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1 Medal of Honor: Frontline Medal of Honor: Frontline Product Image

An absolute classic. A captivating story which is based on real life events and good gameplay accompanied by a magnificent score.

This is probably one of my first Medal of Honor game to play. In my opinion, it's WAY better than our current futuristic Call of Duty games.

Without Question the #1 choice. What a score, what a score. The characters.

The game that got me in to the Medal of Honor games. Took a while to figure the first level out when I was little but after that the game really took off for me. I own multiple copies of it and still replay it to this day.

2 Medal of Honor: European Assault Medal of Honor: European Assault Product Image

Great game, wonderful score and great sound design.

Not much games can pull off non linear levels, but THIS game NAILS IT!

I'm not a big fan of the in game gimmicks like the adrenaline meter. I understand that by 2005 WWII shooters were getting old so they had to make it a bit more interesting for the audience, but the adrenaline meter just makes it feel like a God of War game or something, unnecessary in my opinion, but a good try!

Other than that, this game is a masterpiece, a breath of fresh air for the long time MOH fans.

I have nothing but nostalgia for the classic MOH titles: Rising Sun, Frontline, Pacific Assault, Allied Assault. Whilst linearity is a valuable tool in creating an emergent game; these installments excel in unprecedented cinematic presentation but on the flip side lose replayability due mostly to the 'on rails' environment of the campaign. Dated, but still brilliant.

European Assault dialed down the infamous scripted grandeur of the earlier games; but it kept that classic MOH flair in that it had a wonderful score, and set up every mission with an excellent mini-performance of sorts. There was just enough valor between you and the action.
Even for it's time, the visuals were bleak to say the least; it released the same year as the Xbox 360. For the hardware though, I have a feeling had it been any better looking the particular game design might have been compromised - as mission layout was somewhat ambitious, implementing a fair amount of player choice/freedom in many ...more

Probably the best in the franchise. It had that classic cinematic WW2 flair, and a simple cut and dry campaign. Great settings. Missions were very open with some optional routes; squad based game play was great for its time and adds to the game play. Without dragging on, the major plus here is how the infamous linearity of it's predecessors is less present whilst maintaining a lot of what made the originals so good.

The freedom makes it very replayable. I thought the graphics weren't great when the game came out - yet I still liked the style. The AI team play and open maps make it challenging to this day - hence 'replayability.'

Medal of Honor Heroes is my second favourite to this, mainly for the pick up and play translation of classic MOH game play.

Such an awesome game

3 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Medal of Honor: Allied Assault  Product Image

Best MOH and Best FPS... Along with its expansion packs (multiplayer is a blast too)

The best MOH game hands down and dare I say best WWII fps!
Good graphics and animations, also good score. I think it has the most memorable levels in the series, not too hard or easy, just right, sniper town is definitely my favorite level. Gun sounds are Soooo satisfying, although I agree not very realistic when compared to the real thing. Along with it's expansion packs, I think this is the most influential fps game ever, as it is directly responsible for the birth of COD. Multiplayer is a blast too, still play it to this day!

The Best Game in Medal of Honor Series

This game is a classic... I've always enjoyed playing it.

4 Medal of Honor: Airborne Medal of Honor: Airborne Product Image

The best WW2 game I've played. In my opinion, it really is WAY better than Call of Duty's WW2 games, as well as Battlefield V.

The unique formula where the map just like a roundabout but filled with tons of challenge

Never felt better to jump off a plane

No pc game greater than this old but excellent

5 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Product Image

Really underrated I think. Probably not my pick for BEST MOH game but still up there. It has a unique feel that non of the MOH games have.

This is a close call between this and Frontline, but as I am not AS fond of Frontline and the innumerable glitches within the game, I did certainly enjoy Rising Sun (which I owned for the original Xbox "One", per se). What I loved most was the enticing and fascinating story missions and then fighting bots on my own or with others; the huge array of weaponry, and the challenge each level posed until I felt like going hard-core and killing even more Japanese and stuff! Good memories, indeed!

This is the best

This game is fun, but is one of my least favorite MOH games.

6 Medal of Honor (2010) Medal of Honor (2010) Product Image

I really loved the game at the time, I'd prefer to play this over a lot of the Call of Duty games. Such as Modern Warfare 2, Advanced Warfare, WW2, Infinite Warfare, or Modern Warfare.

Great graphics, awesome missions. Very unique ways to kill from a distance, very fun.

Best story and ending of any video game. Ever

7 Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Product Image

Voting for PA because this MoH is like no other. The game is mainly set in jungles and what not, and for some reason I find the Japanese really intimidating. You're in a squad, and all characters are likeable. You really don't wanna see your fellow comrades hurt or die, there is a "call-for-medic" option, the levels are intense and you feel like your are the hunter and sometimes being hunted, deep in the jungle. One of the best.

I love how the Japanese, unlike the German, banzai charge and keep me on my toes even behind protective walls.

8 Medal of Honor: Vanguard Medal of Honor: Vanguard Product Image

This game is pretty cool. The graphics are okay, but the gameplay is pretty sweet. I love the sprint and the zoom on the weapons. I used to call it a baby Call of Duty! Laugh out loud!

9 Medal of Honor: Warfighter Medal of Honor: Warfighter Product Image

At the time, I really liked this game. Great story, and I like the realism of the game, unlike most futuristic Call of Duty shooters. Also, I would definitely play this over Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Despite what everyone says it's a good ass game and should be at least top 3

Worst game in the series jesus who told them to even make this

This game should be on no. one. the best shooting game

10 Medal of Honor (1999) Medal of Honor (1999) Product Image

This game truly feels like you are part of a movie, in a good way! Just what I would expect from a Steven Spielberg game. I must admit, the controls are hard to get used to, but it just adds to the charm. This game has such nice graphics. It's just so good too look at. Aside from my obsession with its graphics, I think the weapons are also really good sounding. Health and ammo are sometimes hard to come by like in the destroying Greta mission, which adds to the difficulty. Split screen is fun too. The only downside is that there is no way to change difficulty that I know off, sometimes I feel like it could be a bit harder. Other than that, a great game!

First MOH I ever played, and one of the best shooters of all time. Set the benchmark for me growing up as to what a good FPS is.

The reason that this game is so far down is that few have actually played it compared to the newer ones.

What is this doing in here, come on seriously!

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11 Medal of Honor: Underground Medal of Honor: Underground Product Image

The best story in any MOH game. Might also be my favorite MOH game.

This was an excellent game, and in my opinion should be near the very top of the list. Not many people have played this one or the original nowadays, but I feel these deserve a remake. Keep the levels the same or expand on them, but modern graphics and effects.

The reason that this is so far down is that few people have actually played this game.

The best game in terms of story line, music, drama and game play. This is even confirmed by IGN and other review sites which makes this game the all round best medal of honour game that makes the most realistic approach about World War II. Absolutely excellent and amazing 9/10

12 Medal of Honor: Heroes Medal of Honor: Heroes Product Image

Simple,enjoyable and well dated.Not to mention the amazing for its time multiplayer mode the so called "Deathmatch",making it the first fps with bots in multiplayer

13 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Product Image

This is the best game in the world


14 Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Product Image
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