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61 Regirock Regirock

Regirock is the best regi ever

Poor Regirock, no one cares about him. It's my favorite legendary though!

He's only better than celebi keldeo and victini.


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62 Lunala Lunala Lunala is a dual-type Psychic/Ghost Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII . It evolves from Cosmoem when leveled up in Pokémon Moon starting at level 53 . It is one of Cosmog's final forms, the other being Solgaleo . more.

Shoot its lunar lady! Wait I brought my magnezone! Hmm... Well I lighting bolt for you!

Because it looks cool

Cool new pokemon

Lunala is th best pokemon in the world

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63 Therian Landorus

Some should vote


64 Deoxys Deoxys

REALLY! Who does not like deoxys! His awesome

Lol this terrifies my sister

Decoys is awesome Pokemon

Deoxys has so many tranformations and it's so oppp

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65 Keldeo Keldeo Keldeo is a water fighting mythical Pokémon. It is one of the sacred swords, and it's stat total is 580.

Keldeo is awesome and it deserves to be in at least the top 20! It's op and its design is cool and badass! (Especially in its resolute form)

Yeah! Keldeo should be on the list! He's based off of a unicorn, and he's Japan's 20th most beloved pokemon! Raise him on the list!

The True Meaning of Perseverance.

He is very cool. I want to cuddle with him.

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66 Garchomp Garchomp

Is not a legendary but WHO CARES

It's not a legendary - LuShArrow

Why is this here?

Garchomp can mega evolve, use fly, has draco meteor, dragon claw, and dragon rage. it also looks like a scyther, which also looks cool

67 Metagross Metagross

Not a legendary - LuShArrow


2 ^spooky 4 me m8


68 Mega Metagross

It is the coolest pokemon ever.It can also learn ghost type moves.This is not a legendary pokemon but this is a really cool pokemon.Everyone must try it sometime.

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