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61 Cresselia Cresselia

Almost most powerful on my team why so low?

How this guy is amazing

Why is he so low

62 Volcanion Volcanion

Hey,it should be at least top 20

63 Tornadus Tornadus

Look tommy, another trolly pokemon. Really though, prankster for life.

Why is Pikachu in front of this Pokemon?

It is a cyclone Pokemon... Come on People!

Yhea but this is a flying type this vs. pika power! forget about it!

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64 Necrozma Necrozma
65 Regirock Regirock

Regirock is the best regi ever

Poor Regirock, no one cares about him. It's my favorite legendary though!

He's only better than celebi keldeo and victini.


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66 Therian Landorus

Some should vote


67 Deoxys Deoxys Deoxys is a fictional species of Pokémon from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. Deoxys has four forms, Speed form, Defence form, Attack form, and finally Normal form. Deoxys normally have fights with Rayquaza since they both live in space right outside Earth.

REALLY! Who does not like deoxys! His awesome

Lol this terrifies my sister

Decoys is awesome Pokemon

Deoxys has so many tranformations and it's so oppp

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68 Victini Victini

Victini is not only strong but loveable too! That should both count!

I think his main attack is the strongest fire type move

He's the cutest, He needs to 1st

It's so cute

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69 Jirachi Jirachi

He came in a rare pack

He's just very cute

Jiraci:What do you wish for? Me:You. Jirachi:Umm.

It could wish that all Pokémon died, and it will come true

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70 Mega Metagross

It is the coolest pokemon ever.It can also learn ghost type moves.This is not a legendary pokemon but this is a really cool pokemon.Everyone must try it sometime.

71 Silvally Silvally
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