Top Ten Magicians of the 20th Century

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41 Theo Hardeen

This is the brother of Houdini. Hardeen was a very good performer and a real gentleman. He was the magician that Houdini never was but he was much more quiet and dignified.

- Herbertlbecker

42 The Pendragons

Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon were arguably the greatest male & female magic team in the art.

43 Yaujush
44 Smoothini
45 Charles Morritt

Although he died in obscurity, he performed around the world, and sold many of his tricks to his friend, Houdini.

46 Mike Super

I saw him live and he was incredible

47 Gogia Sarkar
48 Matt Franco

Americas got Talent season 9 winner
He's truly outstanding, look up Francos got talent. The magic he does seriously makes me feel like he made a deal with the devil

49 Kreskin
50 Harry Blackstone Sr.

Ever had a magic set? Thank Mr. Blackstone!

51 Richiardi

He's the one to inspire the master CRISS ANGEL! - Sarvesh

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52 Stewart James

Invented over 15000 famous magical tricks and wrote the bible of tricks but you can't even find him on Wikipedia!

53 Dixie Dooley
54 James Moore
55 Axel Hecklau

Reinvented the torn and restored card, created the best torn and restored newspaper to date and made 'Just A Cup'.

56 Ben Earl

Best false shuffles I've ever seen

Awesome, amazing sleight of hand

57 Yajush

Best magician of India

58 Johnny Carson Johnny Carson John William "Johnny" Carson was an American television host, comedian, writer, producer, actor, and musician, best known for his 30 years as host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
59 Daniel Madison

A Gambling style who has tested his sleights in underground games his whole life, he's the king of diamonds in Blaine's signature deck

60 John Scarne

TO THIS DAY, Magicians don't know how he can cut aces' the way he did it. There is some speculation that HE IS S.W. Erdnase...

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