Leave Marilyn Manson Alone!

You know what really pisses me off? I'am so sick and tired of people saying that Marilyn Manson is a devil worshiper who encourages bad behavior in people. Will you people shut up about that already?! I mean really what's wrong with you people? What is wrong with you all? Can't you people just for once not judge a book by it's cover? Can't you not care about his looks and really try to understand him?
You can dislike him all you want but don't go around saying that he's an evil satanic monster who wants to ruin the youth of America because it's not fact. It's not fact at all. He doesn't at all encourage bad behavior in people. He's even said that he's never tried to create things to encourage people to hurt others or themselves. You people never even give him a chance! You just sit on your asses and accept the fact that he's an evil person. He's not at all. He's actually a nice guy in real life and he's someone who is open-minded to new experiences because he thinks they teach you new things. He doesn't disagree with a lot of the ideals Jesus was trying to get across. He just doesn't like the way people have used them so negatively.

And about the kids who actually caused real life crimes because they were influenced by his music, Manson never encouraged those kids to cause those crimes. His songs talk about getting through feelings of suicide and other bad things. His music doesn't make you violent and depressed. YOU make yourself violent and depressed. You do. It's your choice. But it's also a stupid choice you're making so don't be depressed and commit violence and other seriously bad things.

And for positive messages in his songs, once you listen to his song This is the New S***, you may think it's a song about partying, drugs, sex, and violence, but it's actually a song that is rallying against contemporary music, i.e., 'the new s***', and goes so far as to spell out what Manson viewed the formula for mainstream success to be:
"Babble, babble, bitch, bitch, rebel, rebel, party, party, sex, sex, sex, and don't forget the violence, blah, blah, blah, got your lovey-dovey sad and lonely, stick your stupid slogan in, everybody sing along."
It's a satire and caricature of modern society. How people don't understand the meaning behind songs about partying, drugs and sex but doesn't keep them from wanting more of it.

And to think that we still have crappy pop and rap songs about partying, drugs, and sex on the mainstream radio today that nobody sees as a problem. Even parents are starting to let their kids listen to that crap. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Kids should NOT listening to that crap! It's actual partying, sex and drugs. It was never made for kids. Heck I've even heard rumors of little girls listening to Miley Cyrus (and I'm talking about the modern Miley Cyrus. Not the old one). Dude, she sings about partying, drugs, and sex and she has really sexual performances which are really inappropriate for children. Think about how your kids will turn out if you keep letting them listen to that kind of garbage. In fact, nobody should be listening to that kind of garbage. It's one of the many problems wrong with society today. Being influenced by music about drinking, disobeying orders, getting in the car and driving while intoxicated. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! I'm being dead serious, THIS is what our country has come to?! Glorifying soulless and classless music about partying, drugs and sex? It really irritates me of how people say rock and roll is the devil's music, no the stuff you hear on the radio nowadays IS the devil's music (Not literally the devil's music but you get where I'm coming from). The stuff about partying, drugs, committing crimes, sex, smoking, getting drunk, they're all horrible songs to live your lives by people.

So to conclude this post, stop giving Marilyn Manson crap. He isn't what you think he is. His songs do have positive messages and they're not made to encourage bad behavior in people. And to all the people who still say he's a bad influence, screw you! Eat a dick! Do some freaking research! Maybe you'll actually learn something for once.

Now I wouldn't at all recommend him to children because of his music and performances, but he is a much better role model than what you think he is. The one thing you people should know is to not judge by appearance. True beauty comes from within. Not outside.