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61 Eat Me, Drink Me Eat Me, Drink Me

I think Eat Me, Drink me is the most dark song by Marilyn Manson. It's really good.

62 Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth

Best Manson Song ever, I am sad to see it so very far down the list. What are you guys thinking?

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63 Into the Fire Into the Fire

Come on folks!?! This is an amazing song people!

One of the songs that got me into MM

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64 Rock 'N' Roll N***** Rock 'N' Roll N*****

How is this song so low on this list?

Problematic but it's an awesome song

Another unfortunate case of a Manson song overshadowed by a much more successful hit. If this song had more promotion, it'd be better known. But considering most people only ever bought the EP for his cover of "Sweet Dreams" this song got overlooked extremely bad. I love it, classic Rock 'N' Roll right here.

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65 Just a Car Crash Away Just a Car Crash Away
66 You're So Vain You're So Vain

The original Carly Simon version isn't bad, but I think Marilyn Manson does it better. He does this song so well.

Know it's a cover but I think is such a great song. What about it?

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67 Target Audience Target Audience

Perfectly well put together with shiver inducing moments all the way through, I really think a lot of the people who voted for songs in the top ten hadn't listened to anything beyond his singles. I'd put this in the top 3.

Come on... It's the perfect song! From the opening chords this song hit me like a ton of bricks and never let go. Perfet music, perfect lyrics

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68 Get Your Gunn Get Your Gunn

One of the most controversial tracks of all time.

69 15 15

This song kick asses! Straight power heavy sexy beat as only manson knows.

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70 Red Carpet Grave Red Carpet Grave

The best song from the disappointing album that is Eat Me, Drink Me. If this song was on any other album it would get the appreciation it deserves.

The first time I heard this on Pandora, I thought it messed me up and sent me to dubstep.

This song is beautiful! Manson forever.

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71 The Devil Beneath My Feet The Devil Beneath My Feet

Incredibly underrated song. My personal favourite song from TPE. Should get more recognition in my opinion.

72 I Put a Spell On You I Put a Spell On You

A great cover of the song by Screamin' Jay Hawkins. From the Smells Like Children album.

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73 The Speed of Pain The Speed of Pain

Oh my god this song is so good? why is it at 77 that doesn't make any SENSE are you all high THIS SONG IS SO GOOD

Definitely one of his sleeper hits off an incredible album.

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74 Valentine's Day Valentine's Day

This song gives me goosebumps. Can't believe it wasn't even listed! - Danielsun182

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75 Evidence Evidence

(S) ain't was my number one song from MM until I found Evidence... This lyrics gets under my skin. And music is epic! The best song from Marilyn Manson!

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76 Wight Spider Wight Spider
77 User Friendly User Friendly
78 Cruci-Fiction In Space Cruci-Fiction In Space
79 Devour Devour

And I'll love you if you'll let powerful

80 Spade Spade
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