Top 10 Link Variations

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1 Red Link

I like Red Link cause he is so cool. He meets Gorons and has been called Fairy Boy so many times!

2 Young Link Young Link
3 Wolf Link

Link is awesome and wolves are awesome, so a combination of the two is AWESOME! - Zorgoth

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4 Regular Link
5 Toon Link

Toon Link is fine but... it's so sad Young Link got replaced. Think of all the milk he has to get before you play SSBM. :(
Link has to come back to be a little mmm mmm mmm richer. Anyway Toon Link is just exactly like Link except kinda cartoony.

6 Zora Link

I can't believe that Link has to turn into a fish in Ocarina of Time or was it Majora's Mask? Anyway, a fish is already in love with Link. Ruto x Link= SUPERBAD RELATIONSHIP! YUCK!

7 NES Link

I'm talking about the first game.

8 CD-I Link

All True Warriors Strive for this list. - The King.

Worst link ever

9 Oni Link

Oni Link looks 20 times cooler than the average Link, Oni Link should a an unlockable costume for Link in the SSBB Series!

10 Deku Link

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11 Blue Link
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