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21 Patriot's Day
22 I Heart Huckabees

Really good this one! The Chemistry between the actresses ( Naomi Watts.. ), actors ( Jason Schwartzman, Dustin Hoffman... ) and Mark Wahlberg is amazing in this movie.

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23 Deepwater Horizon

VERY intense movie! The action, the soundtrack and the acting! One of Mark Wahlberg's best movies!

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24 Traveller
25 Contraband V 1 Comment
26 Daddy's Home V 2 Comments
27 The Truth About Charlie
28 2 Guns V 1 Comment
29 The Yards
30 The Corruptor
31 The Happening

I like the film

32 The Gambler

He looks gorgeous here.

33 Ted 2

Ted 2 was great. Hysterical film and should be higher on this list, as well as, Basketball Diaries.

34 Transformers: Age of Extinction

He was the only good part in the movie, the only saving grace. He was one of the awesome things in the films in my opinion next to the toys and the first two movies having theme songs by Linkin Park.

It Was Sick Best Mark Wahlberg Movie

My least favorite transformers movie, but adding Walberg was great!

Is cool

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