My Thoughts On Some Metal Genres

Now, here's another post of mine. I am now going to talk about metal genres. Not all metal genres, I am not a big metalhead. But those which I have always loved. My opinions about them. So let's get started.

1. Heavy Metal:
Heavy metal, also known as "Traditional Heavy Metal" or "Classic Metal". This has always been my favorite metal genre. I know a lot of people will choose thrash metal over any metal genre. But to me, there isn't any better metal genre than this. This genre is the first standard of metal music. This genre gave birth to all other metal genres. When I am talking about heavy metal, it always takes me back to those old '70s and '80s metal songs. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Deep Purple or even Metallica played heavy metal. To me, this genre has the perfect speed, power, loudness. I also like heavy metal vocalists more than any other metal singers. Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford for example. They are heavy metal singers. They have powerful voices. Heavy metal songs are also very popular. Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear of the Dark, Hell Bent For Leather, You've got another thing comin', Rainbow In the Dark etc songs are quite popular. Even old songs like Fireball, Child In Time, Speed king songs are good. However popularity means nothing to me. But this genre was invented through a lot of experiments. A lot of bands like Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath tried to create metal music. Some failed, some passed. But I can say for one thing, this genre started it all. The riffs, the solos, vocals are the best at it. Heavy metal riffs aren't very thrashy like thrash metal. Or the vocals is not like death metal vocals, I mean growling. The solos aren't very long like progressive metal. Which will test your patient. Usually heavy metal songs are between 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Quite a standard time for a song. This genre is perfect for all listeners. From big metalheads to starters. So, I think this genre deserves all the praises. This genre is my favorite metal genre. And it will remain.

2. Progressive Metal:
Here comes my second favorite metal genre. To me, this is one of the most complicated metal genres. Of course I am not alone here. Progressive metal is actually complex. However some people may just consider it as just a metal form of progressive rock. Yes, its true. But its not just "just". I mean progressive metal is somehow more complicated than progressive rock. A progressive metal song contains a lot of elements in it. Lots of instruments being played on it. Not just instruments, but also lots of styles. A progressive metal song may have fast tempos and also slow tempos. While on at a time it plays soft melodic music, on the other hand it also plays some brutal riffs. The progressive metal vocals is also good. But the best thing of this genre is the lyrics. Its quite complicated. Something more meaningful than usual. At least those I have heard. Dream Theater, Artcell, Cryptic Fate, Pain of Salvation, Queensr├┐che etc.The sound mixing of progressive metal is also very good. I mean all the arrangements of it. All the unique sound comes from background. Progressive metal solos are somehow long. But its not boring. It may bore some new listeners. But as you get more into it, you'll just start to love it. I say its obviously better than thrash metal, death metal or black metal. But that's just me. Like I said, this post is mainly focused on my opinion.

3. Symphonic Metal:
Symphonic metal always attracted me in it. I remember once I said, I started to like symphonic metal from hearing them on movies. Yeah it's true. I don't specifically remember which movie(s) or when. But I do remember I heard them mostly on fantasy, adventure and drama movie. Especially in emotional moments. But when I started to listen symphonic metal for first time, I noticed this is actually emotional. Though it has heavy riffs but still it has emotional feelings in it. For me, its the most beautiful metal genre. Well, its not just me. I heard others saying it too. It combines classical music style in it. Like those old classical legends composed it. The difference is that classical music is based on old instruments, greatly played. But symphonic metal uses modern instruments. I mean electric guitar, drums, bass guitar etc. Melodically played. Symphonic metal proves it that metal is not only about it aggression, anger or hatred. Metal can be also consists of beauty. Bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Rhapsody of Fire are prominent symphonic metal bands. Another good thing of symphonic metal is the singing style. It used the opera singing. Showed that opera music is not boring. It may be boring as only opera singing. But as a combined it gets much better. Anyway, I am not going to further extend it. I just say one thing, this is really a great genre. It deserves more attention.

4. Folk Metal:
Folk metal is another great metal genre. And like symphonic metal this genre also deserves more attention. Folk metal usually uses old instruments. By old I meant old traditional/folk instruments. Especially the vikings instruments. I have always liked old viking music. Its very melodious. But when I discovered folk metal, I was very happy at that time. I never though that two things can be combined. Though metal is a modern invention and viking music is very old. Despite having a huge age differences between these, these two genres worked very greatly. At a same time you are listening two great music. While there is a soft music playing and on the other hand there is a heavy music playing. Its a very beautiful metal genre. Even if some folk metal singers growl/harsh vocals in the songs, but still it sounds very well. Although some folk metal bands use extreme metal genres like death or black metal in their songs. But one at a time you'll get used to it. Like heavy metal, this genre is also a great genre for beginners.

5. Neoclassical Metal:
I have listened quite a lot neoclassical metal songs. But I do not know much about it. But I know one thing, this genre is very complex. The guitar solos are played very complicatedly. If I am talking about neoclassical metal, then the word "classical" hits the mind. And like the word, yes, its about classical. It takes us all back to old '60s music. At the time of Deep Purple. They may be the first musicians who used classical musical style on it and invented metal with it. Especially Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord. I don't really know how. But I read that they used those old compositions and created the tones with it by modern instruments. Then there comes Yngwie Malmsteen. He is probably the best neoclassical guitarist ever. He played his guitar solos very fast. Though those songs were fast. But it wasn't only about the speed. It created a melodious, beautiful sound in it. Whenever I listen those it makes a feeling like it. This genre is really unique. It didn't take time to make me love this genre. However people may still not like it because its just about solos. But its more than it. Its an art.

All right, no more on this post. Of course these aren't my only favorite metal genres. I have lots of other favorite metal genres too. But I am not going to extend this post here. If possible I will try to make another part of it. I will write of those on other posts. Until then goodbye, thanks for reading, or even visiting :)


Good post. My favorite metal genre is traditional heavy and nothing else. - LightningBlade

Traditional Heavy Metal is my favorite genre too. I meant classic metal. - zxm

Yeah. I understood that. - LightningBlade

What are your thoughts on power metal? - visitor

It's a very good metal genre. A great non-extreme metal genre. Relaxing, fast, melodic. The vocal is very good. The solos are also very good. The riffs are very technical. - zxm