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81 Posthuman Posthuman
82 New Model No. 15 New Model No. 15

This song is so unbelievably underrated, the lyrics focus on how everyone wants you to be someone else, just some emotionless unoriginal clone. If you like Marilyn Manson I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this song to you.

83 The KKK Took My Baby Away
84 Fundamentally Loathsome Fundamentally Loathsome

Another amazing song by MM.. It's my favorite song by them. I would have put it higher on the list but I don't think it's the best song by them as a band.

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85 Pretty As A Swastika
86 Kill Your God

Sick song it is too underrated just amazing, I won't kill my god because Marylin Manson is immortal! You should hear it.. Nice song - KingDiamond666

87 Leave a Scar Leave a Scar
88 We're From America We're From America

I don't care what anybody else says or thinks about The High End of Low. This is the best Marilyn Manson song ever.

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89 Para-noir Para-noir
90 Born Villain Born Villain
91 Warship My Wreck Warship My Wreck

Come on guys! just incredible, the feeling is almost tangible putting

92 Born Again Born Again

One of his most underrated songs.

One of his greatest songs

93 The Gardener The Gardener
94 S***** Chicken Gang Bang S***** Chicken Gang Bang

Pf screw all his other songs, by far the best of Manson's works. Laugh out loud

95 Golden Years
96 Unkillable Monster Unkillable Monster
97 You and Me and the Devil Makes 3 You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
98 Godeatgod Godeatgod

A song that represents the band.

I really like the creepy feel of the song.

99 Kiddie Grinder Kiddie Grinder
100 Mister Superstar Mister Superstar
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