Top Ten Magicians of the 20th Century

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21 Graeme Shaw

Awesome magician impresses me every time.

Top magician never fails to impress

Doesn't use camera tricks

He is alright

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22 Michael Carbonaro

Find him way better than crud angel and others to be honest he's a very cool guy

Best guy to watch hands down.

Awesome love the show

Michael Carbonaro astonishes me. And, unlike the rest, without fan fare. His tricks are simple and baffling. And they are on real people on the C'Effect on TRU-T.V.. This is so much better than watching big theater magicians like Copperfield, and way better than stupid street magic punks. Tru-T.V. and Michael are the best. Shout out to JOE, MURR, and Q'. LARRY!

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23 Derren Brown

Makes magic look simple. He has all the best skills regarding magic, including the building of the show, and he combines it with great humor and fun.

He is the best showman I have ever seen

Mind reading, psychic ability, or any kind of paranormal activity. That s what his illusion all about. To create these affects, he uses suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship.

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24 Yajush Tewari

He is best he can put the coin in your hand and can get from your mouth

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25 P. C. Sorcar, Jr.

One of world's best magicians ever.

One of the best magicians ever.He can bring an elephant in the hall all of a sudden and do other such insane magics. Water of India is another such masterpiece.

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26 Fred Kaps V 1 Comment
27 Deddy Corbuzier

He's the most bad-ass looking guy I've seen in my life.

He is the best magician of Indonesia

The best magician in the Indonesian

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28 Juan Tamariz

He should move up a few positions... He created the famous Mnemonic stack, used by a plethora of magicians and can manipulate cards with the best of them. Very interesting and by far an underrated magician.

29 Shin Lim V 2 Comments
30 Troy Von Scheibner

He still young for his one of futures best

31 Mat Franco

Great up and comer, his special was amazing

His magic is too epic

32 Terry Evanswood

A great magician, and and even better person!

Terry is MAGIC.

33 Drummond Money-Coutts V 3 Comments
34 Katherine Mills V 1 Comment
35 Val Valentino

He is the masked magician at least number 2

36 Joe Labero

Very good!

Very very good magician.
Saw him in Phuket love to see him come back.
A real showman and highly entertaining

37 Andrew Mayne

He is the best leave the rest
His style is so cool I never miss its any episode he should be at the top he beter then cosentino 100 times beter then any other he is my favarate magician

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38 Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin

This is the father of modern magic. He stopped a WAR for crying out loud...he was so amazing he inspired Houdini <--- CLEARLY! And he's BELOW Val Valentino?! That's a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned.

Virtually everything we have as magicians came from this guy.

39 Tony Slydini

Anyone of you who voted for anyone else with the possible exception of Vernon obviously has never seen a performance by Slydini. Vernon is the only one in his class. PERIOD!

Sleight of hand,gimmick, grand illusion trick etc... None of them pertains to the real skill of magician. A great deceiver and master of misdirection is. The trick maybe clean and convincing but a great magician does not depend on them.a great magician makes the trick clean trough deceptive routine of actions.If succesfully done, despite watching the trick over and over,sense of wonder endures to the mind of spectator.that is magic

40 Ahmed el Bayed

He is the only arab magician that can perform stunts.doesn't have the word impossible in his dictionary

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