Top Ten Legendary Pokemon

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61 Manaphy Manaphy
62 Phione Phione
63 Meloetta Meloetta
64 Volcanion Volcanion

Hey,it should be at least top 20

65 Cresselia Cresselia

How this guy is amazing

Why is he so low

66 Shaymin Shaymin

It cannot evolve but his sky form is very powerful

Did you all forget that shaymin can evolve? damn it should be in top 30. :P

67 Diancie Diancie Diancie, number 719 and the Jewel Pokémon is a mythical Pokémon in the game series Pokémon. It features in its own movie in the Pokémon anime series called "Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction". This Pokémon can also Mega Evolve.

About as underrated as volcanion, somehow forgotten even though it has a mega evolution. for me the only redemming feature of x/y right now is team flare arc and the movies. - SoaPuffball

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