Marilyn Manson Doesn't Hurt People. People Hurt People

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the controversial industrial rock band Marilyn Manson and how most people blame them for violence in the youth.

Marilyn Manson has been a scapegoat for violence. People have blamed him for certain violent acts including the Columbine massacre. But Manson has stated several times that he doesn't condone or endorse violence or certain bad things. He states that his songs are just a way of getting through suicide and depression and not actually committing those acts. He's also not a satanist. He doesn't even believe in the devil.

We look like idiots when we blame a certain person who does not at all encourage violence in his fans. But we also look like bigger idiots when we commit violent acts because we were influenced by a piece of media that was never made to actually commit suicide and violence. You people need to know that certain things were never made to cause violence. So why reenact it?! It's extremely stupid to reenact a violent scene or lyric from a movie or song that wasn't made to hurt anybody. Seriously people, this is one of the things wrong with society today. How we get influenced by violent movies, music, video games to commit violence even though the violent movies, music, and video games I just mentioned were never made to encourage violence.

So furthermore, stop using violent pieces of media that don't actually condone violence as an excuse to be violent. The media isn't an excuse to be violent people. Remember that now.