pokemon I have ever captured. Mewtwo is also very quick so in games it is really useful for Quick Takedowns due to a First-Attack Hit. It has the ability to control minds and he can learn almost all the moves, probably all of them. Some people say Psychic Types suck, but they completely don't. And... take a good look at the percentage of Mewtwo and Arceus. They are the same, so screw it, put Mewtwo on the top of the list. Mewtwo is more overrated. Arceus, please just eat your heart out. Arceus created all Pokemon but Mewtwo can do definitely better stuff than creating, He can put a barrier all around him to reflect all attacks which is a very useful attack if you are trying to catch a legendary, but I assure you, if you can catch a Mewtwo with a PokeBall, then you can catch all the Pokemon with ease. Mewtwo ...more

Mewtwo might not have some of the skills of Arceus but this is the top legendary pokemon nor the most multi-skilled. Mewtwo tops this list for numerous reasons: 1) he is the iconic legendary pokemon without a doubt. 2)He has one of the best stories of any pokemon, all that genetic experiments, abuse and rejection he suffered before taking revenge and growing into a more compassionate pokemon- its a great story! 3) He looks the coolest! 4) He is such a complex character he is an actual character, not just another pokemon like all the legendaries- this guy has a real story the type sentient beings have.

easily my favorite
the best of the best

Mutants meet anybody who's the strongest Pokemon legendaries out he has the strongest Pokemon ever he is so good he should be in the top 10 video of history is the best Pokemon and movies also he has the best voice in the movie that he is the best one I have seen it all I hear the strongest mega for sweet everybody should like him because he is the sweetest boyfriend ever he likes to keep people from saying he can even cut for building the other top the highest reading that he can beat up which was also so he is so strong he can cut down the tree house is the strongest Pokemon ever you can he is the top 10 video person and I would pick him as the worst Pokemon ever to be made and I have him because he is the strongest and everybody should have me too because he has a song is in the movies he is so sweet he saved everybody in the movie three in the movie he also speaks so he is a top 10 Pokemon also I mean it he is so cool everybody should have them booyah

My favourite pokemon and love his back story. So much character development more than any of pokemon ever made, and he is unlike any of the other pokemon, plus he can talk just like meowth which I prefer over pikachu for many reasons. Mewtwo not only caring when he saved all those pokemon in movie mewtwo returns he is also very strong mentally too he can Control minds. Control the weather.. Erase memories. Not only that he has a lot elements to him rather than just strength. He dislikes humans too but he forgives how they treated him.

He is a genetically altered clone of a legendary, and man is he far better than his copy. His Sp. Attack is unbelievably high, so if any Pokemon has less than stellar Sp. Defense, consider them gone. Aside from that, his attack is also far above average. That coupled with his unreal speed makes him a one hit wonder since he can learn pretty much any move... Oh yeah he is also a psychotic badass.

Mewtwo was created by humans. Mewtwo can even destroy psychic-proof force fields. Watch Mewtwo returns. Its really good and it has Mewtwo's story. Mewtwo is also my favorite Pokemon of all. Just watching Mewtwo returns made me love Mewtwo at first sight. He is so loyal to his fellow clone Pokemon, He risked his life to save him and saved a bus. And in other stuff with Mewtwo in it Mewtwo always is the hero. I don't know why though I feel like Mew is going to plan on destroying Mewtwo because Mew only wants one Mew... Just a thought not a movie or anything.

Mewtwo is the strongest pokemon ever as explained in the first movie. Mewtwo has the power to destroy the whole planet without problem by westing only the 10% of his impressive power. Mewtwo is created to be the strongest pokemon and that's why he has three pokemon movies that shows how powerful and invisible he is. He is the only pokemon that has the intelligence of one human scientist and more. Generally mewtwo is the second fastest pokemon of all and he has the biggest special attack of all pokemon. In his movies is invinsible and in pokemon games like fire red, red, blue, heart cold, cold, leaf green etc. Is the strongest pokemon with the highest cuallities. The only pokemons that can fight with mewtwo and of course lose but with good trying is Arceus and Mew.

Mewtwo but better! This Pokemon is an improved evolution of Mewtwo, who is already so strong that all Pokemon will have trouble fighting it!

Great destroyer with a high special attack and speed. This thing can easily destroy rayquaza in one ice beam and lugia you have so many options like shadow ball may lower the special defense, ice beam thunder thunderbolt. If arceus comes you have aura sphere and if you raise its special attack with calm wind no matter who is the opposite Pokemon this destructive machine can take on anyone.

Yes Mewtwo is number 1 where he belongs.
He has Great movepool so he hit all 17 pokemon types
Can OHKO or 2HITKO pretty much all pokemon
Awesome design: The most powerful man-made pokemon now that's cool ( Arcues is a lama in a hoop that hatched form a egg when there's was nothingness then created everything come on you must admit that is silly... )

Arceus is nothing without his plates, sure he would beat Mewtwo without just plates but without that he's nothing. Mewtwo is the god of the Pokemon and the strongest legendary without the manipulation of items. This doesn't say anything about items so I assume it means naturally. Which means no plates for Arceus right?

Mewtwo can kill any Pokemon. He also has the best moves ever! Even arceus he can kill. Plus arceus is a rude dude. In the movie he tries to kill Pokemon if he does not get his rock of life back. That is just mental. Arceus also looks like a rude horse. I love Mewtwo. I don't think other people are right when they say other Pokemon are the best. Mewtwo totally rocks in is the best Pokemon in the universe!

The best pokemon ever. Raise it Special Attack and Speed and everyone would be an easy opponent. Teach it icebeam and you can beat grass ground flying and dragon pokemon. Teach it flamethrower and you can beat grass ice bug and steel pokemon. Teach it aura sphere and you can beat normal ice rock dark and steel pokemon. Teach it thunderbolt and you can beat easily water and flying pokemon.

Seriously? What is wrong with you people?! Give Arceus the spooky or dread plate, have him use Judgement, and he'll destroy Mewtwo. Mewtwo may be the strongest Pokemon in the world, but that's because Arceus lives in another dimension... one that Arceus created along with our world, the reverse world, and the dimensions of Palkia and Dialga. Arceus should be on the top

Mewtwo is pretty darn good, but don't get that from the movies. Most of the Arceus-lovers pay attention to its type-changing ability, but for some reason no one notices its horrible stats. Mewtwo's stats are amazing, and with Arceus, if you choose the wrong type before a battle, it will likely cost you the match. Mewtwo and Arceus are both overrated, but Mewtwo is still the best. - PilotX95

I voted for Mewtwo because he's the original legendary Pokemon. He made legendary Pokemon seem cool. He may not be the strongest stat-wise but he's still the best

How can anyone beat Mewtwo if you watch the first movie and the one with Arceus you'll see how much better Mewtwo is. He can destroy the world as the first movie shows and the next one he was in when he moved a whole island without using much of his energy. Arceus couldn't even tell a jewel that he made himself apart from a fake.

Mewtwo can build his own universe if he could clown any Pokemon build his own lab have his own movies control weather can stop any attack can one shot everything could control everything but look on the other side where there is arceus who is a cool Pokemon but mewtwo could control him so game over for everyone when it comes to mewtwo THE END

Mewtwo is the Jewel of the Pokemon world... Among my Pokemon heroes. He made Ash cry to his Mummy! I love Mewtwo so much.

Well it totally dominated everyone in Soulsilver and platinum and give it leftovers, and it will be even more powerful! It almost never fainted and is pretty cool! Now that is strength kept over the years! Maybe I could hatch some Mewtwo eggs and get total beasts! I don't know I that's possible though... But one Mewtwo is beast enough!

I disagree with Mewtwo being 2nd. Yes, he is weaker than Arceus but now he is stronger. How you may ask? Well, remember it's form Mewtwo X, the stats of that is off the limits and if you don't believe it. Go check it for yourself, this Pokemon was the only one who I thought I could depend on. Turns out yes he can. I've travelled the whole region looking for this Pokemon and after I finally catch it. I become very strong in fact I beat Alder way easier without any trouble what so ever.