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21 Ethan Rom
22 Libby Smith
23 Penny Widmore

Penny and Desmond are the best, they should both be number one

The constant, enough said.

24 Frank Lapidus

How is he not #1, great looking, smart, and a pilot, yes Frank is the complete package.

Lapidus deserves to be in at least the top ten... ' Lapidus, man; he's pretty awesome.

Who the hell likes Ethan more than Frank Lapidus?

Just the kindest character of Lost

25 Vincent

Every time Vincent was there. The moment on the show was made 100x better. Vincent Forever.

How is he so bad in this list? He should be at least in top 5. Damn it, he is a badass dog!

Vincent is smarter than everyone in lost.

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26 Danielle Rousseau

"The Others are coming. You have three choices: Run, hide or die." BEST CHARACTER! She provided the keys to the mysteries on the Island, and while she wasn't a reliable source, her perception that the Smoke Monster was a security system was spot on!

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27 Michael Dawson
28 Nikki Fernandez
29 Paulo

Why do people vote for Nikki and Paulo? They were important for like 2 episodes!

30 Charlotte Lewis
31 Naomi Dorrit
32 Ana Lucia Cortez

How can anyone hate this character? She is so cool. I know she's a tough girl and many fans were turned off by her, she's still my favourite, killed Shannon and the best character on the show.

Best character ever! I loved her on the show she has great scenes and she even killed my least favourite character, Shannon

I hated her,not cool man

33 Shannon Rutherford

Why is she on here? Shannon sucks! There is literally an I hate Shannon club and I wanna join. Sassy butthole. People only like her because certain people can relate. Very ugly also.

Most realistic, interesting, and relateable character! Maggie Grace did a phenomenal job portraying her and she's among the most sympathetic on the entire island!

Ana Lucia should be higher than this stupid character, she is so annoying! All she does and fall down and fight with Boone! I'm glad Ana Lucia killed her >

34 Mikhail Bakunin
35 Walt Lloyd
36 Rose Nadler
37 Alex Rousseau
38 Bernard Nadler
39 Eloise Hawking
40 Martin Keamy
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