Top Ten Lost Characters

The best characters from the television series Lost.

The Top Ten Lost Characters

1 James 'Sawyer' Ford

Sawyer was the most in depth character. He had an emotional past that gives him purpose and a way to understand him, he is also a very sarcastic and hilarious guy. He in my opinion gives the best performance acting wise, and his character always knows how to spice things up when they are dull. - ChickenKing

I admit I hated sawyer at the beginning of season 1 but he later started to grow on me. Without him the show would suck. He adds most of the humor and fun into the show. I'm happy he's at the top of this list. 1. Sawyer 2. Charlie 3. Kate 4. Locke 5. Claire 6. Jack 7. Sayid

Definitely the best character! Not only were his nicknames cool, but his extremely Republican views just made him more badass!

Maybe it's his lengthy blonde hair and baby blues or his sharp wit and when the camera switches to him, he's most likely always on the beach relaxing.

2 Desmond Hume

Desmond is by far the most relatable, in a weird way. He's completely lost his mind, and holding onto the last straws of sanity. Everything seems to happen when he's not there, but because of his experience with the island he feels responsible for not seeing this twist coming. Most people would not be as collected as Sayid always is. Most of us would not be as confident as Sawyer. We would all react just like Desmond.

For me, the best character ever not just in LOST! Love you brotha!

Desmond is selfless, relatable and ends up being one of the most heroic characters on the show. See you in another life brother!

Definitely my favorite in the show. The episode where he first began to experience time travel while on the freighter was probably my favorite episode of the entire series. - DzDeadlyy

3 John Locke

I can't believe this wasn't on this list for this long, he should be number 1 or at least in the top 3 along with Benjamin Linus.

By far the best character on lost. Shame no one listened to him he was always right when jack admits it in the last episode. It's some that Ben killed Locke as well. But he was a great character played by a good actor

Lock is the best he should be number one just like all the other websites I looked up

Probably the best character I've ever seen in television. He is above number 1 if you ask me

4 Charlie Pace Charlie Pace is a fictional character on ABC's Lost, a television series chronicling the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island.

Charlie the best! He stars in an x men movie which is cool and lord of the rings, also amazing. I'm pretty sure he only died because he had to film for the two towers which sucks. The whole story arch with the drug thing was good and his relationship with Claire is great. The only bad thing is how when he and Claire are together he's sometimes just kinda a jerk sometimes. Anyhow great character in a great show.

Charlie, the show's embodiment of how much one experience can change a person. We could sympathize with him because there was always something else for him to learn just as is the case with everyone else in real life. Above all, he was the bravest of the survivors and the way he faced danger made him so memorable and admirable. He was a rockstar and a hero in every sense.

he had the most interesting character... with the drug habit and then gettin clean... and sacrificing himself so they could get off the island... also syid was an interesting character as well

Charlie is so cool and funny. I love his "sad" background and his addiction in drugs, and how he got over of it. I feel pity for him because first people thought that he was "just a kid"

5 Sayid Jarrah

The most skilled character. Only he had the complete skillset to survive on the island. Too bad he ended up sacrificing himself to save his friends.

Sayid should be at the top of the list. Or, at least, in the top #5.
I love Charlie... but Sayid is one of the deepest character. He's smart, sensitive, caring, strong, determined and USEFUL, which is very important in this island. He's so UNDERRATED! He deserves to be way up, guys. Sayid won't play the guitar like Charlie does... but his storyline is way more interesting than Charlie's. Gotta love Sayid... I just wish everybody would love him more. - psycho-

anybody who can break somebody's neck with their feet is cool in my book.

He's one of the most useful survivor on the island, and he's also one of the toughest guys there, and he also has one of the best stories in my opinion.

6 Jack Shephard

Jack is dumb. He's a jerk! He never agrees with Locke and gets very hostile. How dare you insult Locke! Jack is very stubborn and gets even worse when facing defeat. He is very annoying and is dangerously mad when he doesn't get his way. Why couldn't Locke or Charlie be the main character. They are way cooler than jack.

I think that Jack was the main character in the movie and his helping and caring personality to others makes him the greatest character - MatrixGuy

The only truly selfless character of the show. He had a tragic past and upbringing, heroic disposition, but was also a complex and flawed enough character that we were always yearning for a resolution and happiness for him. He made mistakes but always made them for the right reasons (at least in the first few seasons), and wasn't afraid to stand up to characters like Sawyer and Locke, who many people seem to prefer but I find both more concerned with themselves than others (understandable considering what they went through and I still love them as characters), which ultimately makes me prefer Jack.

What the writers did with his character, and particularly his relationship with Kate, was in my opinion the worst mistake of the series, as well as the greatest missed opportunity; they took away his scepticism, his compassion and care for others, and his love for Kate; the old Jack would never have left her, or agreed to lying (for no reason) about the other survivors in the first ...more

I like Jack as a character but I think he looks to much like Adam Sandler to be my favorite character. - ChickenKing

He does, doesn't he? Thought the same. But looks don't fool me, he's one of the best, hands down. - psycho-

7 Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes

4 8 15 16 23 42! He reminds me of me! We both are big, we both are superstitious, and we both have crazy hair! Laugh out loud.

He's great, but sometimes there were scenes that made me annoyed. - aquafina

Hugo should be second by far. And he was so funny as well he brought the comedy to it


8 Benjamin Linus

Sharp mind, cunning, lots of depth to his character. I found him very fascinating.

He is so calm and nice. He is basically a gentleman. However, he is also secretly evil. Because of this, I am glad they kept him alive throughout the series. I'm glad they made him an antihero in the end. - Daviddv0601

He's so calm and nice while being so evil. Makes me wonder if the others are the good guys.

Such a complex guy. Adds so man twists and turns in the story

9 Kate Austen Katherine Anne "Kate" Austen is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, played by Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly.

All kate ever does on the island is help find trails and create love triangles, she is a useless and boring character, even shannon did more than kate!

She really pushed the envelope of how such a good person can get in the worst situation and then come out even better. She had such a big heart. She and Hugo are my faves...

Kate needs to help all the time

I like kate, actually. I think sometimes the writers might be trying to shove her down all our throats with her " GOOD GIRL GONE BAD LOOK SHES ALWAYS HELPING EVERYONE AND AWW SHES STUCK IN A LOVE TRIANGLE" kind of thing? I like her backstory and she's cute so - aquafina

10 Juliet Burke

I think it's fair to say the writers of LOST were great at fleshing out male characters, but not so great at writing female characters... But in my opinion, the best female character was easily Juliet. Her enigmatic character was often misleading, and the audience were never sure whether to trust her (or even like her! ) But through flashbacks, we came to realise that she was just like the other losties; trapped on the island against her will. She developed a great relationship with Sawyer... and then, well, we all know what happened...

She should be top five. Liked her from the very beginning. Shame they had to kill her of like that. But it was such a good way to leave the show. Shea the best female character of the show

Intelligent, beautiful, badass, and ultimately a truly good person. Elizabeth Mitchell was astounding and should have won an Emmy.

Brilliant character arc. Helped so many people and manipulated into staying on the island. Juliet was brilliant. - GreenDayFan97

The Contenders

11 Sun Kwon

Sun is such a diverse person. Her character development is great and her relationship with Jin is so meaningful. I love her, she's very likeable and when there is a scene with Sun, she shines brightly.

Sun was one of the most developed characters in the show! She’s very underrated and deserves to be higher.

i like her - aquafina

12 Mr. Eko

The most badass character of all. He had a very deep past and personality. He's also the only one who ever stood up to the Smoke Monster, and looked it right in the face.

The hardest in the game.

Honestly the best character but was only on for 28 episodes :(

Plenty of wonderful characters on the show, but Eko is hands down the best.

13 Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin is awesome. He comes across as a bit of a dick at first in the first few episodes but then we realize what he had to do and how he did the things he did for his wife.

I wanted to cap his knees when he was rude to sun in the first season. then I liked him after he owed up to his junk - aquafina

He should be on first

He is so awesome

14 Richard Alpert

He should be in the top ten because I know how hard it is to get the eyeliner off your face, he deserves it

He doesn't wear eyeliner like most people think, his lashes are just really long and dark.

15 Daniel Faraday

He's such a genius!


16 Boone Carlyle

I new Boone would be favorite character since that situation with the pen in the first episode. Without they would have never found the hatch. Too bad he died so early in the show.

Why did he die so early. He became one of my favorite immediately with how much I smile. I cried for a while the day I watched his death

Ian Somerhalder, enough said.

Ian Somerhalder in my heart

17 Claire Littleton

She's kinda annoying I mean, honestly. I liked her in the beginning, she was hella chill and she seemed like? I don't know a nice throw into the whole characters with her pregnancy, you know? but then some wack stuff happened - aquafina

Claire and Charlie are the two best characters.

No comments who she's that awesome

Come on, 17? He should be higher!

18 Miles Straume

Funny and witty, well developed character with a link the to island

19 Jacob


20 Man in Black

Once you go black you never... never go back baby

21 Ethan Rom
22 Frogurt

Really disappointed you guys forgot frogurt, easily best character for me

The emotional highs and lows of lost truly summarized in one character, and good god was it sexy

100% agree
Frogurt for the win

Dom snell says frogurt is the best so I agree

23 Vincent

Every time Vincent was there. The moment on the show was made 100x better. Vincent Forever.

How is he so bad in this list? He should be at least in top 5. Damn it, he is a badass dog!

Vincent is smarter than everyone in lost.

Really where the show gets its sex appeal for me,

24 Libby Smith

Libby is pretty good. Not in my top 15, or even 20 though. It was a bit useless to make a episode at the end where we find out she was in the mental hospital. Sad death though.

25 Michael Dawson

Walt! Walt! Makes my day lol

I get he had a rough relationship with his son, I do, but for the longest while it seemed like walt was a burden. I wanted to see more father-son moments, the cuteness of it all. he would ignore walt n stuff and he always seemed really annoyed like, "i'll find your deng dog after the rain." the rain stops and he's visibly stiff about it. "ill get you a new dog when we get home." that's such a wrong thing to s a y to your k I d. not to mention he always wanted to be with like the main group of lost and whenever they basically shunned him he (just my opinion it got annoying asf) to see him with this certain expression of how DARE YOU NOT ALLOW ME TO COME ON THIS HIKE. maybe because we have too many people already, maybe u can do more than just want attention, and maybe u can tend to your son? - aquafina

Michael screams WALT! every second.WAALT!

I really hated it when he turned against the Flight Survivors but it is understandable. He is very tragic because while his son doesn't know it, he deeply loves his son and would do anything to protect him. His ex-girlfriend was a serious bitch for not allowing Michael to be a part of Walt's life. - Daviddv0601

26 Penny Widmore

Penny and Desmond are the best, they should both be number one

The constant, enough said.

27 Danielle Rousseau

"The Others are coming. You have three choices: Run, hide or die." BEST CHARACTER! She provided the keys to the mysteries on the Island, and while she wasn't a reliable source, her perception that the Smoke Monster was a security system was spot on!

She could have kicked everyone's ass.

28 Mikhail Bakunin

One of the most badass people on the show. It seemed like he was invincible as in almost every episode he was in he was beaten up horribly but turned out just fine. Even when he got in the sonar fence or got shot in the chest with a spear gun he bounced right back later like nothing happened. He should be way higher on the list.

Honestly one of the most underrated characters. He was awesome for the short amount of time that he was on the show.

29 Alex Rousseau
30 Walt Lloyd

Annoying, but he's a little kid so I mean... less annoying? - aquafina


31 Rose Nadler
32 Bernard Nadler
33 Charles Widmore
34 Nadia
35 Nikki Fernandez
36 Paulo

Why do people vote for Nikki and Paulo? They were important for like 2 episodes!

37 Charlotte Lewis
38 Naomi Dorrit
39 Ana Lucia Cortez

How can anyone hate this character? She is so cool. I know she's a tough girl and many fans were turned off by her, she's still my favourite, killed Shannon and the best character on the show.

Best character ever! I loved her on the show she has great scenes and she even killed my least favourite character, Shannon

I hated her,not cool man

40 Shannon Rutherford

Why is she on here? Shannon sucks! There is literally an I hate Shannon club and I wanna join. Sassy butthole. People only like her because certain people can relate. Very ugly also.

Most realistic, interesting, and relateable character! Maggie Grace did a phenomenal job portraying her and she's among the most sympathetic on the entire island!

Ana Lucia should be higher than this stupid character, she is so annoying! All she does and fall down and fight with Boone! I'm glad Ana Lucia killed her >

41 Frank Lapidus

Who the hell likes Ethan more than Frank Lapidus?

How is he not #1, great looking, smart, and a pilot, yes Frank is the complete package.

Lapidus deserves to be in at least the top ten... ' Lapidus, man; he's pretty awesome.

Just the kindest character of Lost

42 Eloise Hawking
43 Martin Keamy
44 Justin

Rip Justin

45 Marshal Edward Mars
46 Christian Shephard
47 Grandpa Tito Reyes

Hurley's Grandpa. Sounds legit

48 Dogen
49 Karl Martin

Pretty weird guy, lol.

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