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101 You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
102 Godeatgod

I really like the creepy feel of the song.

A song that represents the band.

103 Kiddie Grinder
104 Kaboom Kaboom

Honestly, I have no idea why this song is so low on the list. Sure, the lyrics are poor and don't make much sense, although it works for this song. This song lets you look into the life of a rock star, the sloppy lyrics (mostly towards the end) are a prime example (I'm a big car, and I'm a strip bar) the randomness and sloppiness works in a way that this song should at least be in the top 50.

One of the more underrated tracks on TGOAG. Such a true rock song, love it.

105 Suicide Is Painless

The most sadness cover of Marilyn Manson

106 King Kill 33
107 F*** Frankie
108 Revelation #9
109 Count to Six and Die (The Vacuum of Infinite Space Encompassing)

Would be a good song to have on the Walking Dead series.

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110 Cryptorchid

Am I the only one who loves this song?

111 Cyclops
112 Revelation #12 Revelation #12
113 Putting Holes in Happiness

another amazing song by MM...
Tim Skold, he is my life

I can't believe this is all the way down at 100! This song is genius and should at least in the top 20.

Best MM song! The lyrics are simply amazing and the guitars rock in this one

I love it!

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114 If I Was Your Vampire

6 A. M, Christmas morning... No shadows no reflections here, lying cheek to cheek in your cold embrace. The words are so powerful in this song... Needs a higher vote, one of my favorites!

I think this is Manson's deepest, most thoughtful song. And to think that he just woke up and wrote it on Christmas Day? Amazing!

When I heard this song for the first time, it was so emotionally strong that I felt just exhausted. Even today I can't listen to this album in the whole, 'cause it is just too strong, too emotional, too dark for the one time. And 'If I was your vampire' makes me almost cry every time! Great, great song!

So much strong and meaningful to me...

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115 Running to the Edge of the World

This song has so much meaning to me. I listened to it after a break up and sobbed and just the beauty behind it is so lovely I'm a die hard Manson fan and this song is a favorite among his more lovely fans who like him for him not cause he's goth

This song is beautiful! I could replay is over and over, definitely one of my favorite songs. I love him SO MUCH!

It's such a vulnerable and beautiful song, I can't believe it isn't first!

I love this music<3 I remember my sweet girl

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116 President Dead
117 The Speed of Pain

Oh my god this song is so good? why is it at 77 that doesn't make any SENSE are you all high THIS SONG IS SO GOOD

Definitely one of his sleeper hits off an incredible album.

Perfect lyrics

I don't know why this song is not in the top 10. It is so beautifull song. I just lovvve this song..."666"...

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118 Disengaged
119 Children of Cain
120 Blank and White
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