Top 10 Mellow Rock Songs of All Time

Any genre goes, not based on sales or anything, just personal choice.

The Top Ten

1 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

been listening to it since so long... it's one of the best songs by metallica. METALLICA RULES!

It was a top night at the drive-in

Excellent Song

Best fkn song ever

2 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

This song probably has the greatest solo of all time. It really is Pink Floyd's magnum opus.

Whenever I listen to this song I'm just like just yes

Makes your ear search for from where the music comes!
Just Brilliant!
Best of Pink Floyd

Most chill song out there

3 Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

This song is so annoying.

Yeah this is a great song, it's really powerful

Yes yes yes yes!

4 Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park

This song is something to play at a wedding. The relaxed feeling of the song is socalming and at the same time rocks you to the core. When I heard it for the first time I was shaking. Chester should get a Nobel Piece Prize if he hasn't yet. - lukestheman4

When ever I hear this song.. It's like I'm floating on the air...

This is one of my favorite songs. I am a big Linkin Park fan but lot of others tend to turn to Hybrid Theory as their favorite. Though there's nothing wrong with Hybrid Theory, Minutes To Midnight has always been my favorite, this song in particular.

Whenever I hear this, I always tearing
I'm flooding my face with tears
So sad...
Very very very sad...
It's really slow... and great

5 One - U2

This is the most beautiful off them all just listen it

6 Everlong - Foo Fighters

David Grohl just gets better and better and this song is about 15 years old.

Hear both the acoustic and the original and definitely see their live performance at the wembley stadium! I loved it

7 Soldier of Fortune - Deep Purple

Amazing song. Perfect for some relaxation.

8 Closer - Kings of Leon

because kings of leon have been producing music for a very long time and their latest album which this track is on has gave them the major boost that they needed to reach the fame they have discovered. All of their music is phenomanal and they really do deserve everyone's vote as they are just such a brilliant band and all indivually talented musician's, they're great =)

I voted for them because I listen to the Only By Night album every night before I go to sleep and it makes me think about this girl I really like

Beautiful song definitely worth a listen

9 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow

Dio's vocal superiority and grace shines through this song like a Rainbow in the Dark. Along with the change of pace instrumentals, the performance is like none other in the history of rock.

10 The Bard's Song - Blind Guardian

The Contenders

11 Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers

The only song by them I actually like!

Best rhcp song of all time.

Best rhcp song of all time!

12 Fortuneteller - Deep Purple
13 Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

My opinion is the song wouldn't play? /_

This should be on the top! So emotional and chillest rock song of all time!

14 Going to California - Led Zeppelin

It is possibly the most underrated Led Zep song if not the most underrated song of all time. This song would be incredible if it was done by a band known for this style of Alt rock, but its done by a band known for long drawn out guitar solos with bits of important lyric. This song show the versatility of the incredible bunch of blokes thought to be as successful as a Led Zeppelin.

Oh man! This song truly implies the versatility of Led Zep, and somehow listening to it, in your mind, takes you to a beautiful, deserted beach, lying, with your head back, with sunshine sprayed all over you.

15 Off He Goes - Pearl Jam

I love whoever put this on here - Songsta41

16 Sympathy - Uriah Heep
17 Fiddler on the Green - Demons & Wizards
18 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Wish you were here is the ultimate melancholy rock song, it never gets old either.

I thought this song would be in the top 5... But 68!

This song makes you feel like chillin out at a jo sesh

19 So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold

Well, I downloaded the top 20 songs in this list, and I speak from experience... this song is 2nd only to leave out all the rest... Please change dis guys... Vote for this gem of a song...

This song is just so awesome.. A7x at its best.. mike shadows voice it's so awesome along with Synyster gates killer solos and Zacky Vengeance awesome rhythm.. One of the greatest rock songs.. Written for their late drummer The Rev.. This song has a story in itself.. Awesome rhythm voice solos drums bass everything is just awesome..

Beautiful lyrics...

Love this song

20 Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews

"hike up your skirt a lil more, show your world to me... " Always loved this song. Even Stevie Nicks has covered this song.

21 Blinded by Science - Foreigner
22 Ballad of Hollis Brown - Bob Dylan
23 Hotel California - The Eagles

A song so depressing about fame can be such a beautiful anthem

Should definitely be number one...this is the ultimate "chill rock" song, and also one of the greatest songs of all time.

This is is mate


24 No Quarter - Led Zeppelin
25 A Day In the Life - The Beatles

Woke up, had a smoke...

26 Planet Caravan - Black Sabbath

This song is the very definition of the word mellow.

Needs to be top ten at least!

Needs to be in top 5 100%

27 Cancer - My Chemical Romance
28 Karma Police - Radiohead

Should get better rank - pookie

29 Pushing Me Away - Linkin Park

What kind of a list is this?! Pushing me away is no doubt an amazing song but it is certainly NOT mellow! N where the hell is Iridescent?! The mellowest song of Linkin Park! So beautiful...

The live piano solo definitely is what is on this list, Chester sounds amazing in it and this deserves to be higher. - lukestheman4

30 Something in the Way - Nirvana

There was just something in the way

It's a cool story with great music. - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

31 Nutshell - Alice In Chains

Probably the most mellow song of all time

The song for the day my family buries me.

Should be around top 5 in list

This needs to be near the top. - NuMetalManiak

32 Another Lonely Day - Ben Harper
33 Lazarus - Porcupine Tree

One of the best song I've ever heard

34 The Diary of Jane (Acoustic) - Breaking Benjamin

THE DIARY OF JANE with piano.I love it.

35 Snuff - Slipknot

OHHH awesome song. The tone is perfect.

36 She Makes Me High - Robbie Williams
37 Street Spirit - Radiohead

I'm surprised I haven seen " Creep" yet

38 Waiting for the End - Linkin Park

AWESOME SONG, I don't know why this at the 20th but I think its justifiable.

Most certainly the best...

39 Shake Me Down - Cage the Elephant
40 Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold

Definitely a mellow rock song. A good one that has a great message.

I like Avenged Sevenfold

41 Faithfully - Journey

Journey is my all time favorite band of all times. Steve Perry's voice is one of a kind.

Great song! Has a great story to it!

42 Do It Again - Steely Dan

Take a listen and you will vote for this song.

43 Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd

"Can't take my eyes from the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just an earth bound fisted lie"

In my humble opinion, there best song ever. period.

44 I Shall Believe - Sheryl Crow
45 Breathe - Pink Floyd
46 Albatross - Fleetwood Mac

This song definitely sends me to a lovely place.

47 Nothingman - Pearl Jam

One of their better songs.

48 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles

Mellow folk/rock song from the best band ever. (in my opinion best song ever)

49 Iridescent - Linkin Park

This song is the best mellow song of LP. It's far better than Leave out all the rest. Just listen it once.

50 Solitude - Black Sabbath

Great song that has become a debate for decades whether, as the album says, it was sung by Ozy.

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