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41 Coma Black: Eden Eye/The Apple of Discord

What are you people smoking? Three of the songs in the top 20 are covers. Coma black is a lyrically simple song about how the character in hollywood doesn't feel like he belongs and the thing that made life good left him "this was never my world you took the angel away I kill my self to make everybody pay"

This song and Coma White are brilliant pieces of art by Marilyn Manson. Perhaps it was the band at the peak of their powers.

This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. His baritone voice is so gorgeous. Definitely one of my favorites.

So underrated, for me this is the best marilyn manson song.. - chnapik

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42 Hey, Cruel World

How is this 52nd?!? This should easily be in the top 15. His screams in this are unbelievable, it kicks so much ass

43 Misery Machine
44 Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World

If you have not heard this song I don't know why you like Marlin Manson in the first place. Listen to this song.

I loved this song on my Antichrist Superstar album.

My love for Marilyn Manson's music brought me here

Aaaah this is honestly one of the best

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45 Slo-Mo-Tion V 1 Comment
46 I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies
47 Murderers Are Getting Prettier Everyday

Heavy, heavy song. Like antichrist superstar era, but on Born Villain! Honestly, it is so raw and full of anger. And a killer solo on it too by Twiggy!

This is manson at his best, this song sounds like manson back in the antichrist superstar days. It's on born villain

48 Irresponsible Hate Anthem

What a great song, manson finnish a lot of concerts with this one ( sorry I'm portuguese my English its not good)

We hate love, we love hate! How can that be on 51?!

This is the best manson song ever. Period.

"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers." Oh my god. I love you, Marilyn.

49 The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

Great song. And the video's great to.

First manson song I listened to, actually. big favorite

One Of My Favourite Songs!

Fantastic song! I'd expect no less from Marilyn Manson.

50 Disassociative

Easily his most underrated song. Not his best overall, but the one that goes under the radar the most. - Verderame

Very underrated... This song is so heartfelt.. My favorite

This is my favorite manson song

This is my best song of my life

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51 The Death Song

What a great bass line, great john 5 riff, the BAND on is best

The BAND on is best,5 twiggy, Madonna, manson, fish

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52 Little Horn
53 Four Rusted Horses

The acoustic version is more emotional, I Love IT!
Not to mention it sounds more on the lines of "Gothic" Blues, just creative at its FINEST!

One of mansons best

54 The Love Song

Very underrated, great song. Should be higher, give it a listen if you already haven't.

Do you love your guns? (Yeah)
God? (Yeah)
The government?
Do you love your guns? (Yeah)
God? (Yeah)
Your government? F*** yeah..

55 Third Day of a Seven Day Binge V 2 Comments
56 Lunchbox

It was hard to choose, but this is my favorite song by him. This and the whole "Portrait of an American Family" album are classic.

Great song from Portrait of an American Family and my favorite song by them

Why the hell is this at 92? It's got his original sound that made him famous and that Trent Reznor recognized as special and all the energy that he's slowly losing.

Classic song...This music make me remember school

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57 Killing Strangers

Slow paced song but it will get you going. Personal favorite of mine - Jonerman

This sound should be at least at top 10

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58 You Spin Me Right Round

This isn't even a Manson song - ComaWhite21

Wasn't this supposed to be a cover Dope did of the original song by Dead or Alive?

This is a cover song by Dope! Stop mistaking this song for Manson!

59 Eat Me, Drink Me

I think Eat Me, Drink me is the most dark song by Marilyn Manson. It's really good.

60 Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth

Best Manson Song ever, I am sad to see it so very far down the list. What are you guys thinking?

"Use your fist and not your mouth."

Punch d**ks. Don't suck them.

Oms I don't know why this song is in the last its one of the marilyn manson songs. All the s***s are in the top ten. Why not this... "this is a black collar so put it your middle finger

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