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Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It lives in the ozone layer, and frequently stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two other Legendaries.


I think Rayquaza is the best legendary Pokemon. It is genuine legendary that they referred as super-ancient Pokemon. Unlike Mewtwo who is created by mere human with artificial mean, no one know who created Rayquaza. All that we know, he exist far before man kind, as it stated that Groudon created the land, while Kyogre created the sea. It brings balance to the world, when the world is about to destroy by the overwhelming power of Groudon and Kyogre. It isn't even using any power to calm them down. It just decent from the sky, starring those two then the fight over, as easy as blinking eye. That is the evidence to its superior power even among the legendary Pokemon itself. It flies like meteor and it is so fast that anyone barely notice it. It confront two Deoxys at once to defend it territories. Not to mention how powerful Rayquaza in the game. It is the only Pokemon who has both 150 Att and SpAtt. with jolly nature, it can out-speed every uber Pokemon except deoxys, make it ...more

Rayquaza has some of the highest stats for any legendary. He is also the largest legendary to date (not including weight) he is one of the rare few to actually kill another Pokemon (he killed Deoxys the first time, you can't put complete disintegration any other way). If the fact that he's huge and a killer doesn't prove it well just look at the other Pokemon and people. In Emerald Kyogre and Groudon instantly bowed to his command, and in his movie all the people who knew about him were terrified when he arrived. Bottem line he can destroy anything that gets in his way, id even fancy his chances beating all the other legendaries

Rayquaza is the best legendary besides mewtwo, it can learn extreme-speed, the fastest move in the game. It can learn outrage, best dragon move in the game. And it can learn fire blast, ice beam, hyper beam, thunderbolt (thunder has bad accuracy same as blizzard) and loads of other moves. Not to mention you get it with an ERASABLE HM! No other Pokemon has that potential. It is the fastest and strongest Pokemon in all of the series all hands down.

Rayquaza should be on the top. It doesn't even need stones to mega evolve! Just need to use dragon ascent. After that, he's gonna have the delta stream ability, removing flying types weaknesses, including ice types, which is the only advantage mewtwo has because he can learn ice beam. Without mewtwo's 4x advantage, he's hopeless, considering rayquaza can learn dark types. Why do people even vote for mewtwo over rayquaza?

It's one of legendary pokemon I like. His all stats 's so awesome! Its HP is high but not really really than others, but he's his attack and special attack is so REALLY REALLY REALLY high any dragon type pokemon. With ability AIR LOCK that no pokemon has that ability like, so it's mean that made him so special than other legendary pokemon! VOTE FOR RAYQUAZA! (y)

Basically the best dragon. In the new omega and alpha he is boss! Meaning he is the only Pokemon with mega evolution (besides mew two but mew two has 2 mega evolutions, I'm torn between the two evolutions. ) Not to mention his awesome ability to make winds, wait until the opponent changes the weather then bam mega evolve. Got my buds when he tried to use alpha charzard's mega tripped him good! Really besides great stats he has 1,000 legs 1,000! Try fighting an enemy with an endless line of punches, avoiding him he has 1,000 chances to land a hit think he'll get it.

If I Was TO Be Beaten By A Pokemon, It Would Be Rayquaza. Firstly It Is A Dragon And FLying Type, Sure Its Extremely Weak Against Ice Types, But Just Teach It A Fire Type Move And Problem Solved. Secondly Its Shiny Form Looks Unbeatable, I Was Even Lucky Enough To Find A Shiny Rayquaza. Why isn't This No. 1. It Was Even A Boss On Super Small Brothers Brawl. What Other Pokemon Have Has This Happen To Them. Rayquaza Is The Ultimate Pokemon! High Stats, Good Movepool And Overall Cool Looking = RAYQUAZA!

Competitively he's undeniably the best especially with his mega form (seriously Mega Rayquaza has his own tier). Casually he's one of the most fun to catch and just wrecks everything. He's the mascot of the BEST game (in my opinion of course), and he has one of the coolest designs in the series. I don't know what else to say.

It can destroy meteors that are capable of destroying the world, has the highest best of any Pokemon, gargantuan attack stats, and an amazing signature move: Dragon Ascent. I think that the Japanese name for Dragon Ascent is, "The Finishing Blow." Yeah, you know this thing is the strongest Pokemon when you see it.

In worldwide Pokemon battles, there is a group of Pokemon that are too OP to be used. Rayquaza can Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone, it just needs to know Dragon Ascent, and you need to have a Key Stone. Mega Rayquaza is so OP, it's higher than the banned OP section. It's more OP than OP. Let that sink in for a minute.

For this I am going to have to say Rayquaza. Even though Darkrai is my favorite, rayquaza has amazing speed and attack which makes it a key Pokemon on the field. I mean it's a green dragon what is there not to like about that. He can fly in the ozone layer too. Deoxys deserves to be better than numb er 10. It has one of the highest attack speed and defense stats of all Pokemon. I got that off of serebii.net Darkrai also is good when it come to speed and special attack. I am glad to see him at 8th place he should be a luittle higher though. Arceus is not that good

Not only is Rayquaza the spotlight of the Delta Episode, it is an extremely competitive Pokemon with amazing stats, it looks awesome too! Just look at it's shiny form! It can fend of Groudon AND Kyogre and even Deoxys. Not to mention it can fly in SPACE!

Rayquaza is the best. No argument needed. He's a beast that could probably bea any pokemon there is if he wanted to! He's a monster and there are no qualities that bring him down under any other pokemon. Enough said.

Rayquaza is the best, if you don't believe me watch the episode called Malice in a Wonderland where ash dreams to battle the best Pokemon trainer "cynthia" and the best Pokemon Which is RAYQUAZA! Plus it totally destroyed Groudon

I have no idea exactly why I like this Pokemon so much... Maybe it's because my first Pokemon game was Pokemon Emerald. It has sentimental meaning to me! :') And besides... It looks so awesome!

This Pokemon is dragon type, gigantic, intimidating, and from Hoenn! It's simply a beast. It stopped the creators of land and water like it was simply a trip to the grocery store. Sure, it doesn't have a signature move, but it learns more great moves than you know what to do with.

Rayquaza can easily own all other Pokemon, let alone all other legendaries!

You have voted for Ray Quay Quay, the legendary dragon of happiness!

You will receive eternal happiness if you vote for him and comment "HOENN CONFIRMED" in the comments below.

He can calm down the earth and sea. He can take on two uber-powerful alien Pokemon. He isn't some stupid god-llama (I'm looking at you, Arceus! ), and I used him to kill said god-llama. Need I say more?

No matter what emerald is the best Pokemon game you can get almost 6 different legendaries on that game alone and it's the only game you can just catch mew in the wild you can catch only one but at least you don't have go through extra stuff and rayquaza is awesome. Love llamas laugh out loud

Come on guys OK Ho-Oh is cool as hell and Mewtwo is made by humans but in no way is Mega Rayquaza being defeated by any other legendary pokemon... In online fights my mega rayquaza defeats easily Shiny Arceus people have... I swear no pokemon can defeat Rayquaza if it knows a heal move. Xtreme speed is OP, and so is Dragon Ascent and Draco meteor. Rayquaza for the win - MaxPap

My BOY right here! (Though Arceus is more powerful). Wait, why is the picture Mega Rayquaza; and this is normal Rayquaza while Mega Rayquaza is further down on the list. (Mega Rayquaza is actually my boy, but normal Rayquaza is also awesome).

Rayquaza is the bomb! The fact that is the most powerful out of the most powerful legendary trio ever makes it super awesome, and now that in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire it gets a mega form, makes it the best legendary Pokemon ever.

Obviously he's the strongest legendary when he makes AN ENTIRE NEW TIER. Seeing as he got to 3'rd place so fast, he's gonna catch up to Mewtwo in no time. The ability to mega evolve without a stone, and being able to hold an item because of that WHILE having high stats is just broken. You can easily just spam one strong move, one shotting all, holding a speed item and your basically set.

You can't beat it. It is living death. I have an entire party made of this spectacular serpent, and I am untouchable. He even learns fly naturally. Arceus has no chance against this master of monsters.

Rayquaza is the protector of the ozone layer can fight off any Pokemon have problems beating deoxys because that is its arch enemy fast and can learn a lot of moves one of my all time favorite